Chapter 56 Lil’ White wakes up.

Chapter 56 – Lil’ White wakes up.

In the end, Gu Tian finally managed to get Ye Zichen to stay with a lot of effort.

However, he was still completely certain that Ye Zichen only got mad because he had said the wrong thing, but the direction he was thinking in was still correct.

“What did you want to say to me?”

Ye Zichen leaned back in the chair and curled his lips.

At the same time, Liu Qing floated above Gu Tian’s head and kept on making faces at him. This was something that Ye Zichen had told her to do…

Since this bastard spoke poorly, then let him be taught a lesson.

“Err… Can you tell the beauty above me to stop messing around first?”

Both Ye Zichen, who was sitting in the chair, and Liu Qing, who was floating in the air, were stunned.


Ye Zichen stared at him, but was unable to say anything as he gulped. Gu Tian raised his eyebrow and shrugged, “Young Master Ye, we’re the same kind of people.”

Ye Zichen signaled Liu Qing to return back to the Dragon Eye. Then, he licked his dry lips as a spark flashed in his eyes.

“You can see her?”

“Yeah, I also know that she’s a virgin ghost girl that died before her time,” Gu Tian’s lips revealed a bright smile. “Young Master Ye can be so close with the ghost girl, and also had an item that can accept her. Is Young Master Ye going to say that we’re not the same kind of people?”

Ye Zichen stayed silent for a moment.

It seemed like this guy with a low EQ treated him as the same. Thus, after a brief moment of thought, Ye Zichen replied, “Alright, we are truly the same. But, what do you want from me?”

“Actually, it’s not much,” Gu Tian took a sip of the drink on the table. “I was also there when Young Master Ye acted out at the barbeque shop.”

“Fu Chengming sent you?”

Ye Zichen asked since Gu Tian specifically mentioned the barbeque shop, and the incident was rather huge. However, Gu Tian didn’t seem to be someone that needed to use the relationships of other people.

“What did he ask you to find me for? He wants to deal with me?”

Gu Tian raised his eyebrow, he didn’t think that Ye Zichen could actually guess from his short words that Fu Chengming had sought him out previously.

This made him even more certain about his thought of getting to know Ye Zichen better.

“Fu Chengming did find me before. However, I refused after seeing Young Master Ye at the barbeque shop.”

“Then what did you find me for?”

“It’s just to get to know you and make a friend.”

“I don’t want to be your friend.”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes towards Gu Tian and got up to walk out of the restaurant.

Gu Tian quickly followed and asked, “Why? How have I caused Young Master Ye to dislike me?”

“The geezer that came looking for me me out at the school the other day was yours, right?”


“He threatened my family then. I hate other people threatening my family.”

“That wasn’t on purpose,” Gu Tian explained with a wry smile. “I would never threaten Young Master Ye with your family.”

“Oh, but I still don’t want to be your friend.”

“Why is that?”

“Think about it yourself.”

With that, Ye Zichen took out his phone to have a look at the time, then disappeared in the flow of the crowd within the mall.

He hadn’t had a chance to buy Tiantian’s birthday present yet, how could he have the time to talk with this sort of person with negative EQ.

Gu Tian thought about it on the spot for a long time, after a while…

He thought of Xia Keke once again.

Gu Tian took out his phone and spoke, “Help me investigate a person.”

In the end, Ye Zichen bought a Barbie back to the mansion. Ye Rong became completely stunned when she saw the doll in Ye Zichen’s hands.

“Zichen, you like these sorts of stuff?”

This Barbie was the birthday present Ye Zichen had chosen for Tiantian in the mall. He only brought it here because he was afraid that the other people at the dorm would think too much into it,

He did not expect that even his own mother distrusted him.

“This is for someone else.”

Hearing the explanation, Ye Rong let out a sigh of relief. This only made Ye Zichen sigh helplessly in his heart. He then asked, “Is Lil’ White awake?”

“Nope, still sleeping.”

Ye Rong’s eyes showed a hint of worry. Lil’ White had been accompanying her recently, alongside the fact that Lil’ White was very bright, it caused her to like him a lot.

Lil’ White’s recent situation truly worried her.

“Lemme go and see.”

Ye Zichen replied, then walked towards the living room. Ye Rong nodded, “Don’t go back to your dorm later. Mom will make red-cooked pork for you tonight.”


Ever since he brought Ye Rong here, Ye Zichen had barely kept her companyher. When he saw his mother’s look of anticipation, he really wouldn’t bring himself to refuse.

Ye Rong instantly smiled after hearing Ye Zichen’s reply of confirmation, then she quickly walked out of the mansion.

Lil’ White was still lying asleep in his usual place. Even Ye Zichen got a bit worried since he didn’t get up after so long.

Ye Zichen sat down onto the sofa, then looked at Lil’ White for a long time before calling Liu Qing out.

“It’s safe now?”

Liu Qing stuck her head out sneakily and looked around. She only floated out without worry after seeing that it was Ye Zichen’s home.

“That brat said that his name is Gu Tian, is he from the same place as the Grandpa Gu you know?”

“How would I know? But since he can see me and his surname is Gu, I think they should be family.”

Liu Qing twitched her mouth at Ye Zichen, then floated all around the mansion.

Ye Zichen allowed her to wander around the mansion, then fell into deep thought.

People with supernatural abilities had already appeared in his life. Gu Tian might very well be what Chief Liu and many other people had mentioned to him…

Someone from that place.

He was about to come into contact with the people form that place, he wasn’t sure if it was good or bad.

Most importantly, he didn’t want Liu Qing to get hurt.

Gu Tian’s words back then had revealed a lot of important hints.

He mentioned that Liu Qing was a virgin ghost, and specifically mentioned that she died before her time.

There must be something more to it.

Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t deliberately mention both of these points, and would have just called her a ghost girl.

A huge energy suddenly appeared from the mansion, while Ye Zichen was deep in his thoughts.

Ye Zichen opened his eyes and saw that Lil’ White, who was lying down, had all his fur stand up.

Liu Qing also floated over after feeling this abnormality. She looked down at Lil’ White and said, “What happened to Lil’ White?”

“You’re asking me, but how would I even know?”

Ye Zichen was speechless. If he didn’t have that WeChat group, he would still be a mundane commoner.

How was he supposed to know the answer to such a difficult question.

“Oh wow, daddy feels so great!”

Lil’ White still looked like a poodle, but what shocked him was…

Lil’ White talked.

“Lil’ White.”

Ye Zichen was unable to hide the shock in his heart as he shouted towards Lil’ White with open eyes.

“Oh, boss.”

Lil’ White wagged his tail and jumped out of his place, and revealed a flattering expression.

“Boss, you are my true daddy from now on. I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.”

F*ck, the dog spoke…

If he took a short of it and chucked it onto Weibo, he might even make it onto the headlines.

However, Lil’ White’s “true daddy” way to calling Ye Zichen’s expression to sullen. He raised his hand and smacked its head, “Who the f*ck is your true daddy! I don’t have a dog son like you. Don’t bullshit, you should have evolved after eating the Howling Celestial Dog’s dog food!”

“Of course,” Lil’ White raised his prideful head cockily, but what faced him was Ye Zichen’s five-finger mountain once again.

“Stop putting on airs with me. Say it, what secret technique did you learn!?”

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