Chapter 55 Gu Tian

Chapter 55 – Gu Tian

How could you not work your shoes if you kept on walking on the riverside?

This definitely counted as Ye Zichen screwing up when he was extremely confident.

He maintained his confident smile, then mocked Guo Qiang meaningfully.

“Young Master Guo is giving up just like that? When we first met, Young Master Guo seemed to have thrown several thousand yuan coolly on my face.”

“I truly cannot compare to Young Master Ye.”

Ye Zichen couldn’t believe it. Guo Qiang actually submitted.

However, when Ye Zichen saw his mocking smile, he understood that this grandson was definitely waiting him to jump into the trap.


Messing with me.

Ye Zichen laughed coldly and casually took out two thousand yuan from his wallet. He used the same cocky attitude as Guo Qiang had and threw the money onto Guo Qiang’s face.

“Take these and buy yourself some decent clothes, if you want to pick up a girl, you gotta have the cash to do so.”

Guo Qiang’s face immediately turned green.

It was the same action, the same words…

These were clearly words that he had spoken to Ye Zichen.

“F*ck off.”

Ye Zichen pointed to outside the Chanel store. He had to chase this grandson away quickly, then he would be able to confuse the clerk a bit and buy the bag for the original price.

“Young Master Ye’s teaching are on point.”

Ye Zichen didn’t think that Guo Qiang was so tolerant, he actually endured this insult with a faint smile.

“The bag goes to Young Master Ye now. Clerk, hurry up and package the bag for Young Master Ye. Three million is an astronomical amount.”

As Guo Qiang emphasized the price of the bag, Ye Zichen’s face twitched.

Guo Qiang only endured all of it, because he was sure that Ye Zichen didn’t have that much money on hand.

If Ye Zichen really couldn’t pay, then he would be able to pay Ye Zichen back twice over.

This truly troubled Ye Zichen. He truly lacked the money to buy it.

“The bag is mine.”

At that moment, a young man with smoke-colored hair walked out from the crowds.

When the clerk saw that young man, her expression immediately changed as she dipped her head to greet him.

“Young Master Gu.”

From the looks of it, he seemed to be a frequent customer of this Chanel store.

Ye Zichen twitched his eyebrows, and thought to himself. Why was he so unlucky today, he actually bumped into that guy again...

However, him taking it is for the best, Ye Zichen didn’t need to lose face!

At the same time, the manager of the store also came over after hearing that.

“Young Master Gu, why have you come?”

“My good friend is buying a bag in our store, and actually met someone that raised the price with ill intentions. What the hell was a manager like you doing?”

The young man with smoke-colored hair frowned, causing the manager to immediately reply in fright, “Young Master Gu, I didn’t know anything about it.”

Actually, the manager knew everything about it, just now, he was thinking that no matter who buys the bag with such a high price, he would be able to earn a chunk. He didn’t expect Young Master Gu to actually show up.

“Heh,” Young Master Gu snorted coldly and said. “Young Master Ye is a good friend of mine, do you know what you should do now?”

“Yes, yes.”

The manager quickly pulled the clerk inside, while Young Master Gu also looked towards Guo Qiang with disdain.

“Just now, I heard you say that you could buy this entire shop for the woman beside you if you wanted? Then I’ll sell the shop to you, fifty million, it’s a fair price.”

With that, Young Master Gu reached out his hand towards Guo Qiang, clearly indicating for him to pay up.

Guo Qiang was just getting pretentious when he had spoke like that just now. Although his family was indeed a bit rich, he can’t possibly have several tens of millions of pocket money.

“No money? What are you pretending to be a big shot for!”

Young Master Gu spoke without giving him any face. He clapped his hands, and the guards of the mall immediately rushed over.

“Young Master Gu.”

“Ask these two people to leave. Oh yeah, take a photo of them, then hang a sign outside our mall. Dogs and them are not allowed in!”


Then, the guards dragged Guo Qiang and Yao Yue away, while ignoring their resistance.

At that moment, Young Master Gu finally walked in front of Ye Zichen with a smile and reached out his hand.

“Young Master Ye, can we get to know each other now? I’m Gu Tian!”

Ye Zichen didn’t hold any good will towards the brat in front of him and that geezer had actually threatened him back then. However, the other person did help him out of a tight spot, so he shouldn’t really put on airs.

“Ye Zichen.”

At the same time, the store manager and the clerk also placed the wrapped bag onto Gu Tian’s hands. Gu Tian casually handed it over to Ye Zichen with a smile, “Treat it as a gift from me, Young Master Ye.”

“Oh, here.”

Ye Zichen directly chucked the bag into Xia Keke’s hands after receiving the bag.

Xia Keke looked at the bag Ye Zichen haded over in surprise, while a blush surfaced on her cheeks.

“Thank you.”


Your affability level with Xia Keke increased by 100. Current affability level: 110.

Ye Zichen knew it would turn out like this, he just didn’t think that the affability level would increase by so much.

However, when he thought about it, Xia Keke did so much for such a bag. If she was a normal girl, she might even repay him with her body.

In comparison, Xia Keke controlled herself pretty well.

“I didn’t think that Young Master Ye was an emotional person as well. An earth-shattering rage for a beauty. Three million was not a confidence that a normal person could have. However, this beauty is definitely worth Young Master Ye being so impulsive.”

Hearing Gu Tian’s words, Xia Keke blushed even more.


Your affability level with Xia Keke increased by 10. Current affability level: 120.


Ye Zichen was speechless, he was terrified of her affability level increasing too much. What if Xia Keke really falls in love with him?

The thing hardest to accept was a beauty’s favor.

He already had a woman beside him. He was afraid that he would disappoint Xia Keke.

However, now Gu Tian had done it. A single sentence cause the affability level to rise again.

“Do you have any business with me?” Ye Zichen was truly afraid of Gu Tian’s shitty mouth bullshitting anything else that would cause the affability level to rise again.

“I really do have something that I want to chat with Young Master Ye about,” Gu Tian didn’t deny it either.

“Then let’s go,” Ye Zichen walked towards the door first. This completely confused Gu Tian, the last time he saw Ye Zichen, Ye Zichen had acted with hostility, but this time…

Could it be that speaking good about Ye Zichen was of use?

Thinking that, Gu Tian couldn’t help but chat a bit more with Xia Keke.


Your affability level with Xia Keke increased by 30. Current affability level: 150.


When Ye Zichen, who already walked outside the Chanel store received that notification, he nearly coughed up blood.

Gu Tian, f*ck you!

Within a music restaurant on the sixth floor of Business Building.

A lovely piano song swirled through the air in the restaurant, and the joyous sound would turn anyone’s mood better.

But Ye Zichen…

His face was even darker than dirt.

“Ye Zichen, you truly have good taste. I dare to say that the beauty is definitely truly natural without any additives. She is completely first rate, because you’re worth it.”

Until now, Gu Tian assumed that Ye Zichen only treated him like that due to Xia Keke.

That was why he couldn’t help but mutter a few more words to try to improve their relationship.

“Can you shut your damn mouth?”

Just how low was this brat’s EQ for him to be so naïve in reading the mood? If it wasn’t because of his help within the shop earlier, Ye Zichen would definitely slap him a few times so that he would clear up a bit.


Gu Tian was a bit confused.

From Ye Zichen’s tone, he seemed to have said the wrong thing?

That doesn’t make sense!

He’ll just change the approach…

“Young Master Ye, I have no other thoughts about that beauty, I just thought that you two were a great match!”


There was no way they could possibly chat.

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