Chapter 562 Profound Art Sundering Lightning

Chapter 562 – Profound Art – Sundering Lightning

Bi Shengtian maintained his cold expression as he walked out of the manor. His sword was held tightly like a baby in his parent’s arms.

“Heh, this place is filled with the stench of wild beasts,” Bi Shengtian snorted, then raised his eyebrows. “I wonder when is the so-called Mount Supreme appearing. I hope it appears quickly, so I can leave this foul place soon.”

He found a nearby outcropping of rock and laid down. As a cultivator, he was already used to camping in the wild.



The sword in his arms instantly unsheathed itself, then shot outwards, before finally stopping in front of Bian Tianrui’s eyes.

“Good sword.”

“Heh, what did you come here for!?” Bi Shengtian retracted his sword, then said arrogantly.

“Brother, why aren’t you staying with the Snow Rabbits?” Bian Tianrui did not yet know that his manor had been taken over, so he had thought that Ye Zichen and co. were still staying with the Snow Rabbit Clan.

“How can a gentleman side with wild beasts?” Bi Shengtian said cockily.

“Brother is right. A gentleman should not side with wild beasts,” Bian Tianrui smiled.

Bi Shengtian checked him out for a moment, then put aside his sword with a snort, “You don’t seem like beastmen, so I’ll leave you alive. Scram!”

With that, he hugged his sword, and laid back onto the stone.

“Brother!” Bian Tianrui’s expression tensed, but he still maintained his smile. “I actually came here to talk about a deal with you.”

“I didn’t get back at you for harming my junior brother yet. A deal? Using your life!?”

Bi Shengtian sat up from the stone with a sullen look, then pointed upwards with his fingers, causing the celestial sword to instantly unsheathe itself and enter his hands. Grabbing the sword he immediately thrust it towards Bian Tianshui.

“You truly don’t take respect when given it!” Bian Tianrui took a step back.

Iron Bull had already waited for a long time in the woods…


Iron Bull’s fist smashed into the sword.

What surprised Bi Shengtian was that Iron Bull’s fist was completely unscathed.

“Heh!” Bi Shengtian leaped backwards. His sword flew into the air, then multiple images of swords shot out from behind him towards Bian Tianrui and Iron Bull.

“A sword immortal!” Iron Bull smiled, then twitched his mouth. “Little fellow who hasn’t even gotten a sword immortal’s profound art, you merely have the body of a sword immortal, but don’t have the heart of one…”

Iron Bull covered his right fist with his left hand tightly. Then after the time of a breath, “Shatter!”

Raging winds were released from his fist. The sword images and the wind from Iron Bull’s fist found themselves at a standstill right at the center between the two.

This is a bit tricky.

Bi Shengtian’s expression darkened. He had wanted to end the battle quickly, so he directly used the sword manipulation technique his master had taught him. He did not expect the dark-faced man to be able to actually defend against it.

How can a mere barbarian compare with me!? Bi Shengtian roared angrily in his heart. He was prideful, truly too prideful just as Ye Zichen’s group had said.

He was the center of attention in the sacred land of the Immortal Region, there, he was the most outstanding amongst the younger disciples. He was born in the sacred land, and everyone who were not of the sacred land were barbarians in his eyes…

He felt like his name. He will triumph against the heavens!

Even the heavens can’t do anything to me, so it would just be a joke for me to be defeated here.


He repeatedly made a few weird gestures with his hands. Then all of a sudden, the sword images became stronger. Yet, Iron Bull continued to maintain a faint smile, which only irritated the arrogant Bi Shengtian even further.


Ding, ding, ding….

The sword images became more powerful. Yet, Iron Bull did not back down. Instead, it was the sword images which seemed to wobble.


Bi Shengtian shouted once again. Sweat be to appear on his forehead. Actually, he could choose to retreat. With the sword manipulation technique that his esteemed master taught him, Iron Bull and Bian Tianrui could not catch up if he chose to flee.

However, he was proud!

Arrogantly proud!

“Iron Bull, if you’re finished playing around, then hurry up and capture him. That brat is the leading figure of the sacred land of the Immortal Region. He is extremely useful for our plan,” Bian Tianrui spoke softly.

Iron Bull chuckled, “The sword immortals from our place are all too powerful. I finally met a young sword immortal, so I couldn’t help but bully him a bit. But since Young Master has said to, then I’ll stop playing with him!”


He actually said that he was playing with me!?

Bi Shengtian was outraged. He pointed two of his right fingers upwards, causing the sword to soar into the sky.


Third Fatty Jin and Ye Zichen, who were in the courtyard of the manor, looked up in confusion.

“It was a sunny day, why did the weather change?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Third Fatty Jin exclaimed with a frown, “Crap, my Senior Brother is in trouble.”

“Huh?” Ye Zichen replied.

“My Senior Brother is in trouble. This is the profound art he spent ten years learning. He wouldn’t use it under normal circumstances because using it would cost him ten-odd years of cultivation. Since he used it, it means that he’s definitely facing some sort of tricky opponent,” Third Fatty Jin paced around anxiously, then set his gaze upon Ye Zichen. “Boss Ye, I apologize to you on my Senior Brother’s behalf. Can you…”

Yet, before he finished, Ye Zichen already called out loudly in the courtyard, “Yang Jian, Jail King, Auntie Zhuge, Old Wei…”


The experts appeared together, and looked up towards the sky.

“Sundering Thunder, a sword immortal’s profound art!” Wei Chen frowned.

Ye Zichen spoke up, “That brat, Bi Shengtian, is in trouble. Let’s go over and take a look.”

“That grandson…” Yang Jian shook his head. “I’m not going. Everyone else can go. His life or death has shit to do with me. Why should I ignore my dignity to go and save him?

“Stop bullshitting. Saving him is more important!” With that, Ye Zichen rushed towards where the thunder and lightning was.

Yang Jian could only put on a helpless expression.

Wei Chen raised his eyebrows with a smile, “C’mon, let’s go over to take a look. Being able to witness a sword immortal’s profound art is a lucky thing!”


Dark clouds covered the sky.

Bolts of lightning arced down, and were absorbed into the sword, causing the sword itself to sparkle with lightning.

“Profound Art – Sundering Thunder!” Bi Shengtian grabbed his sword.

A white ball of lightning appeared on the tip of his sword.

“He’s still a bit worse than the sword immortals from our place,” Iron Bull twitched his mouth.

Bian Tianrui looked up with a nod, “It’s not just a bit, okay? Alright, hurry up and capture him. I’m tired!”

“Alright!” Iron Bull smiled, then ran over.

“Explode!” Bi Shengtian sent the lightning ball flowing towards Iron Bull.

However, the following scene only turn into one that was scorched into his memories for life.

Iron Bull opened his mouth until it was several meters wide, allowing the lightning ball to land in his mouth. Not long later, he patted his stomach and burped, while a slither of smoke escaped from his mouth.

“Haha, the lightning isn’t pure enough. Brat, your skills as a sword immortal still need more training!” With that, Iron Bull shook his head helplessly. “But before that, you have to come with us!”

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