Chapter 551 Strange Seal

Chapter 551 – Strange Seal

The child Xue Lian brought in had a ponytail on her head. Her eyes twinkled in confusion as she bit down on the carrot slices.

Bluish green flames.

According to Yue Lao’s description, the Beast Fire over here was indeed a bluish green color. It was the flames shed by a Niflheim Dragon.

Hearing that the child had actually seen the flames, Ye Zichen asked nervously, “Little one, can you tell Uncle where you saw the fire?”

“Hmm…” The child scratched his chin and muttered. “I saw it in front of the village when I was playing with big brother. That fire was so pretty, it flew around the sky. There was also a little girl with very strange clothing on it. Big brother and I chased her for so long, but we couldn’t catch her.”

There was a girl sitting on the fire?

Ye Zichen’s eyebrows locked together.

Could that fire already have a master?

He licked his lips. No matter what’s on the fire, since I came here for the fire and got information about it, I have to go check it out.

“Where did you guys last see the fire?”

“It was in the forest really far away. Big brother and I have often been there to pick fruits. However, when we wanted to follow the fire after it entered, we couldn’t get in,” the child pouted.

“There might be a seal,” Yang Jian raised his eyebrows.

Ye Zichen nodded. Since the two children were blocked outside, then it was clear that there was a seal on the forest.

Ye ZIchen squinted his eyes and raised his eyebrows, “Then can you take me over to have a look?”

The girl looked towards Xue Lian.

Ye Zichen added, “Clan Master Xue, don’t worry, we will protect your children’s safety.”

“Then… alright,” Xue Lian nodded after a brief hesitation. “You must listen to Sire, and not run around, okay?”

“Okay,” the girl smiled sweetly.

Approximately ten-odd minutes after they were led away from the village by the little girl, they arrived at the place where the little girl had last seen the fire.

“It’s this place?”

It was an endless forest, which seemed unusually plain from the outside.

The little girl nodded in certainty and pointed at a pile of rocks on the ground, “My big brother and I left it here. We wanted to come again when we have the chance to.”

Ye Zichen took a glance at the small rock pile, then nodded and walked towards the forest.


All of a sudden, he fell onto the ground with a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth.

“Zichen,” Zuo Mo ran over and helped Ye Zichen up.

Yang Jian squinted his eyes and took out his weapon to carefully prod forward.

A wave appeared in the space in front of them, then a powerful wave of spiritual energy shot back at them.

“Hah!” Yang Jian stabbed his lance into the ground and punched forward with both hands.


A huge explosion sounded out.

The first thing Ye Zichen did was to grab the little girl and shield her, but the residue of the spiritual energy fluctuation caused him to cough up another mouthful of blood.

“Yang Jian, what are you doing!?” Zuo Mo shouted out as she ran over to hug Ye Zichen.

Yang Jian also ran over as he looked at Ye Zichen with a frown, “Bro, you alright?”

“He already coughed up blood earlier, why did you have to mess with that spiritual formation?” Zuo Mo’s eyes watered.

Yang Jian frowned, “I feel like there’s something wrong with this seal.”

“Even if there is a problem…”

“Never mind, it’s my problem,” Ye Zichen wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, then sat cross-legged as he looked at the barrier in front of them. “This seals seems to only attack me.”

“What?” Zuo Mo exclaimed.

“Yeah, I wanted to try because I felt like that was the case,” Yang Jian couldn’t help but frown. “I proactively attacked it, yet Ye Zichen was still the one who was hurt!”

“How come? Could the attack be locked onto the first person who attacked it?” Zuo Mo asked.

“Possibly!” Yang Jian nodded.

“You two are both wrong,” Ye ZIchen shook his head with a smile, then took out a key. “I feel like it has something to do with this key.

“What is this?” Zuo Mo asked.

“Ruan Qingtian gave it to me, then from what I found out later, it should be the key to enter Mount Supreme,” Ye Zichen replied.

“Mount Supreme!” Yang Jian frowned. “I seem to have heard of it from the Jade Emperor before!”

“Naturally,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile. “Earth Traveler Sun, who was inaugurated as a deity along with you, is waiting outside Pond City for the appearance of Mount Supreme. I saw him a few days earlier. He said that it was a task the Jade Emperor gave to him.”

“He actually came over here!” Yang Jian was stunned. “Jade Emperor told us that he went to execute a special mission, and said that we are not permitted to contact him.”

“The Jade Emperor told you guys so!? Earth Traveler Sun told me that you guys forgot about him,” said Ye Zichen.

“How could that be? Deng Chanyu asked us about Earth Traveler Sun’s location no less than a thousand times these few hundred years. She wanted to come over as well, but the Jade Emperor stopped her,” Yang Jian replied, then looked at the key in Ye Zichen’s hand solemnly. “Mount Supreme… Jade Emperor actually cares about it so much! But why does the seal only attack you, who has the key to activating Mount Supreme. Could it be that this place…”

“Is Mount Supreme!” Zuo Mo exclaimed.

“Although I’m not a hundred percent certain, but there is a sixty percent chance that that is the case,” Ye Zichen licked his lips.

“But why did it attack you, who has the key?” Zuo Mo frowned.

“Probably because it is not time for it to open up yet,” Ye Zichen replied, and handed the key to Yang Jian. “How about you try it. I’ll place the key with you. Let’s see if it’ll attack you.”


Approximately half an hour later, Yang Jian foamed in his mouth and had a spasm on the floor. Everything happened like Ye Zichen had though. The seal’s attacks were only targeted at people with the key.

“Stop playing dead. The rebound wasn’t that severe,” Ye Zichen pulled on Yang Jian’s sleeve to wipe the foam from Yang Jian’s mouth and dragged him up.

Yang Jian immediately stuffed the key back into Ye Zichen’s hands like he was getting rid of some unfortunate object, “I’ll give you this crappy thing again. I don’t want someone to touch the seal and end up with me attacked again.”

“Look at your damn face,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes and placed the key back into his pocket. Then, he looked towards the forest meaningfully. “C’mon, let’s return!”

“Hey, we’re going to return!? Are you going to stay at the Snow Rabbit’s?” Zuo Mo raised her eyebrows.

“Of course,” Ye Zichen nodded. “Mount Supreme and the fire from the Niflheim Dragon are both here, so I naturally have to stay.”

“But we came for the Jade Pendant!” said Zuo Mo.

“Jade Pendant? I have a feeling that it’ll appear here as well. This place will end up in a mess very soon,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and smiled. “Let’s just stay here and treat it as we’re protecting the Snow Rabbit Clan. Is that alright?”

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