Chapter 567 Just try and hit me!

Chapter 567 – Just try and hit me!

Although the number of keys had been  separated by both sides, the number remaining did not affect whether the important members of Ye Zichen’s side could enter Mount Supreme or not.

At that moment, all of them sat in front of a square table, where the beast-skin map was spread out.

“You’re sure this is a map of Mount Supreme?” Wei Chen sat opposite Ye Zichen, and looked over the map several times, before scratching his chin with a frown. “To be honest, I haven’t yet comprehended it.”

“Me neither,” Ye Zichen replied, then glanced on a fire symbol on the map.

“Who cares whether we can understand it or not, but having this map is definitely useful for us. I think we’ll get the purpose of this map when we enter after Mount Supreme lands,” Wei Chen pushed the map back towards Ye Zichen’s side with a smile, then raised his eyebrows. “But where did you get the map? How are you so certain that it is Mount Supreme?”

“That’s none of your business,” Ye Zichen didn’t want to tell anyone about the black-robed man. Although he still doesn’t know who the black-robed person was, there was this feeling in the back of his mind telling him that the black-robed man would not screw him over.

Is he Ol’ Three? Ye Zichen sighed silently, then picked the map back up, and returned to his room to lie down.

It took three days for Mount Supreme to finally land.

During the three days, the brilliant radiance from the sky illuminated the mountain. There was no difference between night and day on Mount Biluo at all. The half beast-men living on Mount Biluo all looked up, to see the mountain descending in a shower of holy light.

“What business do the three Yao Emperors have to do with this sire?” A man in a daoist robe said to the two men and a woman with their backs towards him on a steep cliff. They were the three yao emperors who have protected Mount Biluo for tens of thousands of years, and were the strongest of existences.

“We just want to ask sir whether we should fight for Mount Supreme or not,” One of the muscular men turned around. His eyes were rather like that of a cat’s, and there were several long whiskers at the side of his mouth.

“That would depend on what you want, but you require a key to enter Mount Supreme. If you have any, then let the youngsters go, what use is asking me?” the daoist-robed man responded with a smile.

“You are very capable are fortune-telling, so we want to ask you to help us see… Whether us half-beastmen have a chance at turning the tables,” the woman then turned around with a smile.

“No,” the daoist-robed man replied with certainty. “I have foretold the landing place of Mount Supreme, and had intentionally sealed Mount Biluo. However, the fact that the formation was broken meant that such is fate. You half-beastmen are not the ones fated for Mount Supreme.”

“Then sir, what should we do?” the black-robed man standing in the middle of the man and woman turned around and asked sincerely.

The daoist-robed man raised his eyes and smiled, “Find a person called Ye Zichen. Whether you kill him or befriend him is up to you!”

On the path outside Mount Supreme’s seal…

“If nothing happens, then Mount Supreme will land here within two hours’ time. The seals over here should open up as well,” Ruan Qingtian’s eyes were filled with a heated gaze. Although he wanted to hide the excitement in his heart, he still couldn’t help but mention it.

“I can feel that the area around here became its own space, and I’m unable to use my spiritual energy,” Wei Chen mentioned.

The moment he said so, Ye Zichen and co. all tried to muster up spiritual energy…

“Stop trying. The place around where Mount Supreme is landing will become its own zone. Perhaps Mount Supreme’s owner did this to prevent people from fighting before Mount Supreme activates!” Ruan Qingtian smiled.

Jail King couldn’t help but twitch his mouth, “Ha, but won’t people still fight after it lands? What’s more, it’s not like we didn’t fight when getting the keys!”

“We won’t understand the thoughts of those great people!” Ruan Qingtian chuckled.


A huge wave of spiritual energy spread out like a tsunami. Yang Jian stood at the very front and blocked off the entire wave, then pushed his hand forward.

“The seals have disappeared, let’s enter.”

They all begun to run towards Mount Supreme, and it took them around ten-odd minutes…

What stood at the end of the path was a medium-sized mountain with a stone door at the very front with twelve key-holes.

Those were most likely the places to enter the keys, and Mount Supreme would only activate properly after the keys are inserted.

“Ye Zichen!” Bian Tianrui clenched his teeth and shouted out when he saw Ye Zichen after walking out from the woods with a dark expression.

Enemies will always get angry when they see each other, so Ye Zichen wasn’t surprised about his tone at all.

“Why are you clenching your teeth and looking at me like that? What? Do you want to fight me here?” Ye Zichen laughed.


Footsteps sounded out in the woods, causing everyone to look over.

“Zuo Hongxin!” Zuo Mo frowned.

“Such disrespect, shouldn’t you call me Second Uncle right now?” Zuo Hongxin smirked, then waved towards her. “Come over where Second Uncle is. Young Master Mu is here as well. Aren’t the two of you engaged?”

“Mu Chengtian?” Zuo Mo squinted her eyes, then heard another round of footsteps coming from the woods.

Not long later, a handsome looking man with skin so white that it seemed sickly, walked out of the woods. When he saw Zuo Mo, a hint of redness returned to his look-looking face in his excitement.


Ye Zichen, Ruan Qingtian and co. felt like puking when they heard the nickname.

Zuo Mo also glared at him with a snort, “Why did you come?”

“Our dad told me to. I didn’t expect to see you here,” Mu Chengtian walked over with a smile. Then, a sinister look flashed across his eyes when he saw Ye Zichen, who stood beside her. “Who is he?”

“Brother Mu, that brat is called Ye Zichen. He’s been very close to your fiancé recently!” Bian Tianrui chuckled.

Mu Chengtian frowned, “Ye Zichen, that sounds familiar.”

Not long later, he smiled, then twitched his mouth at Ruan Qingtian, “Isn’t Ye Zichen the one who wrecked havoc in the Azure Sky Pavilion? The woman breaking off the engagement caused the pavilion to turn into a joke. Ruan Qingtian, I didn’t expect you to be able to endure so much, and actually stayed with him.”

“Oh well,” Ruan Qingtian smile.

“Heh,” Mu Chengtian snorted in disdain, then looked towards Ye Zichen sinisterly. “You actually dared to become so close to my Mo’er. You really are daring.”

“Bastard,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a snort.

Mu Chengtian’s expression turned dark for a moment, before he smiled, “You’re just throwing out insults. Just try and hit me!”



Ye Zichen slapped, then roundhouse kicked Mu Chengtian onto the floor.

At the same time, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, “Sure, I’ll try.”

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