Chapter 564 Su Yan the Runaway

Chapter 564 – Su Yan the Runaway

At the Fox Yao clan…

Su Liu’er held Su Yan’s phone in her hand. It was her who had chosen to delete the annoying dragon from Su Yan’s friend list.

“Sis, no matter what, that is still lil’ sis’ personal belonging. What you just did wasn’t really right,” Su Zhu couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows when she saw it happen.

Su Liu’er merely snorted indifferently as she chucked the phone onto her bedside table, “It keeps on beeping, and is destroying my peace!”

“Then return the phone to her. She has been a good girl recently, and hasn’t caused any trouble,” Su Zhu spoke on Su Yan’s behalf.

Su Liu’er merely snorted, “That’s what she shouldn’t do. What she needs to do right now is calm herself down, and accept her past memories. Look at just how long she has returned! Her strength isn’t increasing at all!”

“Liu’er-jie, you’re in too much of a hurry. Lil’ Sis’s current life doesn’t belong to our realm. You need to give her some time to accept it all!” Su Zhu smiled.

Yet, at that very moment…

“Mistress, Second Mistress, something bad has happened…” A servant called out…

Su Liu’er and Su Zhu quickly went over to Su Yan’s room. When they entered, they saw that there was a hole with half a meter radius in the corner.

“When I came to bring the medicinal bath for young lady, I noticed that she disappeared. I looked around the room, then found this hole,” the attendant bit her lips and said.

Su Liu’er snorted her eyes and snorted, “Second sis, this is the good girl you were talking about. This is the not messing around you mentioned. Just look at what she did. All she does is mess around! She was like this ten thousand years ago, and is still like that right now!”

However, Su Zhu’s expression had already changed from a smile to a sullen one.

“There’s the scent of outsiders! Lil’ sis might have been tricked by someone. It isn’t time to discuss about how she acts, hurry up and lockdown the entire fox mountain. We have to find her!”


A wave of spiritual energy radiated out with Su Liu’er as the center, and locked down the entire mountain.

“You want to take lil’ sis away from me in front of my eyes? You really are daring!”

“She deleted me as well,” Ye Zichen looked at the notification on his phone in confusion. He merely wanted to test and see if Su Yan deleted him.

“What happened to Su Yan?” Xia Keke muttered.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, then returned the phone to his pocket and twitched his lips. “It’s impossible for Su Yan to have deleted us. I suppose, it was most likely done by her big sis.”

“Big Sister Liu’er?”

“Yeah, her,” Ye Zichen nodded. “It’s very possible that she confiscated Su Yan’s phone!”

“But what did she take Susu’s phone for?” Xia Keke blinked.

“Perhaps it’s for talking to Yuan Hong,” Ye Zichen said evilly. “Perhaps Yuan Hong told his big bro to buy him a phone, and since that spinster Su Liu’er was desperate to get married, she took her little sister’s phone to chat with her lover. Don’t worry, Su Yan is definitely safe with the fox yaos. Let’s go over there and take a look after Mount Supreme comes.”

“Then okay. I suppose you are right, Susu wouldn’t be in any danger with the fox yaos,” Xia Keke giggled, and nodded. Then, she returned her phone to her pocket. Just as she was about to leave, she stopped for a moment upon noticing the bone Ring on Ye Zichen’s finger, then skipped away without saying anything.

“She should be fine,” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sigh as he took out his phone to look at the notification once again. Su Liu’er is with the fox yaos. Although that woman’s kinda cold, her strength is absolute.

What’s more, Su Yan is her little sister, she’ll definitely protect Su Yan.

“Alright, I’ll wait till Mount Supreme is over with. Then, I’ll definitely go over to the fox mountain.”

Late at night.

While everyone was about to rest, Bi Shengtian walked in from the outside covered in wounds.

“Senior Brother,” Third Fatty Jin was the first to go over. However, before he could reach Bi Shengtian, the latter already collapsed on the floor. Yet, he still clung onto the sword in his hands. “Senior Brother!”

In the bedroom, Bi Shengtian laid on a bed with his eyes closed. Yang Jian used his celestial spiritual energy to check over his body once before lifting his hand.

“Great Deity, how is my senior brother?”

“They’ll all external injuries. His spiritual energy is in a bit of a mess internally. I helped him smooth it out, so he should wake up pretty soon,” With that, Yang Jian couldn’t help but twitched his mouth. “I really am too damn kind. How nice could it be if this grandson died. Why did I save him?”

Third Fatty Jin directly filtered out Yang Jian’s later words, and merely repeatedly thanked him.

Yang Jian waved his hand, and left the room, only to find Ye Zichen look at him with a cigarette in his mouth right outside the room itself.

“How is he?”

“I didn’t notice the presence of any types of spiritual energy. It seems like he escaped,” Yang Jian received the cigarette Ye Zichen passed over and lit it for himself.

“That’s good, but I’ve been having a really bad feeling that something’s going to happen,” Ye Zichen frowned.

“Just be a bit more vigilant. But haven’t we been having someone on a security shift all the time, nothing should…”


A huge explosion occurred in the place opposite the manor before Yang Jian finished.

The two of them looked over, and saw the Snow Rabbit Clan’s land go up in flames. Dense smoke rose up. It was just like when they had first arrived.


“Don’t be scared,” Xue Lian hugged her children tightly in her arms, and placed a seal on the room with a frown. “Stay here properly and don’t run around, okay?”

“Mhmm!” The children nodded repeatedly.

Xue Lian grabbed her jacket and pushed open the door…


A huge hand grabbed her by the neck and lifted her up. The moment the two children that that, they immediately ran over and hit the person on his legs.

“Let go of my mom. Bad guy, let my mom go!”

“Didn’t I… say, Not. To. Come. Out!?” Xue Lian looked down at her children painfully.

The man grabbing her by the neck smirked, the kicked the children aside, then flew over to the entrance of Ye Zichen’s manor.

“The people in there, listen up. If you want to save this woman’s life, then use your keys to exchange for it. My patience is limited. You have five minutes… If I don’t see you all in five minutes, then this woman is dead. Heh, no matter what, she has taken care of you all for so long. You can’t be this merciless!”

“Iron Bull!” Ye Zichen and Yang Jian, who were about to rush out, stopped. It was clearly Iron Bull’s voice.

“F*ck, so despicable!” Ye Zichen looked ahead with a dark look. Iron Bull grabbed Xue Lian by her neck tightly, while the Snow Rabbit Tribesmen occasional let out terrible screams.

“Two and a half minutes left!” Iron Bull reported the time like a ticking clock.

Ye Zichen clenched his teeth, then made up his mind, “Yang Jian, go and contact the others. Tell them… to give me their keys!”

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