Chapter 554 Chosen One

Chapter 554 – Chosen One

“Young Master,” Iron Bull walked over.

The man standing in front of the manor nodded, then pointed at the Snow Rabbit Clan’s village, “Three keys entered just now. They already have four keys over there.”

“Does Young Master want Iron Bull to snatch them over?” Iron Bull opened his eyes wide.

“Why should we? We already have two keys on hand. That’s completely enough. What’s more, those people over there are not weakling. The person with the lance earlier should be Yang Jian from the Heavenly Court. He is already equal to you without opening his third eye. You won’t be able to match him if he opens up his third eye,” the man cracked his neck. “Also, the ones that came later… The Tiangou Clan, the Phoenix Clan… Both of them are top clans in the Beast Region. I didn’t think that that brat would have such a huge network. Truly interesting.”

“So what? As long as Young Master asks Master to remove Iron Bull’s first layer of seal, then they’ll all die,” Iron Bull snorted in disdain.

“Your way of thinking is unacceptable,” the young man frowned. “It wasn’t easy for us to come over here. Do you want to make those old guys notice by opening your seal? Father already said that I should not open the seal unless I have no other choice.”

“This subordinate was just saying,” Iron Bull smiled coyly. “But is Young Master going to allow them to gang up? That’s not good for us.”

“Hehe, so what, not everyone who comes here will have a key,” the young man smiled meaningfully.

Iron Bull nodded, “Young Master wants to use other people…”

“Heh, disaster is caused by what a person has. Anyone would be envious when they have four keys,” with that, the young man shrugged. “C’mon, let return, there’s nothing to look at. The next time we come out, it’ll be when we watch the show.”

“My lords, the Snow Rabbit Clan…” Xue Lian smiled apologetically as she brought up the dishes of food, which were all vegetables without any hint of meat.

“Aright, stop blaming yourself. I feel like it’s pretty good. We’ve troubled you Clan Chief Xue,” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile. “My words might have been too severe early, please don’t take it to heart.”

“I don’t dare. What’s more, sire was just speaking the truth,” Xue Lian nodded with a smile. “If you have any other requests, then just shout for me. I won’t be interrupting your meal, my lords.”

As Xue Lian left he room, Ruan Qingtian glanced over and couldn’t help but shake his head “Her personality is really unsuitable for living in this era!”

“I feel like it’s pretty good. I made up my mind already, if it really doesn’t work, then I’ll take them back to the Treasure Tower. I’ll take care of them,” Zuo Mo snorted.

Ruan Qingtian raised his eyebrows, then frowned without saying anything.

“Why are you shaking you head!” Zuo Mo frowned.

“I feels like you’re being childish,” said Ye Zichen. “You want to take the Snow Rabbit Clan back to the Treasure Tower, but don’t forget where it is. It is in the Immortal Region! Ignoring the Sacred Lands, you guys are indeed amazing, but will those from the Sacred Lands allow half-beastmen to settle on their territory? If that really is okay, then do you think half-beastmen will live in a subdimension like this one?”

“You… I…” Zuo Mo bit her lips.

“Alright now, there’s nothing to argue about,” Ruan Qingtian said. “But Brother Ye is not wrong, Young Lady Zuo’s ideas are indeed questionable.”

“You guys are bullying me together!”

“Stop arguing, we didn’t gather here for the Snow Rabbit Clan,” Zhuge Hong frowned. “Wait till after Mount Supreme to decide how to settle the Snow Rabbit Clan. Those of us sitting here are peak forces from various realms, we will be able to get them somewhere to stay.”

“My mother is right. If it really doesn’t work out, then they can come to the Fire Phoenix Clan. My mother’s words are of us in the clan,” Zhuge Kongming chuckle.

“You kiddo,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, then raised his glass. “It’s not easy for us to all gather. Cheers!”

“Can I drink?” Zhuge Kongming pouted. When he saw Zhuge Kong nod, he raised his glass up excitedly. “I haven’t seen Big Brother Ye for so long. This is for you.”

After a while, the dishes were pretty much finished.

Lil’ White and Zhuge Kongming both went out to play with the Snow Rabbit children.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen sat on his chair and looked at the others in the room, “How long until Mount Supreme activates?”

“Nobody is certain,” Ruan Qingtian raised his eyebrows with a smile. “We merely know that it is about to activate through the keys, but it’ll only activate when the Chosen One arrives! But since it still hasn’t activated, then it is clear that none of us are the Chosen One.”

“Chosen One?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“The person who left Mount Supreme behind is a Sky Sovereign expert of the God Race, his true form is that of a NIfheim Dragon. He left all his power as the inheritance within Mount Supreme right before he died. At the same time, he also said told others that when the Chosen One appears, so will the mountain,” Zhuge Kong explained.

“So there’s a story like that,” Ye Zichen nodded. “Then your keys…”

“The Endless Beast Region gained four keys when the Lord Ice Dragon died. They were under the control of the strongest clan in each of the Four Continents,” Zhuge Hong explained.

“Then does that mean the key of the Central Continent is with…”

“The dragons,” said the Jail King. “The Fox Yao Clan is indeed strong, but they are still not of the Sacred Beast clans. Our key is from the Black Tortoise Clan. They have no interest in warfare, nor do they wish anything from Mount Supreme. The final key is with the White Tigers.”

“The fact that a commotion had happened with Mount Supreme clearly means that the Chosen One has already gained the key. What we have to do now is wait for the Chosen One to come. Of course, we also have to choose…” Ruan Qingtian raised his eyebrows. “We can choose to befriend the Chosen One, or we can kill him after finding him. If we do, then the inheritance will naturally belong to everyone else. Anyone who enters will have a chance to grab it. If we befriend him, then we can only get some of the Ice Dragon’s treasures. But then again, those treasures are definitely not simple items.”

“This little brother is right, but us, the Tiangou Clan is not very interested inheritance. Whether we kill the Chosen One is up to you guys, especially you…” Jail King set his gaze upon Ye Zichen. “Young Master will definitely make the same choice as you!”

“Why are you saying in such a roundabout manner!?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

Zhuge Hong also spoke up, “The Phoenix Clan will also follow your choice. It is up to you whether we kill the Chosen One or not!”

“Since everyone has decided so, then I’ll do the same. I’ll listen to Brother Ye as well,” Ruan Qingtian also said with a soft smile.

When he saw how everyone reacted, Ye Zichen suddenly felt like…

His pressure increased tenfold!

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