Chapter 543 Envoy

Chapter 543 – Envoy

Earth Traveler Sun’s Immortal Binding Rope was clearly that of a higher level than Ma Teng’s, since Ye Zichen had wanted to use the Seventy-Two Transformations to escape, only to find that the Immortal Binding Rope had even restrained his use of spiritual energy.

“Master, yeah, this brat was damn cocky. His insults angered your disciple way too much,” Ma Teng clenched his teeth, while he showed a hint of pride when he looked towards Ye Zichen.

“You really are pissing me off. Ever since I became a deity, nobody has ever dared to insult me so!” Earth Traveler Sun was also outraged.

“Don’t listen to your disciple’s bullshit. I’ve never insulted you like that,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth. “I’ve never seen you before, how could I know of you in order to insult you?”

“Don’t try to argue otherwise. Everyone knows that this Black Water Town outside of Pond City is my Master’s, Earth Traveler Sun’s, territory,” Ma Teng argued.

Earth Traveler Sun nodded in agreement, “My disciple is right. Everybody around here knows that Black Water Town’s my turf!”

“You really are funny. You can be a proper deity, yet you actually chose to become a bandit instead?” Ye Zichen shook his head with a chuckle. “I’m telling you. I know Yang Jian, Leizhenzi and co. If you continue to tie me up like this…”

“Yang Jian? Leizhenzi!?” Earth Traveler Sun paused for a moment, then quickly walked over in front of Ye Zichen and raised his eyebrows. “How do you know them?”

“Release me first. I’ll show you something.”

Jade Emperor gave me his token before I left the Heavenly Court. Since this midget is Earth Traveler Sun, then he naturally has to obey the Jade Emperor’s words.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a wry smile when he saw Earth Traveler Sun’s rather vigilant expression. “The Immortal Binding Rope is your artifact, I won’t be able to escape even if I wanted to, right?”

“Master, no!” Ma Teng shook his head vigorously. “This brat’s seriously strange. He can freeze me, and cause me to be unable to move on the spot. He can also turn into a fly and get out of the Immortal Binding Rope.”

“Body-Freezing Technique, Seventy-Two Transformations…” Earth Traveler Sun’s expression changed drastically when he heard his disciple’s words. He hurriedly retracted the Immortal Binding Rope from around Ye Zichen.

Actually, Ma Teng’s words did help to convince him as well. If he hadn’t talked about the effects of the two secret techniques, then Earth Traveler Sun wouldn’t have actually believed Ye Zichen to be someone from the Heavenly Court.

The moment the restraints were undone, Ye Zichen took out his phone and withdrew the token.


Earth Traveler Sun kneeled down uncontrollably onto the ground.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows while he held the token in his hands, “You believe me now? Hurry up and let my friends go. Otherwise… Hmph!”

He chuckled coldly.

Earth Traveler Sun frowned, then slapped Ma Teng’s thigh, “Look at what you have done now. Hurry up and release the Immortal Binding Rope restraining that young sir.”

With that, Earth Traveler Sun rubbed his hands and looked up with a chuckle, “I didn’t expect you to be the Lord Envoy. Please do not take offense to my disciple’s various wrongs!”

After the Immortal Binding Rope on Zuo Mo were undone, she walked over to Ye Zichen with a frown and looked at Ma Teng angrily.

I really did a bad thing even though it was out of good will. I was going to save him on the way, yet we ended up getting kidnapped by him.

“Hey, me… me!” Qiu Yuan, who was tied down, continuously shouted at Ye Zichen.

Seeing that, Ma Teng immediately slapped him, since he was already very annoyed that one of his golden tickets were gone. “Stay there properly, hurry up and tell your daddy to send the money over. Otherwise, I’m going to kill you!”

“Boss Ma, it’s not that my daddy doesn’t want to send the money over. Although he is the city lord, you have captured me quite a few times this month, nobody would even be able to afford it,” Qiu Yuan said with a depressed look. Then he looked towards Ye Zichen with his pitiful eyes.

In all honesty, Ye Zichen was rather speechless. A city lord’s son actually got captured by the same bandit four times. Just what has he been doing!?

But this bastard Ma Teng was too cocky just now, I can’t let him off easy…

“That’s my friend too, release him as well.”

“Brat, don’t be too outrageous. Are you letting people make money now?” Ma Teng glared. “I’m looking for money. I didn’t bring you guys here to sightsee!”

“Release him!” Earth Traveler Sun stomped his foot in his anger.

Why can’t my disciple notice what’s going on? Even I, the master, can’t afford to offend this sir, and he’s actually still thinking about making money.

“You hear that? My bro and your master have both spoken. Hurry up and let me go,” Qiu Yuan snorted proudly.

Ma Teng squinted his eyes, then let out a long sigh, before untying Qiu Yuan’s Immortal Binding Rope unwillingly. “Don’t get too happy with yourself. I can still capture you again in a few days!”

“Tsk, do you think that I’m an idiot,” Qiu Yuan rolled his eyes and ran over to Ye Zichen’s side, and wrinkled his nose in Ma Teng’s direction.

“Envoy, since your friend has been released as well. I wonder if you can retract the Jade Emperor’s token now?”

“Mhmm,” Ye Zichen put the token away.

Only then did Earth Traveler Sun stand up from the ground. Yet, his height didn’t change that much at all.

“Lord Envoy, did you come this time to summon me back to the Heavenly Court?” Earth Traveler Sun said with great anticipation.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen was stunned for a moment. Then he looked at Earth Traveler Sun in confusion, “What happened? You were banished?”

“Didn’t envoy come for this reason?” Earth Traveler Sun’s expression stiffened. Then he smiled wryly. “Actually, I wasn’t really banished. Back then, the Jade Emperor heard that Mount Supreme was going to appear in the Immortal Region, so he asked the deities who was willing to come down to check. Since I was drunk, I nominated myself… Then the Jade Emperor immediately chucked me down here. Now I’m already been here for nearly five hundred years, but nothing’s happening with Mount Supreme at all!”

Mount Supreme again?

There was already Bai Hai at the auction house who mentioned it.

I didn’t expect the Jade Emperor to place such importance on Mount Supreme as well. He even sent a deity to investigate it!

“Since you were not banished, then just go back directly. Tell him that there has been no news of Mount Supreme in the Immortal Region. Then, tell him to send a different person since you already stayed in the immortal Region for too long…” Ye Zichen replied.

“I want to as well, but the Jade Emperor gave me an absolute order. If I returned by myself, then not only might I not be rewarded, I might actually be punished. What’s more, I’ve already stayed here for several hundred years, and nobody from the Heavenly Court has even descended to visit me. Right now, it’s like I’ve been abandoned by the Heavenly Court.”

“Esteemed Master, what’s so good about the shitty Heavenly Court? Isn’t being a bandit nice too?” Ma Teng interrupted, only to be faced with a five-finger mountain.

“Don’t say that shit. I know that it’s carefree down here as well, but your Martial Mother is still in the Heavenly Court. Do you think it was easy for me to get just such a beautiful wife!?”

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