Chapter 552 Staying at the Snow Rabbit Clan

Chapter 552 – Staying at the Snow Rabbit Clan

“Sire, did you manage to find anything?” The first thing Xue Lian did after Ye Zichen and co. returned to the village was check on her children, then she walked over to Ye Zichen with a smile.

“We didn’t get anything, but we can be certain that the thing we want is within that forest. However, there is a seal on the outside of it. We wish to bother you here for a few days, I wonder if it Is possible?” Ye Zichen asked humbly.

“Sire, you staying here is the honor of the Snow Rabbit Clan, but…” Xue Lian took a look over at the burnt houses in the surroundings and revealed a troubled expression.

“No worries!” With that, Ye Zichen gave Yang Jian a cue.

“I knew you would make me work,” Yang Jian twitched his mouth, then pointed at the wooden pillars that would take several people to lift up.

“About this…” All of the surrounding Snow Rabbit clan members were shocked.

At the same time, Yang Jian glanced over at them. “Tell me how I should place it.”

Through Ye Zichen and Yang Jian’s cooperation, they were able to complete a project that would have taken several days in just a short while. More importantly, due to Ye Zichen being the director of the construction, it did give off a slight feel of the Modern Realm.

“Clan Chief Xue, can you please arrange a room for us?” Ye Zichen smiled.

“Sire, thank you so much for your help. You are too courteous to tell me to arrange a room for you. You were the one who built all the houses, so choose whichever one you desire,” Xue Lian did not dare to arrange a room for them at all. From what Yang Jian had done just moments prior, she was already certain that he was the Lord Monarch.

But this Lord Monarch seems to obey the words of the other Sire, and that other Sire is very scared of the woman.

That was enough for her to see that the Lord Monarch was at the very bottom of the pyramid! Since the monarch was at the bottom, she naturally did not dare to say anything reckless.

“The guest should do as the master says, but since Clan Chief Xue said so, then we’ll pick this one,” Ye Zichen randomly pointed at a wooden house with three rooms within.

Xue Lian freaked out after seeing that, “Sire, this house is too small for you all to live in!”

“No worries, I feel like it’s quite nice. Alright, Clan Chief Xue, don’t mind us. Everybody’s tired after a day of hard work. Go and take care of your clansmen.”

With that, Ye Zichen walked towards the wooden hut.

Yang Jian and Zuo Mo shrugged as they looked at each other and followed.

Yang Jian was a rather insensitive person, so he quickly fell asleep when he got to the room.

Meanwhile, Zuo Mo looked out of the window in the living room, and muttered, “I really didn’t expect myself to actually come over to where the half-beastmen are. I had thought that I would never come to such dangerous places in my entire life, and would definitely not live here.”

“There are plenty of other things you don’t expect would happen. Think about how old you are… There is still a long road ahead of you,” Ye Zichen smiled.

“It’s all because of you,” Zuo Mo rolled her eyes. “My life has changed ever since I got to know you.”

“It became more colorful, right?” Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled, then took out his phone.

His chat with Yue Lao was at the very top with ten-odd new messages.

Yue Lao: Sky Sovereign.

Yue Lao: Sky Sovereign?

Yue Lao: Sky Sovereign, please reply after you see this message!

Yue Lao: Sky Sovereign, um, did you guys enter. If you did, then can you return the Divine Stones to me?

Yue Lao: Sky Sovereign, can you not act like that monkey? We’re civilized people!

Ye Zichen could tell that Yue Lao wanted to get the Divine Stones back. But the stones seemed to have been taken away by that person after he broke the seal.

“The Divine Dragon’s envoy took the Divine Stones away. I didn’t take them for myself! If you want, then go and collect them once again!”

“Sky Sovereign, your excuse is too terrible!” Yue Lao replied instantly. “Envoy of the Divine Dragon. Are you kidding me?”

“Why would I lie to you? I used the Dragon Balls to summon the Divine Dragon. The Divine Dragon sent his envoy to break the seal. After fulfilling my wish, he took the Dragon Balls away so that they would wait for another person to collect them all once again to summon it!” Ye Zichen replied seriously.

“What Dragon Balls? What Divine Dragon!?” Yue Lao was completely stunned. “Sky Sovereign, I used several tens of years to collect those Divine Stones…”

“Do you still not believe me? You’ve never watched Dragon Ball, right? Wait a moment!”

With that, Ye Zichen scrolled through the videos on his phone, and sent Yue Lao one of the Dragon Ball episodes he had downloaded.


You will be charged a 130000 cultivation experience streaming fee to send this video. Would you like to proceed?

Since when did I have to pay a streaming fee!?

Ye Zichen cursed the system a few times in his heart, but he still chose to proceed with it.


The video was directly sent over with no upload time.

“Sky Sovereign, what did you send me?” Yue Lao asked.

“Dragon Ball. You’ll know what the Dragon Balls and the Divine Dragon are after watching it. Remember to ask me for the following episodes after you finish.” With that, Ye Zichen returned his phone to his pocket.

As he turned around, he saw that Zuo Mo had already sat down beside him, and was staring at where he put the phone away.


“Can you let me have a look?” Zuo Mo blinked.

“Look at what?” Ye Zichen shook his head. “If you want to see my social network, then no way!”

“No, I want to see the Dragon Ball you talked about.”

Since Ye Zichen was unable to withstand Zuo Mo’s pestering, he still ended up handing his phone over and opening the first episode of Dragon Ball for her.

After reminding her over and over again not to click into other places, he returned to his room.

Beast Fire. Mount Supreme. The jade pendant, which appeared on Mount Biluo.

Although they seemed totally unrelated, it really was intriguing for them to appear at the same time at the same place.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sigh with a shake of his head.

System, did you set this up?

Also, Ye Zichen was no foolish enough to believe that the black robed person who helped them break through the formation was truly an envoy of the Divine Dragon. Just who was he?

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen felt like everything became far more complicated.

Thus, he gradually fell asleep while being deep in thought.

When the night passed by in the blink of an eye, Ye Zichen walked out of his room, only to notice that neither Yang Jian nor Zuo Mo was around.

Ye Zichen looked out the window. Everyone in the Snow Rabbit Clan were running towards the outside of the village with brooms and hoes in their hands.

“Lord Envoy, this is the village closest to the place you talked out,” a cat-eyed man smiled coyly and stood beside a humanoid man.

“That’s right,” the man nodded in satisfaction. “Then let’s choose this place to be our camp.”

The cat-eyed man walked over to the village with the man’s support and snorted with a savage sneer, “Xue Lian, go and rest elsewhere. We, the Emerald Leopard Clan have taken this spot.”

“On what ground? We, the Snow Rabbit Clan has lived here for several hundred years. What right do you have to make us leave!?” Xue Lian bit her lips angrily, but what she felt more of was resentment…

Why does every single race want to bully us snow rabbits? We merely don’t want to fight with others, but is endless insults all we’re going to get in return for repeated concessions?

Her eyes gradually watered, but at that very moment, Ye Zichen walked over with a meaningful smile.

“Call yourself Emerald Kittens when that’s all you are. Leopard? Are you even worthy?”

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