Chapter 544 Staying in the City Lord Manor

Chapter 544 – Staying in the City Lord Manor

Ye Zichen could kind of understand as he looked at how troubled Earth Traveler Sun was.

He had went through a lot in order to marry Deng Chanyu. Now, his beautiful wife is in the Heavenly Court, while he’s below, the fact that they haven’t even met for several hundred years is even more pitiful than the cowherder and the weaver girl.

“Oh, I see. Then I’ll find some time to ask the Jade Emperor about this!” Ye Zichen patted Earth Traveler Sun’s shoulder.

Hearing his words, Earth Traveler Sun nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice, “Then thank you, Sire.”

“Welcome. But before that, can you tell me the details about Mount Supreme?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“I actually don’t know too much myself, but according the information I gathered over the several hundred years here, Mount Supreme should be a place of inheritance of a certain Earth Supreme from the God Realm. It is a place of both danger and opportunities,” Earth Traveler Sun replied. Actually, he also only knew very little about it.

After all, Mount Supreme had never appeared before, and all of the information were passed down from primordial times. The only reason people were so focused on it was because someone had predicted Mount Supreme would appear soon.

“Then since you’re stationed here, is it because Mount Supreme is supposed to appear here?” Ye Zichen asked.

“The Jade Emperor told me to station here when I came down, so it should appear around here,” Earth Traveler Sun said hesitantly.

Ye Zichen nodded I didn’t expect there to be so many things for me to do on this trip over to Pond City.

Get the fire, find the pendant!

If Mount Supreme is going to appear here, then since I possess one of its keys, I might have to fight others as well.

“Alright, then that’s it. I actually have other things to do over here, so I won’t stay too long here,” Ye Zichen said with a smile.

Earth Traveler Sun also nodded with a smile, “Then I’ll send you off. I hope you can remember to mention this to the Jade Emperor.”


After Ye Zichen left the tent with a soft smile, Qiu Yue also stuck his tongue out at Ma Teng, then followed suit.

After all three of them departed, Earth Traveler Sun suddenly turned around with a cold look, then snorted at Ma Teng, “My good disciple, what you said earlier was actually all stuff that you wanted to say, right!?”

“Master, you must be hungry now. I’ll go and cook for you immediately,” Ma Teng tried leave the tent with a wry smile, only to be tied up by Earth Traveler Sun’s Immortal Binding Rope.

“Don’t go and cook. Lay down here and rethink your actions!”

“Thank you so much. Ma Teng definitely went to ask my father for money again. Oh yeah, I wonder how should I address the two of you?”

“Ye Zichen!”

“Zuo Mo.”

Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo answered together. In Ye Zichen's opinion, this city lord’s son was a bit dim. If he was even a bit smarter, he wouldn’t have been caught by the bandit four times in a single month.

“Brother Ye, Lady Zuo, are the two of you a couple?” Qiu Yuan asked with a smile.

Zuo Mo pouted with a blush, “Who’s a couple with him!?”

“We’re just good friends,” Ye Zichen said.

Hearing that, Qiu Yuan quickly apologized, “Sorry, I said the wrong thing.”

“No worries.”

At that moment, the carriage stopped once more. The driver pushed aside the curtains and said to Zuo Mo, “Young Lady, another group of people with torches appeared in the front.”

It can’t be!

Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo looked at each other. Did we get out of danger, only to fall into another dire situation? Thus, they all looked out the curtains, only to see Qiu Yuan suddenly chuckle.

“Don’t worry, it should be my father.”

Then, he jumped down from the car and waved to the incoming people.

Not long later, the city lord’s people had arrived. The person in the lead was an old man with pure white hair. He looked to be around sixty, and since Qiu Yuan looked to be twenty something, it was clear that this city lord only received his son at an old age.

No wonder Qiu Yuan’s like this. He was probably extra spoiled.

“Yuan’er, are you okay?” the old city lord’s face was filled with worry.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen could see that the following mounts were pulling several boxes with spiritual seals on them, which should be the ransom they had prepared to get Qiu Yuan back with.

“Hehe, I’m alright. I just got slapped by Ma Teng once. I’m fine everywhere else,” Qiu Yuan replied with a smile, then pointed at Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo, who just had dismounted the carriage. “Let me introduce you, these are friends I met at the bandits’ place. It was all thanks to them that I could get free this time.”

“City Lord Qiu!” Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo called out together.

The old city lord also walked over with a thankful smile, “Thanks to you two, my son’s life is unharmed. How about staying at my city lord manor for a few days in order for me to repay your kindness?”

“Uhm…” Ye Zichen was a bit hesitant.

“Brother Ye, stop hesitating. Pond City’s security isn’t the best, and there are tons of bandits and highwaymen around here. What’s more, it’s already late. Just stay in the city for a night. If you are in a hurry, then just leave tomorrow morning!” Qiu Yuan advised.

The driver also called out, “Young Lady, the bandits just now too our earth dragon’s food, so it doesn’t have the stamina to run anymore.”

“Then we’ll be troubling you!” Zuo Mo and Ye Zichen replied together.

Pond City was in the extreme northern region of the Eastern Continent. Due to it being near the Endless Beast Region, and Mount Biluo was just outside the city, the people were extremely tough. They would begin to fight due to any tiny arguments. It could be said that the civilians were definitely as brave as soldiers.

“Brother Ye, let me give a toast to you. It was all thanks to you that I could escape unscathed,” Qiu Yuan held up his glass.

Ye Zichen smiled, then bumped his glass with Qiu Yuan’s before downing it. However, right after that, he used his spiritual energy to disperse the alcohol fro his body.

Due to being in a foreign place, he needed to remain conscious at all times.

“I didn’t expect the two of you to be from Maple City. Pond City is at the very edge of the Eastern Continent. Did you pass by here to go to the Endless Beast Region?” The old city lord asked.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, “No, we’re headed to Mount Biluo!”

“Mount Biluo?” The old city lord’s expression drastically changed, then he raised his eyebrows. “Mount Biluo is not a good place. The reason you guys are going there…”

Ye Zichen merely smiled in response.

“Dad, what are you asking!? Brother Ye and co. saved me, and saved you tons of money. Yet, you’re actually asking this and that,” Qiu Yuan frowned.

The old city lord snorted, “Isn’t that because you’re a disappointment? As the city lord’s son, you get kidnapped by bandits every few days. You truly make me lose all my face.”

“Tsk…” Qiu Yuan twitched his mouth, then threw his chopsticks onto the table. “Here you go again. I told you I dislike cultivation. Alright, I’m done. Brother Ye, I’ll take you guys to the guests’ rooms!”

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