Chapter 568 Yang Jian and the Great Sage’s Friendship was Exposed.

Chapter 568 – Yang Jian and the Great Sage’s Friendship was Exposed.

“Young Master,” Mu Chengtian’s lackey hurried over worriedly. “Young Master, are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere? Let me help you up, the ground is cold and dirty, your body…”

“Move aside, I can get up myself,” Mu Chengtian pushed his lackey away, then struggled to stand up several times, before finally reaching his hand out to the lackey.

Ye Zichen and co. were completely speechless. Just how weak is he to be unable to even stand up by himself?

Even Bian Tianrui looked at him as if he was looking at a monster, as he muttered silently to himself…

Is this ally actually okay!?

“Brat, you’ve got guts!” Mu Chengtian roared angrily and pointed towards Ye Zichen after he got up. Meanwhile, his lackey squatted behind him and tried to get the dirt off his clothes.

“Do you know who I really am? You actually dared to hit me! I can blow you over with a sneeze, and you…”

“Achoo,” At that moment, Jail King suddenly sneezed.

Mu Chengtian’s body wobbled a bit, then fell back to the ground.

“Young Master, what happened? Young Master!” The lackey squatted on the ground and sobbed.

Mu Chengtian glared at his lackey, “I’m not dead. Hurry up and pull me up!”

“Is this grandson made out of paper? How did you end up in an engagement with him?” Ye Zichen pointed incredulously at Mu Chengtian.

Zuo Mo glanced at Mu Chengtian and snorted, “It’s all thanks to some people’s intentions.”

With that, she looked towards Zuo Hongxin.

Zuo Hongxin smiled when he noticed her gaze, “My darling niece, why are you looking at second uncle like that? Your dad agreed with this wedding arrangement as well. Are you trying to say second uncle had a reason for setting that up? Regardless, this is a good marriage. After you get married to Young Master Mu, then the position of the Treasure Tower will only become more secure.”

“Then why didn’t you tell your darling daughter to marry him?” Zuo Mo laughed. “What use is all this bullshit?”

It was clear that Zuo Mo was truly angry. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have used any profanity.

I don’t blame her. Even I feel like this brat is weird. Even a sneeze caused him to fall over! He’s definitely made of paper!

Mu Chengtian stood up once again with his lackey’s support.


Yang Jian also sneezed.

Mu Chengtian wobbled, but his lackey supported him in time, “Are you guys having fun messing with me!? You truly are daring!”

All of a sudden, a gust of wind blew pass. Mu Chengtian, who couldn’t even withstand a sneeze, naturally could not stand still in the wind.

Within seconds, he fell onto the ground like a piece of paper blowing in the winds, then was pushed back quite a ways.

“Young Master, why did you run again?” Seeing that, the lackey immediately followed him with a sob.

This time, nobody retorted. They merely looked towards the sky.


Three figures descended from the sky, each with a young person beside them. However, what surprised them was that although the young man in the middle was of human form, the two girls carried beastmen-like features.

Ram clan.

Tiger clan.

The young man in human form had eyes as sinister and poisonous like that of a…

Snake clan.

From the looks of it, all of them were local half-beastmen. What’s more, the three elders by their sides carried a suffocating aura amongst them.

What was worth noting was that Mount Supreme clearly had a barrier which suppressed spiritual energy around it.

Despite that, they still emitted a chilling pressure, which only went to note how strong they are.

“Yao Emperor!” Yang Jian yanked Ye Zichen aside.

The three elders looked towards Yang Jian, “War God!”

“So the three Yao Emperors came as well? Are you also interested in Mount Supreme?” Yang Jian smiled.

The only female amongst the Yao Emperors replied, “Didn’t War God come as well? How could we not be interested in what even interests the Heavenly Court? But War God, there is no need to be so vigilant, we won’t be able to enter.”

With that, she walked in front of Ye Zichen, “Key.”

“Are you asking me for a key?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

The woman nodded, “You have the most keys, and only Human Immortal leveled people or below can enter Mount Supreme. Having so many keys is a waste, so how about selling one to us?”

“Only Human Immortals and below can enter?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Yes,” the muscular man nodded. “I see that you only need three keys, so sell us one please!”

His attitude is quite good. At least he didn’t come and try to snatch the key off us just because he’s strong.

Ye Zichen looked at the people around him, and saw Yang Jian nod towards him.

“I can’t be certain whether what you said is true. When Mount Supreme activates, if is it true that only Human Immortals and below can enter, then I can give you guys one. If not…”

“Then we’ll leave with our juniors,” the only women amongst the three Yao Emperors smiled.” War God and the Great Sage are always together. We don’t dare to fight both at the same time.”

Ye Zichen nodded. The three immediately took their juniors to a place not that far away from Ye Zichen.

“How did you get to know them?” Ye Zichen asked Yang Jian quietly.

“I fought them before, but I didn’t win or lose. The main thing was that monkey said he was tired halfway in the middle, so he went back to Mount Huaguo,” Yang Jian yammered in annoyance. “But the three of them are very strong. They can be counted amongst the strongest in the Three Realms.”

“Then are we really going to sell them a key later?”

“Sell it,” Yang Jian raised his eyebrows. “The three of them have been strong for a long time. Isn’t it better for you to use a key in exchange for some treasures? What’s more, they think the monkey’s here, so they’re very wary of us.”

“Haha. Oh yeah, they said that you and the monkey are always together. You really do get along!”

“Tsk, I’ll never be done with the monkey!”

As Yang Jian and Ye Zichen chatted with smiles, Bian Tianrui frowned. He could tell very clearly that the situation was becoming worse for him.

Zuo Hongxin said no more either. He was no fool, and could naturally tell that the situation favored Ye Zichen’s side more.

“Which grandson actually caused such a large wind, you nearly blew me apart…” Mu Chengtian walked over with his lackey, but before he could finish what he said…

“Hmmph,” The female Yao Emperor snorted, causing Mu Chengtian to be blown away again.

“Young Master, why are you flying again?” the lackey chased after him with a sob once more.

At the same time, the female Yao Emperor also stood up and raised his eyebrows, “What are you guys waiting for? Why aren’t you opening the gate!?”

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