Chapter 573 Enemies Only Get Angrier When They Meet

Chapter 573 – Enemies Only Get Angrier When They Meet

Ye Zichen and Gou Yuzhan wandered around Mount Supreme a bit more using their free time.

They managed to use the map to determine that they had already walked through a tenth of Mount Supreme. It was very fortunate that the map had indicated all the dangerous locations on the map as well.

As for how they managed to confirm it…

It was because Gou Yuzhan didn’t believe it at first, and insisted on going over to see it.

Yet, he was already scared speechless before taking a few steps in. Ye Zichen had tried to question Gou Yuzhan about what was inside, but the latter merely shook his head in a dazed manner.

Although Ye Zichen was curious about what was there, he chose not to go for safety’s sake.

“If the skulls represents danger, then doesn’t the treasure chest mean treasure? The old guy did say that there are normal divine artifacts to be found in the surroundings…” Ye Zichen held the map and frowned. The position they were on was where the map showed a treasure chest.

There were steep walls on either side, and only a meandering path forward which seemed endless.


“Seriously, you sickly bastard, why did you stick yourself onto me?” An unwilling voice complained sounded out from a nearby place.

Ye Zichen turned around, and saw Bian Tianrui walk over along the path with Mu Chengtian.

The world is truly tiny. I actually managed to bump into them here.

“Hey, do you think I want to? What’s more, you lack any potential to become a subordinate. You didn’t even help me up when I fell down just now,” Ye Zichen could tell that it was Mu Chengtian speaking from the tone, after all, only that sickly bastard spoke like that.

“I’m helping you here. God knows who spoiled you like this. A man like you lived in such a weak manner like a woman. Even a sneeze could make you fall over. You need to fall over and beaten up more, otherwise, you’ll die sooner or later,” Bian Tianrui scolded angrily.

“Bullshit, everyone will die in the end. Your words.

“I want to…” Bian Tianrui raised his hand to hit Mu Chengtian.

Yet, Mu Chengtian stuck his face over shamelessly, “Hit me, beat me to death. You’ll get killed without a teammate. Killed, you get it? Kill me if you dare. I might actually be able to bump into you in the Underworld when I go and drink Meng Po’s soup.

“You…” Bian Tianrui’s expression darkened when he thought of getting killed, then put his hand down.

The reason he could even endure Mu Chengtian along the way was due to the game’s rules. If it wasn’t because of that, then he would have smacked Mu Chengtian to death already.

Seriously, why the hell did I choose someone like this as an ally?

“Infighting now are you? Haha, why didn’t you do it? I want first hand evidence of your crimes,” Ye Zichen held his phone and turned on the flashlight, causing Bian Tianrui and Mu Chengtian to be momentarily blinded. They only noticed who was there when they used their hands to cover the light.

“Ye Zichen.”

Hearing Ye Zichen, the sickly person beside Bian Tianrui stopped arguing with him, and glared at Ye Zichen with snake-like eyes, “It’s you!”

“Achoo!” At that very moment, Gou Yuzhan rubbed his nose and muttered. “Who was thinking about me? Oh I know, it must be the lollipops!”

While Gou Yuzhan muttered to himself, Mu Chengtian, who was about to curse… “Ahhh!”

Mu Chengtian wobbled, then reached out to grab Bian Tianrui to support himself. Yet, Bian Tianrui was sick of him already, Bian Tianrui just directly pushed Mu Chengtian onto the floor, then walked over to Ye Zichen with a smile.

“Seriously, only enemies meet. We’ve walked around for nearly a day. I never expected for the people we bump into to be you!”

“Yeah, it really is fate!” Ye Zichen smiled, then summoned out Xuan-Yuan Sword from his arm.

“You want to fight?” Bian Tianrui smiled.

“Why not? It’s two on one. It looks like I have the edge here,” Ye Zichen also chuckled.

Hearing that, Gou Yuzhan immediately knew that the two of them were on terrible terms.


He summoned out a staff and walked beside Ye Zichen.

“Boss, how should we hit him?”

“Hit him hard!”

Ye Zichen charged forward with Xuan-Yuan Sword, while Gou Yuzhan leaped into the air to make the first attack.



An person identical to Bian Tianrui appeared from him. Gou Yuzhan’s smash landed on the avatar, causing it to turn into a wisp of smoke, only to stick together again not long later.

“It seems like you were hiding something. I thought Keke ate all of your avatars.”

Bian Tianrui trembled in anger. Profound Energy was a rare treasure in the God Realm. Although his father had a bit of a status in the God Realm, it wasn’t easy for him to get all the Profound Energy that he had obtained.

Yet, the girl he met actually ate seventy percent of it.

“Heh, if you have time to bullshit, might as well show me what you’ve got,” Bian Tianrui laughed.

Ye ZIchen shrugged, and pointed behind him, “Bro, it’s two on one. Didn’t you notice someone missing?”

“Take this!”


Gou Yuzhan smashed his staff onto the back of Bian Tianrui’s head, causing blood to flow down from his forehead.

“Avatar!” Bian Tianrui covered his head and roared.

The profound energy avatar immediately charged towards Gou Yuzhan.

At that very moment, Gou Yuzhan licked his lips, then put away his staff…

“Engulf the world!”

A huge suction force was generated in his mouth, causing the profound energy avatar to disappear in it.

Meanwhile, the pitiful Mu Chengtian…

Just crawled back up from the ground, then wobbled, and flew over to Gou Yuzhan due to the suction force.

“What the hell, I don’t eat people,” Gou Yuzhan frowned, then grabbed Mu Chengtian by his leg and yanked him onto the floor.


Mu Chengtian fainted.

“Hey, that messy hair dude over there. Do you have any more of that avatar? It was quite delicious,” Gou Yuzhan licked his lips happily and put on an expression of enjoyment.

Bian Tianrui was furious, his Profound Energy Avatar…


The ground shook.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Ye Zichen’s pupils contracted when he saw rocks continuously fall onto the ground from the steep cliffs beside them.

“Run,” just when Ye Zichen called out, Gou Yuzhan had already begun to run.

Bian Tianrui was also troubled. In that situation, he no longer had the time to think about grudges. All he wanted to do was to survive.

“Oh my god!”

Mu Chengtian, who had just fainted, also opened his eyes. When he saw the falling rocks, he immediately jumped up without anybody’s help and begun to run out.

He was the last one, but somehow ended up in the very front.

Then, at the same time, the moment he got out of the danger zone, he smiled coldly.

“Ye Zichen, die!”

He grabbed a rock that weighed nearly a ton, then threw it out with his hands.

“Trying to compete with me? Heh, you’re funny!”

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