Chapter 553 - Gathering

Chapter 553 - Gathering

“Sire!” Xue Lian bit her lips.

Ye Zichen smiled, and signaled her to not worry, then walked a few steps over and squinted his eyes, “From this moment onwards, this sovreignt shall protect the Snow Rabbit Clan. Whoever dares to challenge that, die!”

“You really are good at pretending…”


Just as someone from the Emerald Cat Clan spoke, the person imploded before he was able to finish his sentence.

“This sovereign doesn’t want to waste my breath. Whoever dares to challenge what I said will end up just like him!” Ye Zichen’s eyes flashed with a cold light.

The leading Emerald Cat male gulped.

At that moment, someone patted him on the shoulder and pulled him back.


“This isn’t something you can take care of. Leave it to me.” The envoy smiled and walked forward.

He took out a key, which was shining with an intense light. “Hmm, a candidate, it seems like you came ahead of me.”

Ye Zichen smiled, then also took out a key.

The moment the two keys were shown, both shimmered with an even brighter light, as if each one was trying to outshine the other.

“You took it out just like that? You’re not afraid of me snatching it from you?” The man smiled.

Ye Zichen merely raised his eyebrows, and took a step back, while Yang Jian walked over with his lance.


The spiritual pressure of a Sky Immortal shot out, and the powerful spiritual energy caused the surrounding people to not be able to help but kneel.

The man raised his eyebrows, then took a step back like Ye Zichen had, revealing a buff man beside him.

The man also released the spiritual pressure of a Sky Immortal, causing both Xue Lian and the first Emerald Cat man to gulp subconsciously.

Two monarchs.

“It seems like you are prepared since you’ve dared to come here. Alright, since this friend has already made camp with the Snow Rabbits, then I won’t be a pest. If I make camp at the forest opposite the Snow Rabbit clan’s village, you won’t mind right, brother?” the man asked with a smile.

“Do as you wish! As long as you don’t come and cause trouble with the Snow Rabbit Clan, I don’t care what you do!” With that, Ye Zichen turned around and walked back into the village.

Both Yang Jian, Zuo Mo as well as the Snow Rabbit tribesmen also followed.

“Envoy!” The Emerald Cat man called.

“We’ll be taking this forest for our camp. Iron Bull, I’ll leave it to you,” said the man.

The Sky Immortal leveled man nodded, then conjured up a gigantic blade of air in his hands and hacked at the forest.

The forest, as well as the hill underneath it was sliced through very easily.

The man smiled, then slapped the ground with his right hand, causing a huge manor to appear on the newly emptied flat ground.

“C’mon, let’s go, but this garden might be a bit too small. There’ll be other guests later!” the man shook his head with a smile, then raised his eyebrows. “Whatever, I’ll think about that later.”

With that, he walked towards the manor.


“Sire, thank you for your help,” Xue Lian continuously expressed her thanks.

Ye Zichen glanced at her and couldn’t help but shake his head, “Clan Chief Xue, I can help you now, but I can’t help you for your entire life. I can tell that you’re very strong. At least Human… Ahem, very strong. That Emerald Kitten was weaker than you, but you only argued and cried when facing him. How long do you think your clan can actually live in the village?”

“But we Snow Rabbits dislike fighting,” Xue Lian bit her lips.

“Your dislike only gathered the disdain of others, and merely made them act even more outrageously. Wanting peace is good, but you have to have enough strength to make the others wary, and make them not dare to do anything to you. Only then will you have real peace,” Ye Zichen didn’t actually want to say something like that initially, but he didn’t expect someone else to arrive so soon.

He had no idea how many keys there were, but he was certain that the area will become a place where people fought over it.

Perhaps he might be able to help the Snow Rabbit Clan to chase away the provoking people, but what about after he leaves?

If the Snow Rabbit Clan continued avoiding like that, then all that awaited them was a genocide.

“Zichen!” Zuo Mo frowned.

Ye Zichen sighed softly, and shook his head, “Clan Chief Xue, no need to mind us, just keep doing what you were doing earlier!”

“Yes, Sire!” Xue Lian continued to maintain her timid look.

“Why did you say that? Didn’t we come here because we liked the peacefulness of the Snow Rabbit Clan and their pureness? But weren’t your words just forcing them to change?”

“What do you understand? Have you been through war? Do you know despair!?” Ye Zichen shouted angrily with a frown. “When your cowardice causes you inextinguishable pain… When you face despair and are helpless against it… Do you know what that feels like!? I’m saving them. Do you get it!?”

“Fine, I don’t get anything! I’ll leave!” Zuo Mo bit her lips and left the room, leaving Ye Zichen to hold his head and close his eyes.

“Bro,” Yang Jian patted Ye Zichen on his shoulders. “Others might not get you, but I do!”

“So annoying!” Ye Zichen shouted with a frown.

“What’s annoying about everything? Just take everything as it comes. You still have me, don’t you?” Yang Jian smiled. “Just now, the person’s key seemed to have resonated with yours. Is the key to Mount Supreme as well?”

“Mhmm,” Ye Zichen nodded. “There are already five keys according to what I know about. I have no idea how many there are in total.”

“There are twelve keys in total!” A reply suddenly sounded out in the room.

Ye Zichen looked up, and saw Ruan Qingtian appear at the entrance in a green robe and a fan in his hand.

Meanwhile, Lil’ White, Jail King, Zhuge Hong and Zhuge Kongming all followed him.

“Boss!” Lil’ White shouted cheerfully.

“Big Brother Ye,” Zhuge Kongming also waved.

“No, why did you guys all come?” Ye Zichen stood up and exclaimed.

Ruan Qingtian smiled, “We met on the way here and chatted a bit. I never expected for us to all know you.”

“Then how did you guys know that I’m here…” The moment Ye Zichen said that, he remembered Zuo Mo who had stomped out of the door.

“Hmmph!” Zuo Mo entered from the entrance with a cold snort, then turned around and left with a pout.

“Brother Ye, you are the first person who managed to bully Young Lady Zuo so!” Ruan Qingtian gave Ye Zichen a thumbs-up. “But Brother Ye is indeed amazing. I didn’t tell Brother Ye anything about Mount Supreme, yet you actually found your way here, and made camp at this sort of place. Wow.”

“It was just a coincidence. But since you guys are all here, doesn’t that mean…” Ye Zichen frowned.

Ruan Qingtian nodded, “Mount Supreme is about to appear!”

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