Chapter 548 Summoning the Divine Dragon

Chapter 548 – Summoning the Divine Dragon

“This is Mount Biluo?” Ye Zichen was stunned as he stood at the base of the mountains.

Zuo Mo also couldn’t help but exclaim, “As expected of the mountains in which inhabit over a million half beastmen, it really is…”

The mountain range covered several tens of thousands miles, while the tall peaks were firmly embedded into the clouds. Such a mountain range was even larger than three Maple Cities combined.

“Don’t think so much about it. I said that Mount Biluo is here…” Yang Jian pointed at a small hill amongst the mountain range. “What you guys are looking at is the Firmament Mountains. Mount Biluo is this one!”

“You are definitely kidding me,” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Just what the hell? I might be able to kick it apart myself, and he’s actually telling me that’s Mount Biluo?

“I also feel like you’re definitely lying,” Zuo Mo agreed for no other reason other than the fact that what Yang Jian said was too unbelievable.

Mount Biluo is the habitat of several million half-beastmen. Even if it cannot be compared to the Firmament Mountains, it can’t possibly be this tiny hill!

“Have you guys been to Mount Biluo?” Yang Jian curled his lips. “You truly hurt me too much by saying that I’m lying without having been to Mount Biluo yourselves.”

“Bro, it’s not that I don’t believe you…” Ye Zichen smiled wryly. “It’s that…”

“Reach your hand forward,” Yang Jian raised his eyebrows.

Ye Zichen nodded then stretched out his hand.


The moment he did so, an extremely powerful surge of spiritual energy hurled his hand back.

“A spiritual formation!” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Yang Jian smiled, “Half beastmen are not spiritual beasts, nor are they humans! Both the Beast Region and the humans want to kill them all off, because their existence marks the failure of both races. Since they want to protect themselves, they naturally have some things up their sleeves.”

“Then how are we supposed to enter?” Ye Zichen frowned. None of us are proficient in the ways of formations, and this spiritual formation is clearly keeping us out.

“I don’t know either,” Yang Jian shrugged. “To be honest, I’ve never entered the half-beastmen’s territory. I thought that you guys would have a way since you wanted to come.”

He glanced over at Zuo Mo, only to see Zuo Mo shrug, “Don’t look at me, I don’t know what to do either.”

“Then how did your people get the news? Didn’t you said that someone saw the jade pendant on Mount Biluo?” Ye Zichen frowned.

“I never ask about how they get their information,” Zuo Mo shrugged.

“Seriously…” Ye Zichen frowned, then flung his arms to the sides. Mount BIluo was right in front of them, but at the same time, he could pretty much disregard Zuo Mo’s information of the jade pendant since it could very well be a false piece of news that her second uncle had spread to use against her.

However, Yue Lao’s information about the Beast Fire could not be false. There’s definitely a Beast Fire in there!

Ye Zichen walked over to a nearby piece of rock and sat down, then took out his phone and opened up his chat with Yue Lao.

“Yue Lao, this sovereign has already reached the location that you talked about. But there are seals around Mount BIluo, so I can’t enter.”


Yue Lao sent him a red packet alongside a photo the moment he sent the message over.

“Place the divine stones I sent you according to the image! But after that, make sure to send them back to me, they are seriously valuable!”

Ye Zichen smiled. Ahhh, an older person is truly more reliable.

He clicked open the red packet.

You received Yue Lao’s red packet.

Divine Stone x7.

Then, he clicked open the image Yue Lao sent him. It was a picture of the northern dipper constellation, thus Ye Zichen laid out the seven divine stones according to Yue Lao’s instructions.

“What are you doing?” Zuo Mo raised her eyebrows and walked over curiously as she watched Ye Zichen playing with the shining stones on the ground.

“Just summoning Shenron[1]!” Ye Zichen replied without looking up.

He raised his hand and pushed towards the hill, but found that the barrier was still there.

Thus, he took out his phone and sent Yue Lao a message.

“Yue Lao, I set it up already. It’s not working!”

“Don’t be in such a hurry, it won’t dispel the barrier instantly. Just wait a bit,” Yue Lao replied. “The Heavenly Court is in quite a bit of mess. The Jade Emperor is looking for me, so I’ll chat with you later.”


The Heavenly Court is most likely in a mess due to what happened with the Seven Fairies. Ye Zichen put his phone into his pocket, then sat cross-legged on the floor and waited for the seals to disappear.

Ye Zichen is going to summon the Divine Dragon!

Zuo Mo was shocked. As the young lady of the Treasure Tower, although she comes from a merchant background, she was rather educated. She had read a lot of stories about the Dragon God. When she heard what Ye Zichen was doing, she immediately displayed a surprised smile.

“You really are going to summon the Divine Dragon?”

“Seriously, you…” Ye Zichen looked up at her. Seeing her expression, and thinking that there was nothing better to do, a thought of teasing her rose in his mind. “Yeah, I’m going to summon Shenron.”

“What are you summoning it for? Didn’t it die in the Great War of Gods and Demons?”

“Sit down first, and I’ll tell you,” Ye Zichen pointed at the empty ground around him.

Zuo Mo immediately sat down in front of him obediently, and looked at him with her hands supporting his head.

“Although the Shenron died in battle, his soul is still around. He had left seven balls behind in order to bring happiness to the world. Collecting all these seven balls would allow you to summon Shenron,” said Ye Zichen.

Seeing Zuo Mo nod, Ye ZIchen continued, “The appearance of Shenron is a shocking event. Due to how strong it was, it’s appearance will change the laws of the world. When that happens, you can make a wish, which he will you fulfill!”

“Really?” Zuo Mo opened her eyes wide. “Then are the seven balls you set down the seven balls the Divine Dragon left behind? What are they called!?”

“The Dragon Balls!” Ye Zichen said seriously.

“Why hasn’t the Divine Dragon appeared even though you have already gathered all of them?” Zuo Mo knitted her eyebrows.

At that moment, Yang Jian also ran over and raised his eyebrows, “Bro, how many wishes can the Divine Dragon grant? Can you let me make a wish too?”

I just want to trick Zuo Mo. I didn’t expect that idiot Yang Jian to fall for it as well.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, “Shenron can only grant you one wish. I’m going to use the wish the break open Mount Biluo’s seals. As for why he didn’t come yet… Summoning him takes some time, alright?”

“Oh, oh, oh!” Yang Jian and Zuo Mo nodded together.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen chuckled, then he laid down on the ground.

Several hours passed by in the blink of an eye. The sky had already turned dark, and during the past few hours, Ye Zichen had tried to see whether the seals were still there, only to find that it had not been broken yet.

At the same time, Yue Lao had not replied his message either.

He had already lost all his patience with the divine stones, but both Yang Jian and Zuo Mo still looked with great anticipation towards the sky as they waited for Shenron’s arrival.


All of a sudden, a dragon’s roar rang out in the sky, and large amounts of black clouds appeared!

“It’s the Divine Dragon. The Divine Dragon has come!” Zuo Mo jumped up in excitement.

Ye Zichen looked up into the sky in shock, then looked down at the divine stones on the ground, “F*ck me, you can’t be serious!”

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  1. The Chinese characters for Shenren is exactly the same as just “Divine Dragon”.

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