Chapter 540 Girl Band Server

Chapter 540 – Girl Band Server

“Why are you looking at me like that!?” Zuo Mo hugged her shoulders and took a few steps back when she noticed Ye Zichen’s smile.

“Hehe, don’t be nervous, let’s chat where there’s no-one else.”

Ye Zichen stood up from his chair, then walked over to Zuo Mo, then dragged her out of the room by the arm.

Zuo Mo’s heart beat rapidly as Ye Zichen dragged her along to a side garden.

“Let go of me,” she struggled out of Ye Zichen’s grasp, then took a few steps backwards. “Just what exactly do you want from me!?”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled when he saw her vigilant look, “How did you handle the old man after turning to the clan?”

“Him? My father naturally let him go. My father is a nostalgic person. Regardless of what the old man has done, he worked very hard for the Treasure Tower previously. Due to that, my father merely banished him from the Treasure Tower,” Zuo Mo shrugged helplessly. It was clear that she did not support her father’s method of doing things.

“That isn’t a good idea. He’ll become trouble for your Treasure Tower in the future. Oh yeah, what about Zuo Qingcheng? Did you report her in when you returned?”

“How could anything happen to her with my second uncle protecting her?” Zuo Mo twitched her mouth. “Although my father is the Tower Head, my second uncle didn’t just sit idle these past years. He has a bunch of loyal people in the tower.”

With that, Zuo Mo brought back her vigilant look, “What exactly do you want? Don’t try to catch me off guard. I will scream if you have any are harboring ill intentions towards me in broad daylight.”


Ye Zichen laughed, then shrugged with a wry smile. “Just what are you thinking about? I merely brought you over here to ask whether you have the map of Mount Biluo.”

“Mount Biluo?” Zuo Mo raised her eyebrows. “You already know?”

“Huh?” Ye Zichen put on a confused look.

“Didn’t you ask me to help you investigate the whereabouts of a jade pendant? I received news that it appeared on Mount Biluo. That’s why I came over. Judging from your expression, it doesn’t seem like you’re going over for the jade pendant?”

“The pendant is also over there!?”

I really didn’t expect the jade pendant to be there as well. I have to get the Beast Fire, as well have to seal Hanba. I suppose I’m going to have to go over to Mount Biluo no matter what.

“We must go over,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang said in Ye Zichen’s consciousness. “The jade pendant might have appeared there due to someone doing that intentionally. No matter what, we have to have the jade pendant in our hands.”

“I understand. “Ye Zichen replied in his mind.

Then he turned towards Zuo Mo, “When can you leave?”

“When did I say I’m going with you?” Zuo Mo raised her eyes and put on a proud expression.

Ye Zichen merely smiled in response and shrugged, “You’re dressed like this, are you seriously going to tell me that you’re not going? Alright, then since you’re not going, give me the map, I’ll go by myself.”

“Tsk, you’re smart!” Zuo Mo rolled her eyes, then twitched her mouth. “C’mon, I already prepared the carriage. But don’t you need to say farewell to your villagers?”

“No need for that. They should be used to my absence already. The jade pendant cannot wait. Let’s hurry.”

Pond City was rather far from Maple City. Even when an earth dragon ran at full speed, it would take them an entire day to get there.

Since Ye Zichen had nothing to do in the carriage, he took out his phone, only to discover a new group in his list of active chats.

Girl Band Server.

The Seven Fairies’ performance had a huge impact, and Ye Zichen took the chance to tell Yue Lao to create a group when he had time. I didn’t expect him to do it so quickly…

Announcement: Heavenly Court’s First Girl Band will be performing on the Eighteen Heaven tonight at nine o’clock. Those who are interested, come and buy your tickets now!

Yue Lao [Girl Band Manager]: Floor tickets are thirty thousand cultivation experience. General admission tickets are ten thousand cultivation experience. Buy them now!

Erlang Shen [Girl Band Assistant]: If you want to come and watch, then buy one quickly. It’s a once in a lifetime chance.

God of Thunder: You guys are truly evil merchants.

Erlang Shen [Girl Band Assistant]: Nothing comes for free in this world. A rich bloke like you should stop complaining.

Canopy Marsha: I, Old Pig, will definitely come to support them.

God of Fortune: Same here.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Nezha said he will come as well. Reserve two floor tickets for him.

Erlang Shen [Girl Band Assistant]: You see that? Even if you don’t want to come watch it, others will.

God of Thunder: Who said that? Give me a floor ticket.

Yue Lao [Girl Band Manager]: If you want a ticket, then send me a red packet. Entrance will only be allowed upon the display of the ticket. If you don’t have a ticket, then don’t even try to get in…

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but send a message as well when he saw the heated chat.

“Can you give me a floor ticket as well?”

Erlang Shen [Girl Band Manager]: Bro, you made it to the Immortal Region?

“I arrived ages ago,” Ye Zichen smiled, then raised his eyebrows. “How did you end up as the girl band’s assistant?”

Erlang Shen [Girl Band Assistant]: I have nothing to do. What’s more, the girls are my little sisters, so being their assistant is nice as well.

Seven Fairies: If Sky Sovereign wants to watch, then I’ll send you a video when the concert’s over. There’ll also be some private clips!

God of Thunder: I’m jealous!

Canopy Marshal: I would like to report! Yang Jian said that becoming the assistant would allow him to get in close contact with the Seven Fairies, and wouldn’t need to pay to watch the concerts! Report complete!

Erlang Shen [Girl Band Assistance]: Zhu Ganglie, do you want to die!?

God of Thunder: Hehe, you’re crafty.

Golden Boy: I didn’t expect Uncle Yang Jian to be so stingy. Well, that makes sense. He refused to give me a few candies last time.

Jade Girl: Mhmm, Uncle Yang Jian is super stingy!

Erlang Shen [Girl Band Assistant]: You two kids. That was when I was in poverty. If you guys asked for it now, I can give you a huge truck-full!

Golden Boy: Uncle Yang Jian, then give us floor tickets.

Ye ZIchen was completely stunned. I seem to recall Golden Boy and Jade Girl as being merely children around six to seven. I didn’t expect kids nowadays to be so crafty!

Erlang Shen: Sure, I’ll buy them for you. Isn’t it just concert tickets?

Erlang Shen: Yue Lao, why did you remove my assistant tag?

Yue Lao [Girl Band Manager]: Due to Canopy Marshal’s report, I feel like you are unsuitable for the position. If you want to buy tickets, then please send me a red packet.

Erlang Shen: …

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but snicker.

At that moment, his phone buzzed.

He clicked out of the group, then saw that the Seven Fairies had truly sent him a video.

Private video?

Ye Zichen rubbed his hands, and just as he was about to play it…


The earth dragon let out a thunderous howl and stopped.

Ye Zichen nearly flew out due to the sudden stop. He looked up in surprise, and saw that Zuo Mo’s situation was no better than his.


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