Chapter 547 Zuo Hongxin

Chapter 547 – Zuo Hongxin

The person in front of the car was no other than Yang Jian, who Ye Zichen had just messaged.

As Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo dismounted the carriage, Yang Jian saw that they were completely confused as well. He raised his eyebrows, “Why did you guys come over here?”

“Why did you come over here?” Ye Zichen asked him in return. “Didn’t you go to give chase to that culprit? Why did you come over to the Immortal Region?”

“I followed that culprit over here!” Yang Jian lit a cigarette for himself. “I chased that grandson around the Heavenly Court once, then pursued him around the Immortal Region once. But when we reached this area, he suddenly vanished. I used my spiritual consciousness to lockdown the area, and decided to wait to see if there were any suspicious people passing by here.”

“The culprit vanished here?” Ye Zichen frowned. There aren’t any hiding places around here. What’s more, since Yang Jian used his spiritual consciousness to lockdown the place, the guy couldn’t have possibly vanished into thin air.

“The Endless Beast Region is behind me, so it’s possible that he escaped there. I don’t dare to survey the Beast Region using my spiritual consciousness. There are too many tough people there,” Yang Jian shrugged helplessly. “But he wasn’t a spiritual beast, so he definitely won’t be able to stay long there, so I decided to just wait out here.”

“Beast Region,” Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows.

We are supposed to be heading towards Mount Biluo, which may be very close to the Beast Region, but we’re already at the border… It’s clear that the driver wasn’t even heading towards Mount Biluo.

Ye Zichen turned his head back…

“Where did the driver go!?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Zuo Mo merely replied indifferently, “He left.”

Ye Zichen was rather surprised by the calm reaction, but he understood it all when he heard her continue.

“It’s very clear that this driver was one of my second uncle’s people. I’m already used to this sort of situation. He might have wanted to send me to the Endless Beast Region so that he can use the spiritual beasts to kill me. I really didn’t expect that his people had infiltrated so deeply into my group.” With that, she turned towards Yang Jian and nodded with a smile. “Thank you, you saved my life again.”

Yang Jian blinked in confusion. I didn’t do anything? Why did this hot chick say that I saved her? Does she want to use this chance to start something with me?

But this chick is my bro’s woman, and I already have the Third Princess….

All of a sudden, Yang Jian fell into an internal struggle.

However, it was very clear that Yang Jian had just over thought the situation. Zuo Mo didn’t even do so much as look at him after thanking him.

“Then what do we do now?” Zuo Mo asked Ye Zichen. Although we still have the map, we won’t be able to identify any of the roads without a driver.

Ye Zichen frowned for a moment, then set his eyes upon Yang Jian, “Bro, you know where Mount Biluo is, right?”

“Master, the mission failed.”

Within a restaurant in Pond City, Zuo Mo’s driver bowed towards a fat man standing in front of him. That person was the Treasure Tower’s second in command, Zuo Hongxin.

“Failed, failed. I don’t want to hear failure anymore!” Zuo Hongxin snorted sinisterly as he slammed down on the table with his grubby hands.

“Master, this subordinate has already driven the carriage to the edge of the Beast Region. Nobody could have expected someone to suddenly pop up and block my way,” the driver said in a troubled manner. “I just ran back here since I saw that something was going to go wrong!”

“You’re useless! Since you had already reached the edge of the Beast Region, then why didn’t you just forcefully drive over the boundary? Even if the guy was blocking your way, you should have hurried and driven over! Do you think that I wouldn’t take care of your family if you die!?” Zuo Hongxin slammed the table angrily, causing the driver to lower his head, and not dare to say anything. “Never mind, I’ll give you a final chance. Zuo Mo is going to Mount Biluo, then we’ll just kill her off there. This time, I will send out all of my fighting prowess. Success or failure will depend on this. They are on a piece of open ground outside Pond City’s east gate. Go and get them!”

“Open ground?” The driver was stunned. Doesn’t that mean…

“Grandson, don’t worry too much, we only want money. If you want to live, then go and contact your leader, and tell him to bring the ransom,” Ma Teng held a small whip as he looked at the several tens of people within the tent. I really caught a large group this time.

What’s more, there were even a Sky Immortal level experts amongst the group, who was tied up using Earth Traveler Sun’s rope.

I let Ye Zichen and co. run away yesterday, this time, I definitely have to extort them hard to get all the money back!

“Do you know who we are!?” The Sky Immortal leveled old man yelled angrily.

Ma Teng immediately whipped his face, “I don’t give a rat’s ass about who you are. Right now, you’re my prisoners. Get it? If you want to live, then bring me the money. If you want to die… It’s not like I can’t fulfill that request of yours!”

The whip caused the elder to grimace with pain. However, that was all he could do with the Immortal Binding Rope wrapped around him.

“Elder Tian, how about we contact Master?”

“Yeah, contacting your master and telling him to come and ransom you guys is the right choice,” with that, Ma Teng took out a phone from the Heavenly Court and a bunch of paper. “How do you guys contact him? I can satisfy all my customer’s needs.”

“What’s wrong with the open ground?” Zuo Hongxin squinted his eyes when he saw the driver’s reaction.

Just as the driver licked his lips and was about to reply, the phone in the fat man’s hand lit up.

Zuo Hongxin immediately unlocked the phone, but when he saw the message, he slammed down onto the table and shattered it into smithereens.

“You’re just all a f*cking pile of trash!”

Meanwhile, an earth dragon carriage sped along the road towards Mount Biluo without anyone driving it.

Yang Jian sat inside the carriage, and felt as if his entire body was going to fall apart due to all the shaking.

“Why are the two of you so stubborn? It’d be so much better if I just sent you guys over on a cloud.”

“You have to tell this lady over here. I don’t really care myself,” Ye Zichen shrugged.

Zuo Mo rolled her eyes, “Do you know how expensive this earth dragon carriage is? If we go on the clouds and I just left my dragon carriage there, what if I lose it?”

“Girl, then let me ask you. Mount Biluo is a mountain with half-beastmen living there. There aren’t any wide roads for your carriage to pass through like in the Immortal Region. Then what are you going to do about your carriage then?” Yang Jian asked.

“…” Zuo Mo blinked.

Yang Jian spoke up once more, “Wouldn’t you have to leave your carriage behind anyways? Then wouldn’t you still lose it if it’s going to happen?”

“I…” Zuo Mo muttered to herself for a few moments, only to find out that she had no way of retorting.

At the same time, the carriage had finally stopped.

Yang Jian opened the curtains and looked at the vegetation cover mountain outside, then curled his lips slightly. “We’re at Mount Biluo.”

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