Chapter 574 Trouble and Fortune Comes Hand in Hand

Chapter 574 – Trouble and Fortune Comes Hand in Hand

“Stop messing around!”

Ye Zichen was completely stunned when he saw the boulder. The path itself was already extremely narrow, and the rock itself was wide enough to seal off the entire path.

“Sword Slash Maelstrom!”

Ding, ding, ding, ding.

The blade merely left several white markings on the surface of the boulder, but was unable to damage it at all.

“Heh, Mount Supreme is filled with divine stones from the God Realm. It’s hilarious that you’d think that a puny Human Immortal can cut through it,” Mu Chengtian’s face was covered in a cold smile. He didn’t look sick at all, and the sinister smile caused even Bian Tianrui to shudder.


More rocks fell down from the sides.

The entire path was completely blocked off by the falling rocks.

“Boss Ye!” Gou Yuzhan roared with bloodshot eyes after he’d ran into the safety zone, then he turned around as his eyes eventually became the color of blood. “I’ll make you pay!”

You…” Mu Chengtian smirked.

Bian Tianrui also opened his eyes wide in anticipation to see what Mu Chengtian could do.

“Ahh, I’m so dizzy.”


Yet, all of a sudden, Mu Chengtian directly fell onto the ground.

“Die!” The staff in Gou Yuzhan’s hand became as thick as a person as he smashed it down towards the ground.

“Why did he fall flat at the critical moment again?” Bian Tianrui frowned, but when he recalled Mu Chengtian’s outburst earlier…

The stones from the God Realm are extremely dense. The boulder earlier weight a ton, and no matter what Mu Chengtian was his teammate. If Mu Chengtian dies, then he would need to find another teammate. What’s more, the sickly bastard had his moments.

I’ll just save him first.

Bian Tianrui picked up Mu Chengtian from the ground, then leaped away using the walls.

“You’re trying to run!? Pay for my Boss Ye’s life!”

Within a dark cave, Ye Zichen patted his chest with lingering fear.

“The heavens truly don’t shut off every single path. I actually managed to find this tiny hole.

Everything truly happened in the nick of time. Ye Zichen nearly freaked out when he saw that Xuan-Yuan Sword was unable to cut the boulder.

It was fortunate at that very moment, he noticed a tiny cave.

With his thirst for survival, he somehow managed to get it.

“Xuan-Yuan Xiang, are you actually capable? I’ve trusted you so much, but you nearly screwed me over just now,” Ye Zichen looked at the Xuan-Yuan Sword angrily.

Not long later, Xuan-Yuan Xiang materialized and snorted, “It’s all your fault. I’m a divine artifact that grows with the owner. Are you kidding me when you tried to use me to hack a boulder from the God Realm as a puny Human Immortal!?”

“You’re blaming me now…” Ye Zichen said speechlessly. “You are the Yellow Emperor’s…”

“Yellow Emperor back then was so much stronger than you. Look at how weak you are right now. I don’t even want to mock you.” Xuan-Yuan Xiang rolled her eyes, then looked around the cave. “You really are a lucky person. You actually managed to find a shelter like this. I thought I would get covered in dust and have another owner change again.”

“Seriously, why are you acting like that as an artifact spirit? You’re actually cursing your owner?” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but retort, then snorted as he looked around the pitch-dark cave. “Make this cave brighter.”

“Do you think I’m a lightbulb? Go and use your Fiery Eyes of Truth to see stuff!”

With that, Xuan-Yuan Xiang begun to walk outside.

“What a cocky artifact spirit!” Ye Zichen shook his head speechlessly, but he still activated his Fiery Eyes of Truth obediently.

The cave was very wet, and there was a sickening smell of moisture in the surroundings. What’s more, the surrounding walls were also covered in droplets of water, while was even more evident when he reached out and touched it.

I can’t keep staying here. Yet, the hole had already been shut tight by the falling boulders.

He had to find another exit. However, he wasn’t too worried about there being no other exit. There was plenty of air in the cave, and he could feel a faint breeze, which made it clear that there was another opening.

“Oh? There’s someone staying here?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang, who was walking in front, muttered.

Ye Zichen looked up and saw a door in front of her.

“Push it open?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang asked when Ye Zichen walked over.

“Do you think we should?” Ye Zichen returned the question to her.

“You’re the master, so obviously I have to listen to you,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang twitched her mouth.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but nod, “Since you listen to me, then go in and help me scout the path.”

“Hey, do you have any conscience!?”

“No!” Ye Zichen shrugged. “You ate it all.”

“You… Heh, fine! I’ll open it, since I’ll turn into my spiritual form, if there are any traps inside, you’ll be the one who dies,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang snorted then pushed open the door.


A fire suddenly lit up in the dark room. Not long later, a voice sounded out.

“Lucky youngsters, so you actually found this place. Your luck is pretty good. There are two boxes on the stone table in the middle of the room. One of them is an armor I used a thousand years’ worth of cultivation to refine, and the other is poison, which will kill you the moment you open the box. Fortune and misfortune are always entwined, so what you choose will depend on your luck. Of course, you can choose to not choose as well, but you might regret this decision in the future.”

Him again!

Ye Zichen frowned. This geezer…

Fortune and misfortune are entwined.

He put it so easily, when the treasure is placed with a poison. But then again, he was like this back then as well, he actually tried to lure me using poison snakes.

“Why are his interests so perverse!?” Even Xuan-Yuan Xiang couldn’t help but frown. “I don’t remember him being like this before!”

“Heh, who knows,” Ye Zichen snorted, then walked to the center of the room.

There were indeed two boxes on the stone table. One red and one white.

“These boxes should contain the armor and poison he talked about. What should I choose?” Ye Zichen glanced over at Xuan-Yuan Xiang.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang looked at him in shock, then couldn’t help but frown, “Don’t tell me that you want me to choose for you. My luck this entire life hasn’t been so good. Every single one of my owners died. I don’t want to choose and kill you as well.”

“Maybe it’s my luck that’s terrible,” Ye Zichen shrugged, then raised his eyebrows. “How about I go out and you open the box? If it’s right, then call me, if it’s wrong, then open the other one. Aren’t you a spirit? You should be fine.”

“Kid, that’s smart!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang did not refuse, and gave Ye Zichen a thumbs-up.

She tried to touch the box…

“I can’t open it!”

Her hand passed right through the box, and could not open it.

Ye Zichen frowned, then tried to touch the top of the box, “It seems like he expected someone to bring an artifact spirit it. This should be the preventive measure.”

“This geezer is rather careful when it comes to this!” Ye Zichen smiled wryly then shook his head. He rubbed his chin and stared at the boxes.

He was still wearing the daoist robe he got from Taibai Jinxing. It was alright for when he was an Earth Immortal, but it wasn’t so good now that he had become a Human Immortal.

If I can get a great armor here…

But what if I make the wrong choice.

At that very moment!


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