Chapter 559 Helper

Chapter 559 – Helper

“Secret art of supernaturality!”

Zhuge Hongming shouted solemnly. After journeying around in the Three Realms, he was no long the pitiful child staying at Ye Zichen’s supermarket for cup noodles and sodas.

He looked forward seriously, then ten wooden stakes appeared on the ground with his shout.

“Transform!” The stakes turned into puppets with wooden shields and metal swords with Zhuge Kongming’s call, then charged towards the enemies as if they possessed their own consciousness.

“I, grandpa, have my own tricks as well!”

Three huge dice appeared in the sky. Third Fatty Jin used his spiritual energy to roll the dice, causing them to rotate intensely in midair.

“Cougar, cougar, cougar…” Third Fatty Jin held his hands together and murmured.

When the enemies in the surrounding saw him, they immediately rushed over.

Just when one of those who were about to launch a surprise attack on Third Fatty Jin got in front of him, Third Fatty Jin suddenly opened his eyes.

“Five, five, six. Big!”[1. See Sic Bo for more information:]

Third Fatty Jin’s fist instantly enlarged by several times, while a feeling of endless energy coursed through his body. All he needed was a point of release.

Thus, the surprise attacker got the brunt of it all.

“Eat grandpa’s fist!”


As the fist pounded the attacker, the person shot out like a cannonball. However, during so, he completely knocked over and destroyed Zhuge Kongming’s wooden figures.

“What are you doing!?” Zhuge Kongming coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Third Fatty Jin scratched his head with a coy smile, “That was a mistake.”

Yet, since he had gotten too excited earlier, he completely used up all of the power the dice gave him.

When he saw the enemies charge towards him, he immediately threw the dice up in mid air once again. “Cougar, cougar…”

The enemies all stopped vigilantly, the image of the person getting sent flying by the fatty’s punch was still fresh in their mind.

“One, three, three. Small!” the fatty’s face instantly darkened.

The people opposite him looked up at the numbers on the dice, then glanced at the fatty’s expressions. “This grandson failed. Get him!”

“F*ck!” Third Fatty Jin immediately ran backwards, while he cursed quietly…

This shitty thing is supposed to be a legendary artifact? Isn’t this just messing with me!?

“Kiddo, help me block them off for ten minutes,” Third Fatty JIn ran behind Zhuge Kongming.

However, since his wooden men were destroyed, Zhuge Kongming was in a weakened state…

“Scram!” At that very moment, Lil’ White stood in front of them.

“Bro, you truly are reliable,” Third Fatty Jin chuckled, while Lil’ White clenched his teeth and forced himself to continue on…

“F*ck off!” Ye Zichen felt like he was going mad. He never expected Iron Bull’s entrance to cause such a huge butterfly effect.

Although the Sky Immortal level expert who was fighting Jail King was just killed, Jail King was in no shape to help Lil’ White and co.

At that moment, Iron Bull was fighting the combination of Yang Jian, Zhuge Hong and Jail King. Yet, the combination did not gain the upper hand, in fact, Iron Bull was the one who had a slight upper hand.

“F*ck off!” Ye Zichen had already summoned Xuan-Yuan Sword. He had tried to breakthrough from Bian Tianrui, but Bian Tianrui just stuck onto him.

“Brother Ye, stop trying. You aren’t leaving.”

With that, Bian Tianrui’s body suddenly split in half. His true body took a step backwards and waved towards Ye Zichen, “I’m taking the key!”

A proud smiled covered Bian Tianrui’s face. Ye Zichen repeatedly cut apart the avatar, but it merely regenerated itself over and over again, and stuck onto Ye Zichen.

“Heh, don’t even think about breakthrough for my Profound Energy Avatar without a destruction talent on the level of a Sky Immortal,” Bian Tianrui smiled, then slowly walked towards Lil’ White.

The fluctuation of the key on his chest became even more intense. It seems like they’re all holding keys.

“Hand them over. As long as you hand the keys over to me, then I can ensure that you guys aren’t killed,” Bian Tianrui reached out his hand with a smile.

Lil’ White and co. all subconsciously covered their chest.

Third Fatty Jin snorted in disdain, “Stop pretending. Give me three minutes if you dare. If I roll a cougar, then you’re all dead.”

“Heavenly Spirit Die. I heard that it is a legendary artifact that has its effect based on the possessor’s luck, but I see that your luck is rather poor right now,” Bian Tianrui smiled.

Third Fatty Jin cursed, “Grandson, I, your grandpa, possess tremendous luck. My master, the Great Emperor Qingming, said that my luck is ridiculous. You f*cking dare to say that my luck is poor?”

Third Fatty Jin intentionally mentioned Great Emperor Qingming to make Bian Tianrui wary.

However, he didn’t care at all.

“Your mouth is too stinky. I’ve decide to kill you,” Bian Tianrui squinted his eyes, then reached towards Third Fatty JIn.

Third Fatty Jin gulped. Then…

“So bloodthirsty at such a young age is terrible!”

A person grabbed Bian Tianrui’s hand. Bian Tianrui looked up, and saw Wei Chen smiling at him with a faint smile.

He tried to muster up strength, only to find that Wei Chen had locked his hand around his wrist, so he was unable to move at all.

“Who are you!?”

“Guess. If you guess it right, then I’ll tell you.”


A fist slammed into Bian Tianrui’s back.


Blood flowed out of Bian Tianrui’s mouth. At the same time, he could also heard a voice from behind him.

“Tiger Fist!”

Wei Chen let go of Bian Tianrui’s arm. Then, a young man ran past him. The young man looked like a completely delinquent.

He smiled towards Wei Chen, “Dad, how was it?”

“Not bad, you improved,” Wei Chen smiled, then looked towards Bian Tianrui on the floor. “What are you blanking out for? Screw off. Don’t think about your sheep to come and save you. They have trouble even staying alive right now.”

Bian Tianrui looked over at the rest of the battlefield, but what he saw only made him open his eyes wider.

Several Sky Immortal level experts popped out of nowhere, and fought Iron Bull alongside Yang Jian and co. Although Iron Bull was strong, but two hands were unable to fight against four, not to mention the fact that there were way more than four hands attacking him.

Meanwhile, there were people hunting down Human Immortal level experts as well.

Thus, he could only look towards Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen’s the backbone of the group, as long as I capture him, then I still have a chance.

Bian Tianrui chanted silently in his heart to control his avatar, but noticed that he had already lost contact with it.

“Bian Tianrui, you lose.”

Ye Zichen walked over with a smile as Bian Tianrui was completely confused about what was going on. Meanwhile, a cute girl followed beside Ye Ziche, and wrapped her arms around Ye Zichen’s.

“You actually got out,” Bian Tianrui exclaimed. “Impossible, you couldn’t have possible escaped from my Profound Energy Avatar. Just how did you do it? Where is my avatar!?”

“Avatar?” At that moment, the girl beside Ye Zichen tilted her head, and licked her lips as if she wanted more. “I ate it!”

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