Chapter 57 The class rep’s invitation

Chapter 57 – The class rep’s invitation

Just as Liu Qing and Ye Zichen were waiting to hear what sort of shocking secret ability Lil’ White ha gained in anticipation, what awaited them was…

“Boss, I didn’t learn any secret abilities.”


Ye Zichen slapped Lil’ White to the side of the sofa, causing Lil’ White to rub his head in a human-like fashion and he looked at Ye Zichen with innocent eyes full of hurt.

“Boss, why did you hit me?”


All that awaited him was another slap.

This time, Lil’ White was smarter. He stared Ye Zichen with eyes full of hurt and sat on the floor.

After a while, Ye Zichen finally spoke.

“Did you come to act moe with the two of us?”

Lil’ White shook his head.

“You’re shaking your head?”

Ye Zichen took out a dog bone from his phone and placed it onto the tea table. Seeing that, Lil’ White reached out his tongue and jumped up to snatch it.


Another slap.

“Boss, why are you always hitting me?”

Lil’ White was beyond hurt.

Ye Zichen pointed at the bone on the tea table and said, “This is the dog food I got from Erlang Shen. It was for the Howling Celestial Dog. It’s the dog food that the number one dog in the Heavenly Court eats. Even I want to take a few bites. You’re telling me that you didn’t learn anything after eating it?”

“Didn’t I just start? The reason the Howling Celestial Dog could become the number one dog in heaven is mainly due to having a good boss. What’s more, think about how long the Howling Celestial Dog has been eating them compared to me, I’ve only had one.”

Lil’ White couldn’t help but argue for himself, but what he faced from Ye Zichen was another slap.

“So? Are you suffering under me or what? Alright, don’t eat this dog food. Of course, my mom likes you, so I can’t starve you to death. I’ll buy you several dozen bags of normal dog food tomorrow. You can live the rest of your life in peace.”

Ye Zichen put away the dog bone on the tea table. Seeing that, Liu Qing, who was floating in the air, couldn’t stand it anymore. She couldn’t help but speak up, “What are you getting angry with the dog for?”

At the same time, Lil’ White also held the edge of Ye Zichen’s trousers, and refused to let him go.

“I’m getting angry with it?” Ye Zichen sneered. “I have the time to care about it?”

“You’re still saying that you’re not getting mad? Tsk…”

Liu Qing rolled her eyes at Ye Zichen, while Lil’ White also released the edge of his trousers.

“Boss, just don’t get anxious and angry for now. Let’s be logical. Yes, I did eat the dog food of the number one dog in the Heavenly Court, but I only just now started to eat it. The Howling Celestial Dog was so much worse than me when it just started following Erlang Shen. Didn’t he take a long time to eat his way to the spot of the number one dog!? The fact that I can speak after just eating one bone means that my potential is already top notch.”

Actually, Ye Zichen also knew what Lil’ White spoke to be true. The main issue was that he had too much anticipation for the dog bones.

This caused him to find it hard to accept it when Lil’ White said that he didn’t learn anything.

Ye Zichen looked at Lil’ White, who was squatting on the floor, then reached out his hand to rub Lil’ White’ head.

“I didn’t hit you too hard, right?”

“This isn’t much,” Lil’ White raised his head and stuck out his tongue. “Boss, can I have another one of of those bones?”

“No, you slept so many days after eating one bone. My mom got so worried about you. What’s going to happen if you keep on sleeping?”

“No, the reason I slept was because I just ate it, so there was an absorption process. Since I have eaten it once already now, it won’t happen anymore.”

Lil’ White opened his dog mouth and reached out his tongue. Ye Zichen sighed helplessly, then chucked the bone over.

“Save it up, I only managed to get five of them.”

Thus, Lil’ White ran over to the other side of the mansion with the dog bone in his mouth. As Ye Zichen looked at him waving his tail, he couldn’t help but chuckle, “Oh yeah, don’t speak when my mom comes back, okay?”


