Chapter 542 Earth Traveler Sun

Chapter 542 – Earth Traveler Sun[1]

“A woman?” Qiu Yuan opened his eyes wide in shock when he heard. Since Zuo Mo was dressed as a man, he was unable to tell that she was actually female.

“Yeah, she’s rather pretty! But she’s very lucky. I, Ma Teng, only ever ask for money. If it had been other bandits that had kidnapped you all, then they might screw you as well!” Ma Teng shrugged.

Zuo Mo clenched her teeth and snorted, “Shameless!”

“I might be shameless, but who would feed me if I wasn’t?” Ma Teng sighed. “Don’t blame me, just treat it as spending some money to be taught a lesson. Tricks like mine are amongst the most basic in Pond City. It’s not my fault that you were foolish and were tricked!”

“We took you in out of good will, you…” Zuo Mo only got angrier whenMa Teng talked about it in such a proud manner.

“Little beauty, being kind-hearted is a good thing, but being kind cannot solve everything. If you want to live longer, you have to remain vigilant, as well as having paranoid heart!” Ma Teng shook his head while wearing a smile, then turned around. “I’ll come back later. You guys can also call me when you have considered everything properly!”


A soft voice was heard the moment Ma Teng turned around. At the same time, Ye Zichen turned into a fly, and flew out of the restraint of the Immortal Binding Rope.

Zuo Mo and Qiu Yuan watched Ye Zichen turning into a fly in shock, then watched him turn back to a person…

They were completely dumbstruck by what they had just watched!

“If one wants to live long, then they have to remain vigilant, and have paranoid heart,” Ye Zichen repeated Ma Teng’s words right back to him, then walked in front of him with a meaningful smile. “You just said that, why did you forget about it?”

“How-How did you get out?” Ma Teng’s looked around. How could he have escaped from the Immortal Binding Rope? I even used it to restrain a Human Immortal level expert several months ago, and that guy didn’t manage to get free!

More importantly, why is my body frozen where I stand?

“It’s merely a forgery of the Immortal Binding Rope, did you really think that it could restrain me?” Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, then shrugged. “You’re still too young.”

Ye Zichen walked over in front of Zuo Mo, only to find her looking at him like she was looking at a monster. She was unable to understand just how Ye Zichen had transformed into a fly and then back to human.

“If you continue to look at me like that, then I’m not going to untie you,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes as he spoke.

Zuo Mo quickly shook her head in denial, “Don’t! Hurry up and untie me. It’s way too uncomfortable.”

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth towards her, then walked behind her…

It’s not working! I can’t untie it!

“Kid, you’re too naïve,” Ma Teng suddenly laughed callously. “I have no idea how you got out of the rope, but I accept you doing so. However, without my incantation, it’s impossible for you to release the others!”

“Tell me, just how can I untie these ropes?” Ye Zichen walked over and grabbed Ma Teng’s collar.

“What? You want to hit me? If you even so much as touch me, then don’t think about freeing your little beauty from the rope!” Ma Teng smiled viciously.

Ye Zichen expression turned darker, “Don’t challenge my bottom line.”

Tap, tap, tap…

Urgent footsteps were heard from outside the tent. Then, not long later, a few hulks with maces pushed open the curtains and rushed in.


“Don’t blank out now, capture this brat,” Ma Teng frowned.

The men glanced over at Ye Zichen, then charged at him.

“Freeze!” Ye Zichen couldn’t be bothered with them at all, so he merely froze them immediately using the Body-Freezing Technique, then frowned. “Hurry up and tell me the incantation!”

“Don’t even think about it,” Ma Teng answered cockily. “If you want to save your little beauty, then pay the ransom. There is no way I’m going release her!”

“Are you not afraid of death?” Ye Zichen put Xuan-Yuan Sword on Ma Teng’s neck.

“Brat, now you’ve done it. Just wait, I’m going to find my master!”


All of a sudden, Ma Teng disappeared, leaving Ye Zichen behind with a tight frown.

“Damn, I let him escape.”

With that, he arrived behind Zuo Mo once again and asked Xuan-Yuan Xiang, “Can you cut the rope?”

“It’s tough,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang raised her eyebrows. “Although I’m a primordial devine artifact, but so is the Immortal Binding Rope. Although this rope itself is a mere forgery, I shouldn’t be able to do it with my current self!”


Now what!?

Ma Teng escaped through some art, and I can’t untie this rope. Am I supposed to leave Zuo Mo tied up just like this?

“My god, what do I do!?” Qiu Yuan suddenly started to cry. “I don’t want to be tied up by this rope for my entire life. I’m unmarried. Ahh, what do I do!? Dad…”

“Stop crying!” Ye Zichen shouted in annoyance, which only made Qiu Yuan cry even harder.

“Of course you don’t care since you got out of the rope, but I’m still tied up! Say, why are you two so stingy? You can afford to ride an earth dragon carriage, then why couldn’t you just pay up? It’s great now, Ma Teng ran away because of you, now, even if my dad brings the money over, I still won’t be able to get out!”

“Stop crying, if you cry even just a little more, I’m going to slice you up!” Ye Zichen was already annoyed, and when he heard Qiu Yuan cry, he only got even more agitated, so he placed Xuan-Yuan Sword on Qiu Yuan’s neck.

The moment he did that, Qiu Yuan stopped crying as he felt the sharpness of the blade.

“Then… I won’t cry. Hurry up and move your damn thing away!” Qiu Yuan sobbed.

Ye Zichen retracted the sword, then sat down onto the floor to ponder about how to untie the ropes.

After a good thirty minutes, Ye Zichen was still unable to think of anything.

It seems like I have to wait for Ma Teng to return, then agree to pay him!

All of a sudden, the ground under the tent bulged up, then Ma Teng appeared from the ground alongside a short man of around a hundred and forty centimeters.

“Master, this is the brat!”

“You said he insulted me just now?” The short man frowned as he spoke.

Ma Teng nodded, “Yes, he just said to me that the Immortal Binding Rope Master gave me is a piece of garbage. He said that your height is due to you being disabled. He also said that you’re ugly, and you being with Martial Mother is like a flower on a piece of cow dung. What’s more, he also…”

Ye Zichen was completely speechless. Huh? When have I ever said those kinds of things?

Why does it all seem like that’s what he wants to say?

“Stop talking, you’re pissing me off!” The shorty frowned. Then, a golden rope directly appeared around Ye Zichen and restrained him. “Brat, you are the first person to ever insult me, Earth Traveler Sun, like that!”

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  1. Earth Traveler Sun (土行孙) is a character from the Investiture of the Gods. As his name suggests, he’s very skilled in travel through the earth. What’s more, he is someone that is very short, and uses metal rods as his weapons. He is also married to Deng Chanyu (邓婵玉).

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