Chapter 545 Two Keys

Chapter 545 – Two Keys

“Brother Ye, please don’t take offense. My dad’s old, so he just likes to ask questions like that,” Qiu Yuan smiled apologetically in the courtyard.

Ye Zichen shook his head, “No worries, it’s good that the old city lord is very careful.”

“What’s being careful? He just likes to test people,” Qiu Yuan twitched his mouth. “He also likes to force things upon who has no love for them. I’m a perfect example. I don’t like cultivation, but he still forces me to cultivate. It’s so annoying!”

“The old city lord only did it so you can protect yourself somewhat!”

“He only feels like I make him lose face,” Qiu Yuan shook his head with a snort. “He just cares about his face.”

“Be careful.”

Ye Zichen suddenly pushed Qiu Yuan away while he was retorting. Then, a row of metal needles stabbed into the ground where Qiu Yuan had just stood.

“An assassin!”

The soldiers within the city lord manor immediately began to run over with their torches when they heard the sound.

Seeing that, the person squatting on the roof also leapt out of sight.

“Young Master, are you alright?” One of the muscular man walked over and asked. When he saw Qiu Yuan shake his head, he immediately shouted towards the people behind him. “Give chase!”

Ye Zichen wanted to join in, but Qiu Yuan stopped him. “Don’t go, it’s impossible to catch up.”

From the looks of his expression, Qiu Yuan was already used to this sort of assassination. He merely glanced at the needles on the ground, then continued to walk forward once again without any hesitation.

Not long after, Qiu Yuan took Ye Zichen and co. over to a yard.

“Brother Ye, stay here for tonight. There are two rooms here, the two of you staying together can also look after each other. The city lord manor has not been very safe recently,” Qiu Yuan pointed at the two bedrooms.

His calm tone caused Ye Zichen to raise his eyebrows, “The person came to assassinate you just now, right? Why didn’t you let me catch him?”

“It’s not that I wasn’t allowing you, it’s that you won’t be able to catch him,” Qiu Yuan smiled. “Although Pond City is not as large as Maple City, there are still experts. My father is a mid-stage Sky Immortal. Do you think you will be of use in capturing someone that he can’t?”

“I see,” Ye Zichen was surprised. A mid stage Sky Immortal was a top expert already. Even if he had average movement techniques, even a complete stage Human Immortal level expert with a focus in movement techniques would be unable to escape from him.

Since the old city lord can’t capture him, then doesn’t that mean the person is a Sky Immortal!?

Ye Zichen looked at Qiu Yuan in confusion for a while. Why would a person of that level come to attack someone who is merely of the Spiritual Body level?

“They might have come to kill me for this damn key,” Qiu Yuan took out a glowing key from around his neck as if he could tell Ye Zichen’s confusion. “Huh? Why is it glowing? I’ve never seen it glow even after wearing it for so long.”

“Mount Supreme’s key!” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. I didn’t think that Qiu Yuan would have one too. The reason behind the glowing was very simple, it was because Ye Zichen had one as well.

The keys to Mount Supreme will automatically glow when in a certain distance from each other, which also served as a warning signal.

“This is strange, I’ve never seen it glow after picking it up for so long,” Qiu Yuan muttered in confusion. “Why is it glowing now?”

“Yuan’er, that assassin came again…” The old city lord hurried over frantically, only to stop when he saw the glowing key in Qiu Yuan’s hand, which caused him to look towards Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo.

“So? So what if I die? Then you won’t need to get angry,” Qiu Yuan twitched his mouth like he was throwing a tantrum.

The old city lord yanked Qiu Yuan behind him, then looked vigilantly at Ye Zichen and co., “You guys came for Mount Supreme as well, right? I see that there are only the two of you here. Each key can bring three people in. Isn’t asking for my son’s key as well too greedy?”

“City Lord, I think you misunderstood, we didn’t approach Qiu Yuan for his key. We didn’t come to Pond City for Mount Supreme either,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a wry smile.

The old city lord pursed his lips, then yanked Qiu Yuan out of the room with no regards to his reaction, while he turned to Ye Zichen, “I’ll let you stay the night, but I hope you can leave my manor tomorrow morning.”


Zuo Mo frowned and snorted after watching the city lord and Qiu Yuan leave, “Just what does this old city lord want? He invited us to the manor, but is now chasing us away!”

“Don’t mind so much, we didn’t plan to stay long anyways. We’ll just stay here tonight, then we can just go directly to Mount Biluo tomorrow morning,” Ye Zichen smiled, then pointed at the two rooms. “Which one do you want?”

Qiu Yuan, who was dragged away by the city lord, was only able to struggle out of the old city lord’s grasp when they reached his study.

“Dad, what are you doing!?”

“Do not get so close with those two!” The old city lord frowned. “They might have come for your key.”

“What key!? Are you talking about this shitty thing?”

Qiu Yuan yanked the key off his neck as he spoke. At that moment, the key was still glowing, but it was a lot dimmer than when he stood beside Ye Zichen.

“Yuan’er, the two of them definitely have a key as well. You can tell by how the key is shining. We are unclear about their identities. What’s more, they actually appeared so suddenly at this moment. They might very well want to snatch the key from you!” The old city lord explained in a worrisome manner. “The fact that you picked up this key coincidentally must mean that you are fated to enter Mount Supreme. As long as you can enter, then you will have a chance at the inheritance. When that happens, your father, I, will also be able to stop worrying!”

“What shitty Mount Supreme!? Just how many times have I said it already? I’m not going to cultivate! Whoever wants this shitty key can just take it. I don’t want it!”


He threw the key out of the window with all his might.

Seeing that, the old city lord slapped Qiu Yuan in anger, “Disappointing son!”

The wrathful slap caused Qiu Yuan’s mouth to bleed, which also made the city lord immediately regret it.

But that was the key to activating Mount Supreme, how could he throw it away just like that!?

The key does have a mind of its own. Even though the area outside of the window is still within the city lord manor, the key might not be waiting for him there.

“Ha, this is how you treated big brother back then, right? He didn’t like cultivating, but you forced him, and so he was forced to death? Now big brother isn’t here anymore, so you’re going to force me to death as well, right? Let me tell you one more time, I don’t like cultivating. If you force me anymore, then I’m the next big brother!”

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