Chapter 575 Chief Disciple of the Hundred Flowers Gate

Chapter 575 – Chief Disciple of the Hundred Flowers Gate

My phone has internet now?

The first thing Ye Zichen did was to glance at his WeChat.

Data connection failed. Please check your network settings.

It’s not connected!

But there is a system notification.


He’s definitely talking about choosing which box, but how would he know?

“You’re telling me to choose the white box? That’s the one with the armor inside? You sure you not screwing me over?”

System Notification: Hurry up. You don’t have much time.

Ye Zichen could tell how desperate the system notification was. Thus, he frowned, then put his hand on the white box.

He shouldn’t be sending me a message to screw me over, right?

“The first test is cleared. Congratulations to the eleven teams of successful players, you were fortunate enough to survive. As for the unfortunate youngster, I can only say that you were slightly unlucky. But no worries, I believe your next life will be better.”

System Notification: Hurry up and open it!

The system sent another message. Since Ye Zichen was also worried about Lil’ White and co., he immediately opened up the box without any hesitation after seeing the system notification.

What he saw was a glowing silver armor, which seemed to hint at the enhancements of spiritual formations on it.

System Notification: Either put it on, or put it away into the phone. Hurry!

Ye Zichen used his phone to scan and put the armor away into the Treasure Chest. Just when he managed to do so, he felt the world spin. Then, when he finally recovered, he noticed that he was on an open grassland.

What the heck is with this system? Could it be that he knew that was going to happen?

Ye Zichen frowned, but the system no longer replied to him.

“Zichen-ge,” A chipper cheer sounded out.

Ye Zichen put his phone away and saw Xia Keke and co. ran towards him at the same time.

Lil’ White, Zuo Mo, Third Fatty Jin, Zhuge Kongming, Ruan Qingtian…

This is great, all of them are fine!

“I was really worried about you guys,” Ye Zichen let out a long sigh of relief, while he looked around repeatedly.

Why don’t I see Gou Yuzhan?

“Hehe, we were rather lucky, and landed together, so we just teamed up the moment the mission was issued,” Xia Keke giggled. When she noticed Ye Zichen’s actions, she couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. “Who’re you looking for?”

“The guy who teamed up with me,” Ye Zichen replied.

At that moment, several people appeared in the area. It was Gou Yuzhan, who hung Mu Chengtian on his staff, and carried Bian Tianrui in his hand.

“Gou Yuzhan!” Ye Zichen waved towards him.

Hearing that, Gou Yuzhan’s expression revealed a brief moment of shock. When he saw that it really was Ye Zichen, he immediately threw Bian Tianrui and Mu Chengtian onto the floor, then ran over.

“Boss Ye, I thought…” Gou Yuzhan stopped himself.

Ye Zichen felt a bit of warmth in his heart, then patted Gou Yuzhan on his shoulders, “Good brother.”


“I thought I would never be able to eat those lollipops. Oh my god, I was so pissed. Look at how much I beat those two grandsons up. I was so angry. Thank god you’re still alive, so I’ll still get my lollipops!”

“Screw off!” Ye Zichen’s expression instantly darkened as he kicked Gou Yuzhan on his bottom.

“Brother Ye, I knew you would be fine,” Bai Hai walked over, while a beautiful lady followed beside him. “I nearly forgot. Allow me to introduce you, this is my teammate. She said she’s the chief disciple of the Hundred Flowers Gate!”

“W-Why… is it you!?” Ye Zichen raised his hand, then looked at the woman in complete shock.

“I didn’t expect to see you here either.”

“Chief Li, you know each other?” Ruan Qingtian said in surprise. This chief disciple had only rose to fame. Although she hadn’t appeared for long, she was shockingly talented.

Apparently, she only used half a month to break through from the Spiritual Body level to the Human Immortal level. What’s more, she didn’t show her face easily, and the only reason he even recognized her was because he had seen her when he visited the Hundred Flowers Gate with his father.

“Pavilion Head Ruan,” the lady nodded slightly. “Yes. We’re very familiar, and are old friends! But, I didn’t expect that… he’d still be surrounded by women here.”

“Zichen-gege, who is she?” Xia Keke pouted.

Zuo Mo’s expression also turned rather terrible as she scanned the chief disciple. Even though Zuo Mo was extremely confident in her appearance and body, she actually felt like she was worse than the woman in front of her.

“Li Jiayi, long time no see,” After a long time, Ye Zichen finally sighed when he suppressed the shock in his heart.

“I rather we didn’t!” Li Jiayi smiled, then turned to Bai Hai. “Keep chatting, I’m going to sit on the side.”

“Zichen-ge, who is that woman? Why are you still trying to pick up girls here?” Xia Keke bit her lips and snorted.

“She’s my high school classmate,” Ye Zichen smiled wryly. “I didn’t expect her to ascend as well, and to have such a powerful cultivation level.”

“High school classmate?” the surrounding people all exclaimed.

Xia Keke did so out of the surprise of his high school classmate ending up there, while the other people exclaimed because they didn’t understand what high school classmate meant.

“Mhmm, never mind, let’s ignore that,” Ye Zichen smiled, then glanced towards Li Jiayi’s back. I didn’t expect her to actually discard the ‘birth mark’ on her face after arriving in the Immortal Region. “I didn’t expect so many people to come for Mount Supreme.”

“Indeed,” Bai Hai nodded. “But each key can only take three people in. Even though they weren’t my companions, they would have been able to enter if there was a free spot while we did. Those we haven’t seen before might have entered like that.”

“They’re smart!” Third Fatty Jin twitched his mouth.

“A few of them here are good. There’s something wrong with the personality of the owner of Mount Supreme. Some people letting us pass the levels is pretty nice, at least we won’t end up eliminating each other and getting ourselves killed,” Ye Zichen smiled.

The others also couldn’t help but nod.

“Lucky youngsters, you’ve had enough rest. I don’t have so much time for you to chitchat, we have to start the second game.”

As the voice sounded out, the surrounding people also quieted down.

“This person is truly twisted. If I knew this would be the case, I wouldn’t have come,” Third Fatty JIn muttered.

“Although Lord Niflheim likes playing games, I don’t recall him enjoying playing games using the lives of others,” Bai Hai squinted his eyes. “I feel like there’s more to it.”

“What more could there be too it? He’s just twisted. My Boss Ye is right!” Third Fatty Jin conveniently flattered Ye Zichen, but at that very moment, he coughed up a mouthful of blood as if he had been seriously injured.

“If anyone else dares to insult this old one. Die!”

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