Chapter 566 Mount Supreme Appears

Chapter 566 – Mount Supreme Appears

Bi Shengtian’s gaze was completely dark, while Xia Keke, Zuo Mo and co. all looked innocently towards Ye Zichen.

“Zichen-ge, look at this guy, what’s he doing?” Zhuge Kongming said in confusion, as if he didn’t yet realize he was being held hostage.

“Don’t be an idiot okay? We’re being held hostage,” Lil’ White frowned. “Look, this brat wants to use us to exchange for a cure for something.”

All four people who were held hostage chatted amongst themselves, and did not show any of the expected nervousness of being held hostage.

They understood very well that Ye Zichen would definitely save them.

“Brother Bi, look at those people you captured. They aren’t taking you seriously at all!” Bian Tianrui smiled.

Bi Shengtian frowned, “I brought them here. Give me the cure.”

“Who knows if you’ll turn on me as soon as I give you the cure!” Bian Tianrui replied.

“Stop challenging my bottom line,” Bi Shengtian drew his sword and pointed it at Bian Tianrui’s neck. “Give me the cure!”

“Put down your sword if you still want the cure,” Bian Tianrui’s expression darkened.

At that very moment, the dragon elder, Jail King, Yang Jian and the rest all hurried over.

Bi Shengtian immediately moved closer to Zuo Mo and co. with a frown, “Don’t come over here. If you even take one more step forward, then I’ll kill them all!”

“I told you guys this grandson would be trouble, but you insisted on saving him!” Jail King roared angrily. “Ye Zichen, I don’t care what you do, but if anything happens to Young Master, then I’ll hold you accountable!”

“They want the keys, so give them the keys. You mustn’t let them harm Young Lady,” said the dragon elder.

“No!” Bi Shengtian roared out. “If you give him the keys, then what about my cure! Give me the cure! I don’t care what sort of deals you two strike, but I want my cure!”

“Grandson, you…” Jail King tried to take a step forward.

Bi Shengtian’s eyes immediately turned a bit redder, and moved his swords closer towards Lil’ White and co.’s necks.

As blood flowed down their necks, Bi Shengtian said with bloodshot eyes, “Don’t force me!”

“Senior Brother!” Third Fatty Jin hurried over with a large bruise on his head. From the looks of it, Bi Shengtian had hit him, causing him to fall unconscious before taking Lil’ White and co. hostage.

“Senior Brother, what are you doing!?”

“I want my cure!” Bi Shengtian disregarded everything and roared.

Yet Bian Tianrui merely maintained a calm smile, and did not show any intention of giving out the requested cure.

“Get me the cure, if you don’t get it for me, then I’ll make them die with me!” Bi Shengtian shouted towards Ye Zichen and co. with bloodshot eyes. Also Jail King and the rest were unwilling to be ordered around by him, they still took a step forward for their young master and young ladies.

“Hmph, don’t think about doing anything to my Young Master,” Iron Bull also stepped forward.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere became unusually tense.

“Everybody, calm down,” Ye Zichen let out a sigh, then lifted the pouch with the keys. “The keys are over here with me. Bi Shengtian has the people I want to save, Bian Tianrui has the cure he wants. Then, I’ll give the keys to Bi Shengtian, then you guys exchange…”

“No!” Ruan Qingtian shook his head. “Are you sure that the two of them are not working together and putting on a show? What do we do when we have neither the keys nor the people?”

“Then I’ll exchange with Bian Tianrui…” Ye Zichen reached the key pouch over as he spoke, then opened the palm of his other hand. “Give me the cure.”

“Here is the cure,” Bian Tianrui took out a jade vial, then opened up his other palm as well. “Put the keys over here, then I’ll give it to you…”


The keys in the key pouch all started moving. All of a sudden, the ground trembled…

A opening was torn in the sky. Rainbowed colored lights poured down, and a mountain slowly descended amidst the holy lights…

“Mount Supreme!” Bian Tianrui’s eyes lit up.

Bi Shengtian immediately snatched the vial in his hands over as Bian Tianrui was caught off guard, then pushed Zuo Mo and co. towards Ye Zichen.

“Keys!” Bian Tianrui didn’t care about Bi Shengtian anymore. What he needed right then was the keys to enter Mount Supreme.

He immediately reached over and grabbed for the pouch in Ye Zichen’s hands. At the same time, Ye Zichen also reacted, and yanked the pouch backwards.


The pouch was unable to withstand the pulling, and was torn apart, causing the numerous keys to fly into the air.

“Iron Bull!”

“Yang Jian!”

Ye Zichen and Bian Tianrui both shouted towards their strongest fighting force at the same time.

Grab the keys!

“F*ck off!” Yang Jian kicked Iron Bull on the shoulders, while the others also reached towards the keys in the air.

“Heh,” Iron Bull disregarded the attack. He merely forcefully grabbed three keys, then landed on the floor and disappeared with Bian Tianrui.

Yang Jian and co. also quickly put the keys in the air away. Yet, at that very moment, a single key struggled out of Jail King’s hand and flew towards the north.

“Don’t bother chasing. That’s the key of the chosen one. It seems like… The Chosen One has entered the mountain,” Wei Chen stopped Jail King from chasing flying key.

Jail King could only shake his hand bitterly, then went over to Lil’ White’s side, “Young Master, are you alright?”

“How could I not be?” Lil’ White shrugged indifferently. “Was what landed just now Mount Supreme? It landed really slowly.”

“Indeed, let’s head back. We’ll just go over when Mount Supreme activates properly. But we definitely can’t lose anymore keys during this period of time!” Ruan Qingtian said. “We also need to keep a watch of the area around Mount Supreme to see if we can find the Chosen One.”

“You guys head on back, I have other matters to take care of,” with that, Ye Zichen hurried over to where the Snow Rabbit Clan was. He had to find out just who exactly the black-robed person was, and why he was helping him.

“Hey, stop!” When Ye Zichen got over there, the black-robed man had already gotten ready to leave.

When he heard Ye Zichen, he stopped, then asked with a hoarse voice, “What is it?”

“Who exactly are you?” Ye Zichen frowned, then stared intently at the person’s face.

However, the person’s hood covered their face completely, so Ye Zichen wasn’t able to see a thing.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. We met by chance, I merely felt like it was destiny for us to meet, so I wanted to help you. That’s all there is to it!” The black-robed man replied in the corase voice once again.

Yet, Ye Zichen did not believe his words…

Since he knows about Dragon Ball, he’s definitely someone from the Modern Realm.

“Who exactly are you? Are you Ol’ Three?”

The black-robed man’s body stiffened when he heard that.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Alright, Mount Supreme will land three days later. Here is the internal map of Mount Supreme. Good luck.”

He took out a piece of beast skin and threw it towards Ye Zichen, before leaping up and disappearing into the darkness of the night.

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