Chapter 563 Great Emperor Qingming Appears

Chapter 563 – Great Emperor Qingming Appears

Faint traces of ash filled the surroundings.

When Ye Zichen and co. arrived on the scene, they could not see anyone there, but the surrounding traces screamed out to them that a huge fight had occurred.

“We’re too late,” Ye Zichen surveyed the surroundings, then raised his eyebrows. “The person who attacked was an expert. The suppression of spiritual energy is dense around here.”

“Crap,” Third Fatty Jin slapped his head. “When we came over, Master had told me never let Eldest Senior Brother be alone. It seems like he already foretold that something like this would occur with Eldest Senior Brother. What should I do now? What am I supposed to tell Master!?”


A space-shattering sound rang out. Yang Jian raised his eyebrows, then subconsciously shoved Ye Zichen behind him.

Not long later, a middle-aged man appeared in front of the group.

“Esteemed Master,” Third Fatty Jin smiled wryly when he saw the person, then quickly went up with his head lowered. “Esteemed Master, punish me. I didn’t keep an eye on Eldest Senior Brother properly…”

“I’m still too late,” Great Emperor Qingming shook his head with a sigh, then patted Third Fatty Jin on his shoulders. “It doesn’t have anything to do with you. This was fated to happen.”

With that, he nodded towards Yang Jian and co, then walked in front of Ye Zichen with a smile. “You came.”

Ye Zichen naturally understood that Great Emperor Qingming was referring to how he had arrived in the Three Realms, so he nodded. “I already have been here for several months. Don’t act like you just found out. The information gathering abilities of the Immortal Region can’t be that terrible.”

“Haha…” Great Emperor Qingming chuckled.

Third Fatty Jin asked, “Esteemed Master, do we need to save Eldest Senior Brother?”

“No need,” Great Emperor Qingming shook his head. “Letting him experience some trouble is good. The path in the future belongs to you all, I can’t always be there to pave the way for you. Since I didn’t make it in time, then it must be fate.”


“No need to say anymore,” Great Emperor Qingming stopped Third Fatty Jin, then turned to Ye Zichen. “After Mount Supreme, come to the Immortal region when you have time. The Three Sovereigns want to see you.”

As Great Emperor Qingming floated away, Jail King raised his eyebrows, “Which one of the Immortal Region’s Three Suzerain was that?”

“Great Emperor Qingming,” Ye Zichen replied with some annoyance.

Seriously, these guys from the Immortal Region. No matter what, I am the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor. They need me to breakthrough to the Immortal King level, but look at their attitude. They don’t give a rat’s ass about me at all. They even told me to come over to the Immortal Region after Mount Supreme.

Ugh, shouldn’t they be coming over to invite me?

“Esteemed Master left, but what about my Senior Brother!?” Third Fatty Jin paced around worriedly.

Jail King wanted beside him, and raised his eyebrows meaningfully, “Your master said not to care about him anymore, so why are you so worried? What’s more, that brat is so arrogant, he needs to suffer some setback.”

“Yeah, it’s like he’s flying above the rest of us. Isn’t he amazing? Then let him escape by himself,” Yang Jian twitched his mouth and snorted.

All of the powerhouses only came over due to giving Ye Zichen’s face, otherwise, they really could care less about the brat’s situation.

“Great gods, don’t be like that. That’s my Senior Brother, he’s actually quite nice to me,” Third Fatty Jin smiled wryly.

“And what does that have to do with us?” Yang Jian twitched his mouth.

Third Fatty Jin frowned even more.

Ye Zichen sighed, “Alright, stop arguing.

“Boss Ye,” Third Fatty Jin looked towards Ye Zichen pitifully. He knew that as long as Ye Zichen spoke up, the great deities following him would definitely help.

“Don’t get so worked up,” Ye Zichen looked towards Third Fatty Jin. “We don’t know who took your Senior Brother away yet. Let’s go back first. We’ll discuss his rescue once we get news of him.”

“Then… Alright!” Third Fatty Jin understood that what Ye Zichen make sense. Him getting anxious was not going to help with anything.

Back in the manor, Zuo Mo’s face was covered in a worried expression as she waited at the entrance alongside Ruan Qingtian.

When they saw Ye Zichen return safely, Zuo Mo rolled her eyes at him, then left.

When Wei Chen and co. returned to their own rooms, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, “How did I piss her off this time?”

“She’s a woman, it’s normal for her to throw a tantrum,” Ruan Qingtian raised his eyebrows. “You left with such a huge party just now, who did you fight? That commotion just now did not look like the appearance of Mount Supreme.”

“Bi Shengtian got into a fight with someone. When we got over there, they were already gone. He was probably captured, but him running away is not out of the question,” Ye Zichen answered as he walked into the courtyard alongside Ruan Qingtian.

Ruan Qingtian replied as they walked, “We have to be more careful in coming times. Most of the keys to activate Mount Supreme is already in our hands. Although we aren’t weak, it doesn’t mean that we can continuously protect these keys. Also, I saw the people from the Fire Cloud Gate come over earlier. I’m just unsure of where they went.”

Speaking of the key.

We got the four from the sacred beasts. Ruan Qingtian and I have one each, adding those onto the two we got from Bian Tianrui and the one from Third Fatty Jin…

There’s only twelve keys in total, and we already have nine.

That’s three quarters of the total number of keys.

As for the Fire Cloud Gate, Ye Zichen didn’t really care. It was impossible for them to become allies anyways, since they would definitely become enemies if they met.

“Ai, speaking of which. I don’t think many of the Six Pavilion and Three Gates here for Mount Supreme?”

The seals of Mount Biluo have already been broken for nearly a month, but they had only seen people from the Azure Sky Pavilion and the Fire Cloud Gate.

“They definitely will come here, it is just a matter of time. You will naturally see those people when Mount Supreme finally appears,” Ruan Qingtian smiled, and replied with certainty.

I suppose he’s right. Mount Supreme is able to catch the attention of even the Heavenly Court. It really wouldn’t make sense of these peak forces don’t come here.

“They’ll all come,” Ruan Qingtian patted Ye Zichen’s shoulders, then indicated to the side before leaving with a shrug.

Ye Zichen looked up and saw Xia Keke sitting in the pavilion at the center of the courtyard with a pout as she held her phone. Ye Zichen walked over with a smile, “What happened? Who made our cutie unhappy?”

“It’s Susu,” Xia Keke wrinkled her nose and complained. “I have no idea what happened. She isn’t replying my messages. When I went over to play, her older sister told me that she was in closed cultivation, and just now… Look. I just sent a message to her, and it’s clear that she deleted me.”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and took Xia Keke’s pink phone in his hands.

The entire screen was filled with her messages to Su Yan, but the most recent one…

Xia Keke really did get deleted.

This makes no sense. It’s impossible for Su Yan to have deleted Xia Keke with how their relationship is.

There is definitely more to it!

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