Chapter 550 News about the Fire

Chapter 550 – News about the Fire

“Did we come in a bad time?” Yang Jian couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows as he stood in the air.

“Why do you say that? I feel like the Heavens are helping us,” Ye Zichen smiled as he walked towards the village.

Flames covered the entire village. What they had seen from afar was not smoke from the villagers’ cooking, it was the dense smoke from the fire that was destroying the villagers’ homes.

Villagers with long rabbit ears continuously ran, through the flames with buckets of water in their hands in an attempt to drowse the fames. However, the fires were burning so intensely that the water they brought were nowhere near enough.


A house collapsed.

Many younger half-beastmen were already wiping away their tears, and the seniors also sighed as they watched the collapsed wooden house with a shake of their heads.

“Heaven’s ichor!”

Yang Jian, who stood in midair, opened his third eye, and raised his arms towards the sky.


All of a sudden, rain clouds instantly covered the clear sky, and endless thunderous rumbles sounded out. Not long later, rain droplets begun to fall as it gradually started to pour.

Seeing that, all of the villagers threw down their buckets and cheered, while the searing flames were also drowsed by the rain.

“I wonder which monarch has arrived here? I beg of you to show yourself,” a slightly pretty and curvy lady walked out from the rest of the villagers. She was wearing plain clothes, while two children stood by her hips and looked up into the sky as they bit their fingers.

“Are we really going to go down there?” Zuo Mo bit her lips worriedly. As someone from the Immortal Region, her seniors had educated her about the difference between half-beastmen and humans since she was a very young age.

She had already been reminded again and again while she was younger about places she should not venture into. Both the Endless Beast Region and Mount Biluo were amongst the top of the list.

However, she had already been to the Endless Beast Region, and ended up in Mount Biluo.

“Why not? What’s there to worry about? Look at their ears, they should be the Snow Rabbit clan. Snow rabbits are kind and gentle, what’s more we helped them deal with the disaster of the fire. They won’t do anything to us,” Ye Zichen rubbed Zuo Mo’s hair, then gave Yang Jian a cue before descending.

All of the Snow Rabbit Clan were shocked when they saw Ye Zichen and co. They actually took complete human form!

Half-beastmen are not like the Spiritual Beasts of the Beast Region. They had a lot more trouble than the latter with taking human form.

“I wonder which monarch had helped to save us, the Snow Rabbits just now? Xue Lian would like to express our utmost gratitude here,” the lady placed her hands across her chest and bowed.

Yang Jian merely smiled, “No worries, it was just a piece of cake.”

“That might be so for you, sire. However, it is a fortunate event for the entirety of the Snow Rabbit clan. If it wasn’t for your timely visit, sire. Then us, the Snow Rabbit clan might have to migrate,” Xue Lian sighed with a frown, then pointed towards a simple house nearby. “My lords, don’t stand here anymore, please come and take a seat inside.”

The room was very simple, it was just a simple house made out of planks. The room was covered in dried carrots and other vegetables, and no meat could be seen in sight.

“Xue Lian should have treated you all to a feast, but such a disaster has just happened, so all I can present to you are these fruits. I hope you will not mind,” Xue Lian brought over a plate of fruits, with some heated dried carrots.

The children beside her bit their lips and reached out to take a piece of dried carrot, only for her to slap the children’s hand away.

“Be a good boy, this is for the monarchs. Mother will get you something else to eat, okay?”

The children continuously swallowed their saliva. Ye Zichen smiled, then handed the plate on the table to them, “Have some.”

“Sire!” Xue Lian wanted to say something, but Ye Zichen shook his head and stopped her.

“Children their age should eat more. We don’t mind.”

The children wanted to reach their hands out, but they didn’t dare and merely looked towards Xue Lian timidly.

Seeing that, Xue Lian said helplessly, “Shouldn’t you thank His Grace?”

“Thank you, Your Grace,” the children shouted clearly.

“Good kids,” Ye Zichen ruffled their hair, and handed the plate over to them.

Seeing them excitedly run away, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile.

I wonder how Tiantian is. Is she frozen in the Modern Realm, or did she come over to the Three Realms?

If she came, then…


Ye Zichen clenched his first. As both a husband and father, I have failed to protect the safety of my wife and daughter.

The change in Ye Zichen’s gaze from a soft and gentle one to a self-reprimanding one all fell into Zuo Mo’s eyes. For some reason, her heart tingled when she saw him act like that. It seems like he’s someone with a story.

“My lord, you have witnessed something unsightly,” Xue Lian was clearly talking about the children asking her for food.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, “It’s normal for children. Everyone was once that age. There is nothing to mind.”

“Sire, you are very forgiving,” Xue Lian spoke carefully as she always had. It was not her fault. The Snow Rabbits were amongst the weakest half-beastmen. Due to their personalities, they disliked fighting with others, and gave a feel of being accepting to everything, which caused them to become the targets that other half-beastmen picked on.

Ye Zichen looked out the window. The villagers had already started on the reconstruction of the village.

Any kind of hint of a grudge were unable to be found on their faces at all. Every single one of them were smiling and filled with energy. Ye Zichen couldn’t help but exclaim silently to himself that although this clan was weak, their personality and mindset were good.

“My lords, I wonder why you have come to this place?” Xue Lian couldn’t help but ask once more. There was definitely a monarch level powerhouse among them, and the other two were definitely extreme experts. The Snow Rabbit clan had never once hosted someone like that, so she was rather nervous.

“Wouldn’t your village have been burnt to dust if not for our arrival?” Ye Zichen smiled.

As he saw Xue Lian repeatedly nod with a wry smile, he wanted to tell her that there was no need to be so nervous. However, he still held himself back when he realized that it could be a habit she had developed over the years.

Personality was hard to change, what’s more, Ye Zichen did understand that it was already very good for Xue Lian to remain like she was after assuming that they were higher-ups of the half-beastmen.

“Actually, we came over here in search of an item,” Ye Zichen licked his lips and said after some brief chitchat,

“Sire, what are you searching for? We, the Snow Rabbit clan, will definitely help you with everything we can,” Xue LIan answered with a smile.

Ye Zichen shook his head, “Never mind the help. The Snow Rabbit clan is too weak. I only need you guys to provide me with some clues, we can go and search for it ourselves.”

“My lord, please.”

“Have you seen Beast Fire? It’s the flames shed by spiritual beasts,” said Ye Zichen.

“Beast Fire…” Xue Lian frowned, then shook her head. “No…”

Just as she was about to say that she didn’t know anything, she suddenly ran out, then brought the two children back into the room.

“Tell Sire whether you kids saw a bluish green flame several days ago.”

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