Chapter 549 Entering Mount Biluo

Chapter 549 – Entering Mount Biluo


The dragon’s roar in the sky continued. Zuo Mo jumped up in excitement, while Yang Jian also wore a serious look as he glanced towards the sky.

The Dragon God was someone who fought the demons alongside the Gods in the Great War. It was a person worthy of his respect.

On the other hand, Ye Zichen…

You’ve got to be kidding me!

I just said it randomly… How could there be something like summoning Shenron here. Ignoring the fact that the seven stones can’t be the Dragon Balls, the old dragon god is in my bone ring, just where did this dragon come from?

Then finally, the dragon’s roar stopped as the winds calmed down.

A huge fissure opened up in the sky.

A black-robed man stepped out of the spatial fissure, then slowly walked down to the foot of Mount Biluo.

“Divine Dragon!”

The black-robed man continued forward as if he didn’t hear anything. However, he did take a short pause when he passed by Ye Zichen’s side.

Ye Zichen was rather confused. He blinked and looked at the person in front of him…


“Didn’t you summon me?” The voice of the man underneath the robe was slightly coarse. Then he walked in front of Mount Biluo’s seals. “This sort of seal…”

He waved his hand, then picked up the seven divine stones from the ground, before turning to leave.

“Hey, who are you!?” Ye Zichen shouted, but the man merely smiled and waved towards Ye Zichen before departing from the spatial fissure.

“Wow, you really summoned the divine dragon,” Zuo Mo exclaimed.

However, Ye Zichen merely pushed forward with a frown….

The seal had already disappeared, and his arm being able to enter was proof of that.

“The seal is gone. Let’s enter!”

With that, Ye Zichen walked forward.

Zuo Mo looked at the carriage hesitantly, but still bit her lips and followed.

“I have never been on Mount Biluo even though I’ve been a deity for so long!” Yang Jian smiled, then followed suit.

A while after they finally left, a man walked out from behind them. It was no other than the man who helped them break through the formation just moments ago.

“Dragon Balls… Your personality still hasn’t changed, but I have already…” The man sighed softly and placed the divine stones into the carriage. Then, he set up a seal in front of the carriage and left quietly.

“Who broke the seal?”

A man with a daoist hat, who was sitting on top of a straw cushion, formed several finger incantations and frowned within a daoist temple on the mountaintop.

“How did a person so capable in the arts of formations appear in the Modern Realm? He actually completely destroyed my Heaven Blinding Formation!”

The man stood up from the cushion, then called out. “Firsty, Secondy, Thirdy!”

Not long later, a set of triplets appeared in front of the man.

The man turned to them, “Contact the Three Yao Emperors, tell them that someone broke the seal here. Mount Biluo is not longer sealed off from the rest of the world, so tell them to hurry up. I made a rough foretelling just now. A large group of humans and beasts will come to Mount Biluo. Be careful.”


The old daoist frowned as the triplets left. “Such is fate. It seems like in the very end, Mount Supreme is not fated to belong to the half beastmen. I wonder when is the destined one going to visit!”

“This is Mount Biluo?”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows after entering through the seal. The scene in front of him was truly too shocking.

“Whoever created such a space is truly a powerful one,” Yang Jian shook his head in shock. The separate space was still filled with spiritual energy and laws. It is essentially a sub dimension that resided outside of the Three Realms. It really is a blessed land for the half-beastmen to be able to find this place to stay!

“What should we do?” Zuo Mo asked. She had thought that Mount Biluo was merely a mountain, but after entering through the broken seal, she noticed that it was a completely different continent that would allow others to live on.

“Xuan-Yuan Xiang! Have you been here before?” Ye Zichen could only seek assistance from Xuan-Yuan Xiang since it was Yang Jian and Zuo Mo’s first time there.

“Nope. The Yellow Emperor had never set his feet upon the half-beastmen’s territory, so I naturally have not come here before. But since it is the habitat of the half-beastmen, then tribes will naturally exist. Look around to see if there are any small villages.”

“But half-beastmen have a grudge with humans, and don’t they have a particular grudge against the Yellow Emperor?” Ye Zichen frowned.

“The Yellow Emperor did indeed kill quite a few half beastmen back then, but those were all evil people. Although half beastmen are not on good terms with the humans, some more docile races do live here,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang replied.

“Then let’s try?” Ye Zichen said hesitantly.

“That’s all you can really do. But even if you end up meeting truly vicious people, there is no need for you three to be afraid. I can sense a spiritual artifact protecting Zuo Mo, while Yang Jian is a heavenly deity. What’s more, you have me, so what are you afraid of!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang replied with a smile.

Ye Zichen subconsciously looked towards Zuo Mo. I didn’t expect there to be an artifact spirit protecting her.

But I suppose it’s understandable when taking her identity into account. She is a favored successor of the Treasure Tower, and her father is the Tower Head himself. It isn’t very difficult for him to get her a treasure to protect herself with.

“Ye Zichen!” Zuo Mo called out once again.

“Mhmm, okay! We’ll go around randomly, and see if we can end up bumping into some sort of village. But let’s not reveal ourselves as humans too early, and get more information first,” said Ye Zichen.

“But half-beastmen and we humans…” Zuo Mo said worriedly. “You guys should know that half-beastmen have a vendetta against humans. Isn’t us going to their village seeking death?”

“According to what I know about the half-beastmen, some of them are able to take complete human form as well. We’ll be fine like this. I’ll just disguise my celestial spiritual energy as yao spiritual energy. They probably wouldn’t suspect us,” Yang Jian comforted.

“Yang Jian is right. What’s more, the two of us know the Seventy-Two Transformations. We can transform into a half-beastmen in order to gain their trust.”

“You also know the Seventy-Two Transformations!” Yang Jian raised his eyebrows.

It seems like my tongue slipped.

I got it from the Treasure Shop. It’s not something I can reveal to others!

Ye Zichen coughed, then changed the topic, “Alright, let’s chat less. We have proper business.”

A hour passed by in the blink of an eye.

“I didn’t expect Mount Bilou to actually be like this,” Zuo Mo exclaimed as they walked around.

Meanwhile, although Ye Zichen did not say anything, his eyes were still filled with shock.

Even if I was born here, I would still find it very difficult to believe that this is just a sub dimension.

“Smoke! There are people over there!” Yang Jian, who had the best eyesight out of them, pointed at a place with rising smoke in front of them.

Ye Zichen looked up and raised his eyebrows, “Let’s go and take a look!”

Although it seemed to be very close, it was actually at a distance away from them.

They had to run for ten-odd minutes to hurry over to the place where Yang Jian said there was smoke, but when they got to the scene…

“What’s… this?”

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