That night, Ye Rong made an entire table of dishes. Ye Zichen’s bowl was never empty during dinner. The moment he doesn’t have any food in his bowl, Ye Rong would definitely get him enough food to conjure up a small hill in his bowl.

The meal made Ye Zichen so full that he could barely move.

When he finally laid on the bed in his bedroom, Ye Zichen’s fists clenched for some reason as he thought about his mother’s happy smile just a while ago.

He had been raised by his mother enduring a lot.

Thinking that, he swore that he would definitely let his mother leave a good life, and he’ll make the man that had abandoned them pay the price.

Thus, Ye Zichen full into slumber with these thoughts in his mind…


Your affability level with Xia Keke increased by 20. Current affability level: 170.

Ye Zichen, who was in lesson, suddenly got a message like this, causing him to be completely confused. He immediately took out his phone and clicked on his marriage string with Xia Keke.

The affability level it showed was indeed 170, but he didn’t do anything at all.

His confusion lasted till the end of the lesson. The moment he walked out of the classroom, he saw Xia Keke, who was standing in the corridor.

“Why are you here?”

Xia Keke raised her head with a blush.

At that moment, Ye Zichen was still getting confused about the random affability level increase, this scene only made him more confused.


Before he was able to react, Xia Keke directly kissed him on the cheek, and said with a blush, I received the gift you sent me, I really like it.”

With that, she ran away with a look of embarrassment.

Ye Zichen blanked out.

He didn’t send any present!

Was this a supernatural event?

“Hey, why are you like this? You already have a girlfriend, why are you still leading Keke on?”

Liu Qing floated angrily in front of Ye Zichen. However, Ye Zichen could only reply innocently, “I didn’t lead her on.”

“You didn’t? If you didn’t lead her on, then why would she kiss you? And she even said that you gave her a present!”

Liu Qing floated and put her hands on her waist.

“I really didn’t send her any presents, nor do I want to lead her on.”

Ye Zichen was truly troubled. He took a few deep breaths, then sighed, “You are beside me every day. You should be clear about whether I sent her one or not. I was at my mom’s place the entire day yesterday, and got called to go to lessons with you this morning. How could I have gotten the time to send her any presents.”

Liu Qing thought about it, then realized that Ye Zichen was right. She was right by Ye Zichen every single day, he definitely wouldn’t be able to hide anything from her.

Thinking that, Liu Qing couldn’t help but get confused, “Then what’s going on?”

“How would I know?” Ye Zichen showed an expression of speechlessness.

Seeing that, Liu Qing pouted, “Alright, alright, stop pretending to be innocent here. It doesn’t matter whether you sent a gift or not, you already earned it when Keke kissed you once. Don’t look troubled like you suffered a huge loss now.”

“I feel troubled.”

“Tsk, I really want to hit you.”

Liu Qing snorted and rolled her eyes, then returned back to the Dragon Eye.

The day light caused a lot of harm to ghosts like her, that’s why she had to frequently return to the Dragon Eye in order to nurture her soul.

Ye Zichen maintained his confusion even when Liu Qing went into the Dragon Eye. This was too weird!

At that moment, Ye Zichen felt another person beside him. Her turned around and saw Sun Yige standing beside him.

Sun Yige was their class rep, and one of the four school beauties of the Polytechnic University.

She was usually a girl of few words. Rumors had it that she wanted to become class rep in order to change her introverted personality, but she was still like that after two years.

If it wasn’t due to there being more guys in the class, she might had already lost her position of class rep.

Although Ye Zichen had been classmates with her for two years, he didn’t have much contact with her. They were the kind of people that wouldn’t even say a word or two to each other within a year.

The fact that she appeared in front of Ye Zichen did shock him.

“You’re looking for me?”

Ye Zichen pointed at himself.

Sun Yige nodded in confirmation, “Mhmm.”

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