Chapter 555 Rules of the Black-Robed Person

Chapter 555 – Rules of the Black-Robed Person

A wry smile covered Ye Zichen’s face. So I became their leader just like this? And now I have to decide on whether the Chosen One lives or not?

Let’s be honest, the person who is the Chosen One has got to have some level of strength and luck, right?

It’s impossible for that person to act like a retard and just allow others to do whatever they want with him.

“Don’t act like this. You’re putting pressure on me.”

“What’s there to feel pressured about? But it is really too early to speak about all this. We have no idea who the Chosen One is, and don’t know whether they are friend or foe,” Ruan Qingtian said with a smile.

“I don’t care about so much. I’m going to do whatever Young Master tells me to,” Jail King shrugged.

“Pavilion Head Ruan is right. It is indeed still too early,” Zhuge Kong nodded with a smile.

“But then again, we still have to pay attention to any information about the Chosen One. I’m sure all of you saw it while coming over here…” Ruan Qingtian looked towards the Emerald Cat Clan with a meaningful smile. “Those people also came for Mount Supreme, and do not seem to be on our side.”

“That kid has at least two keys!” Jail King squinted his eyes. “I want to go over and snatch them from him while I was coming over, but I didn’t do anything because I sensed an expert.”

“Speaking of that, then I’ll just say it right now,” Ruan Qingtian stood up and shut the door. “Everyone here is related to Brother Ye, so we can act as an alliance. Since that’s the case, it means that we will have four keys on hand. Mount Supreme is an inheritance that even Sky Immortals and Immortal King level experts would rush over for, but there are only a few keys. This means that not everyone will get one. When you consider snatching… We really will become everyone’s target!”

Ye Zichen suddenly fell into deep thought. He actually had thought of all that as well.

Since it was an inheritance that even the Jade Emperor wanted, then it clearly was an extraordinary one. If there was no surprise, then all Three Realms would send people over to get it. The Sacred Land of the Immortal Region, Underworld and Heavenly Court…

These three factions were alright, since Ye Zichen was able to actually talk to those from the Heavenly Court, Underworld and even the immortal Region.

What he was afraid of was not those from these Three Realms, but the experts from the other places.

Ye Zichen had always accepted that the treasures should be gotten by those who are more capable than others. However, he was worried about the Snow Rabbit Clan.

The Snow Rabbit Clan was initially away from all the fighting in the world, and was only involved in it now due to Mount Supreme. If people really end up fighting for the keys, then it’ll be a terrible fight. When that happens…

“How about we retreat from here?” Ye Zichen licked his lips.

Zhuge Hong shook her head, “No!”

With that, she spoke up once again, “I know you don’t want to affect the Snow Rabbit Clan, but the location of their village made it so that their following days will not be in peace. Although us staying here will cause trouble for them, but it is also a layer of protection.”

“I agree with Phoenix Sis’s opinion,” Jail King nodded. “Mount Supreme is right beside their village. Someone else will take this place for themselves even if we leave. The majority of the people in the Three Realms are not kind-hearted people.”

“Then let’s stay here and take a look, I feel like us staying here is pretty nice,” Yang Jian couldn’t help but speak up. “Did you already forget what happened this morning?”

“Then… let’s do as you guys said,” Ye Zichen nodded.

Ruan Qingtian smiled as well, “During this period of time, we have to pay attention to the teleporting point to come here. Our main mission is observing and identifying who is the Chosen One, after all, those who knows their enemies are victorious. We have to pay attention to all those who arrive, and try to befriend all those with keys, while staying on guard against all those without.”

At the same time, a group of people appeared on Mount Biluo. They were no other than the entirety of Zuo Mo’s second uncle’s Zuo Hongxin’s subordinates.

Since they had ended up in Earth Traveler Sun’s hands, Zuo Hongxin had to give up a huge chunk to ransom them back.

At that moment, he was already putting everything on the line to kill Zuo Mo on Mount Biluo. As long as Zuo Mo died, then everything would be fine for him.

“It’s Lady Zuo Mo’s carriage,” the driver noticed the earth dragon carriage Ye Zichen and co. had left outside Mount Biluo right away.

Zuo Hongxin gave a cue to a guest chamberlain beside him. However, the man shook his head towards him after taking a look.

“It seems like my disobedient niece has already entered,” Zuo Hongxin snorted sinisterly, then raised his eyebrows towards the surrounding guest chamberlain. “Success or failure depends entirety on this. Don’t disappoint the money I paid for your ransom.”

“We definitely will not disappoint master,” everyone cupped their hands towards Zuo Hongxin.

However, just as they were about to enter, a black-robed man holding a piece of dog-tail grass appeared at the teleportation point.

“There’s too many of you. If you want to enter, then… Choose four of you!” The black-robed man said with a hoarse voice.

“Who’re you to decide what we are to do?” the driver frowned.

The black-robed man looked up, then snorted.



The driver felt the blood in his chest boil as he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“If you want to enter Mount Biluo, then do as I said. If you continue wasting your breath, then stay here!”

A terrifying spiritual pressure spread towards them like a tsunami.

Zuo Hongxin’s expression drastically changed as he lifted his hand with a frown, “What do you mean, sir?”

“Was I speaking a dialect just now?” The black-robed man scolded. “If you want to pass, then choose four people. If you don’t, then all of you can stay here. I’m pretty bored here myself.”

A pitch-black tentacle shining with a purple light reached out from underneath the black-robed man’s robe. The moment it touched a Sky Immortal level expert beside Zuo Hongxin…



“I’ll give you some time to consider, but I will help you reduce your numbers by one every ten seconds until only four of you remains,” the black-robed man smiled.

Seeing that, Zuo Hongxin felt his heart bleed.

Sky Immortal.

That was a devoted servant of his that he had nurtured using uncountable amounts of money and fortune, but this black-robed man had killed him just like that. What’s more, he said that he will continue to…

Just who is he? Why have I never heard of such a powerful person in the Immortal Region?

He had instantly killed that Sky Immortal expert.

“Hey, why are you guys still here? Do you want Grandpa Ma to capture you all once again?” At that moment, Earth Traveler Sun passed through with his disciples and the other bandits. The person who spoke was no other than Ma Teng.

“It’s you guys!” Zuo Hongxin frowned. It was those people who made him spend nearly his entire fortune that he had saved up for nearly a hundred years.

“Ten seconds are up,” the black robed man snorted. The tentacle appeared once again and grabbed hold of another Sky Immortal expert…




“Oh my f*cking god!” Ma Teng shivered and subconsciously glanced towards the black-robed man.

The man merely said with his hoarse voice, “If you’re going to enter, then hurry.”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Earth Traveler Sun and Ma Teng immediately left the teleportation point.

At this moment, Zuo Hongxin frowned, “Why were they…”

“You want to argue?” The black-robed man smiled. “I decide my own rules. You still have three seconds to consider! Three…”

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