Chapter 54 The Script shouldn’t be like this!

Chapter 54 – The Script shouldn’t be like this!


This was definitely a ploy!

At the beginning, Ye Zichen was rather confused why Xia Keke became so clingy all of a sudden.

Even if they were connected by the marriage string, their affability level was only 10. Such intimate actions were impossible.

“No wonder.”

Playfulness filled Ye Zichen’s eyes, while Xia Keke smiled idiotically while maintaining her pout and looking innocently at him.

“You want me to buy the bag for you?”

Jing Wan and the clerk from earlier also walked over. Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled towards Jing Wan.

“Jing Wan the major streamer is also here, you two together?”

“I invited Keke to come with me.”

Jing Wan smiled warmly. Even though Ye Zichen had attacked and nearly shattered her dreams at the cold drinks shop, she still didn’t give up on them.

Furthermore, she did not give up on the idea of inviting Ye Zichen to her team either.

“Isn’t this great, major streamer Jing Wan is so rich, isn’t it fine to get her to buy it for you?”

Ye Zichen indicated towards Jing Wan, while Xia Keke bit her lips. She directly let go of his arm and clenched her teeth.

“Stop bullshitting, are you buying it or not?”

Xia Keke resumed her normal personality and directly threatened him. The difference in personality caused Ye Zichen to laugh.

“You’re begging me to buy the bag for you and yet you’re threatening me?”

Feeling like there seemed to be a chance, Xia Keke giggled and shook Ye Zichen’s arm again.

“Then Zichen-gege, help me buy the bag, okay!”

“You want the bag?”

Xia Keke nodded like a pecking chick, while desire shone in her eyes. Ye Zichen smiled, then slowly brushed her hand away from his arm.

“But I’m not buying it.”

Ye Zichen wasn’t an idiot, he had peeked at the bag’s price.

Twenty something thousand!

What kind of idiot would spend twenty something thousand to buy a purse?

What he was wearing totaled to less than two thousand yuan.

“Ye Zichen!”

Xia Keke opened her eyes wide in anger. However, Ye Zichen acted like he wasn’t afraid of anything and shrugged in response.

“Stop shouting, no matter how much you shout, I can’t possibly buy it for you.”

“Give it to her.”

Liu Qing, who was floating in midair, suddenly ordered Ye Zichen. He looked up speechlessly, and saw Liu Qing smiling like a little devil.

“If you want to sleep peacefully in the future, then listen to me. I don’t need to sleep.”


Ye Zichen clenched his teeth with a lot of force. He was regretting bringing Liu Qing back with him more and more now.

He f*cking brought a master back.

Liu Qing did not speak up again, but Ye Zichen knew that this master was definitely not joking with him from her creepy smile.

If he didn’t buy it, she definitely would do exactly what she said.

“Clerk, wrap the bag up, I’m going to buy it.”

He couldn’t defeat this ghost girl, so he could only submit. Ye Zichen got the clerk to wrap the bag up with a clench of her teeth. He thought it through, it was just twenty thousand yuan.

Wasn’t it extremely easy for him, who had the Fiery Eyes of Truth, to earn money?


At that moment, a voice of disagreement sounded out outside the Chanel store.

Ye Zichen turned around, and a hint of speechlessness flashed across his eyes.

The world truly was a small place, he could bump into Guo Qiang and Yao Yue even when coming to the mall.

When Ye Zichen saw Yao Yue, his gaze had remained on her for a few moments. No matter what, she was a girl that he had dated for a long time.

However, from the looks of it, she had a pretty good life with Guo Qing. What she was wearing was far superior to what she wore when she was with him.

“Ye Zichen?”

Yao Yue stopping the clerk just now was purely because she wanted the bag. She had seen it two hours earlier and had got interested in it.

However, she definitely didn’t have the money to buy it, so she had been waiting for Guo Qiang to come over.

She couldn’t help but resist calling out when she saw that her bag was about to be bought when she was outside the store.

She never would have thought that the person buying the bag was actually Ye Zichen.

“Can you afford the bag? This bag is twenty something thousand yuan!”

Yao Yue walked in with her arm around Guo Qiang’s, while displaying a mocking expression. Then, she very quickly displayed a coquettish look.

“Qiang-ge, I want that bag.”

Ye Zichen rubbed his temples and shook his head.

“Yao Yue, why must you go against me?”

“What happened?”

Xia Keke and Jing Wan also walked over. Ye Zichen twitched his mouth and said softly.

“My ex, she found a rich dude. She just keeps on going against me for no reason, I don’t understand why.”

Xia Keke pouted as a hint of disdain flashed across her eyes.

She didn’t think well of those sorts of women.

Jing Wan’s expression as the same, but she didn’t make it that obvious.

“Going against you, do you even have the right for that?” Yao Yue’s eyes were full of disdain. Then, she shook Guo Qiang’s arm, “Qiang-ge.”

“We’ll buy it. Isn’t it just Chanel. If you want to, I’ll help you buy the entire store,”

Guo Qiang chuckled coyly. Actually, he was kind of pretentious when saying that.

He was just unhappy why a crap like Ye Zichen would always be surrounded by beauties.

School beauty Su Yan, and now school beauty Xia Keke, and most importantly, there was also the one on the side…

She seemed to be the super idol Jing Wan from a certain streaming site!

Why was this poor brat’s luck so good!

Actually, this was merely because he was behind on the times. If he read the school net more, it was unknown whether he would still think that.

“Clerk, give me a bag of the same kind.

Guo Qiang waved his hand, while the clerk gave a light smile.

“Sir, this is the last one in our store.”


Yao Yue acted coquettishly once again. Seeing that, Guo Qiang licked his lips and laughed coldly.

“I’ll pay fifty thousand.”

He was raising the price!

Ye Zichen snickered. Does Guo Qiang really think that he doesn’t have a temper? Even a person made out of mud would have a bit of temper, not to mention him, a living human.

“A hundred thousand.”

Ye Zichen shouted out without blinking.

“A hundred and fifty.”

“Two hundred!”

“Three hundred!”

“Five hundred!”

Under Ye Zichen and Guo Qiang’s competition, a chanel that was merely twenty something thousand had its price rise exponentially.

Xia Keke and Jing Wan pulled on Ye Zichen, signaling him not to continue.

Even Liu Qing, who was in the air, also told Ye Zichen to stop.


How was that possible?

A man relied on face, telling him to stop…

“A million!”

Guo Qiang also decided, he understood very well that it was no longer a matter about the bag, it was a matter about face.

“1.5 million.”

Ye Zichen rose the price without thinking, while the clerk immediately went dumb.

She never would have thought that the situation would escalate to this degree.

The customers in the mall all gradually surrounded the store. A bag was going to sell for more than a million and neither of them seemed to see the other right.

All of them wanted to see who the bag ended up with.

“Two million!” Guo Qiang clenched his teeth once again, while Ye Zichen picked his ear and laughed softly, “Three million!”

Actually, Ye Zichen didn’t have that much money on his card, he merely wanted to con Guo Qiang of more money.

Ye Zichen was sure that this grandson, Guo Qiang, would definitely add more on due to face. When that happens, he’ll immediately give up.

Guo Qiang would earn face, but he would lose his money.

However, who would have thought…

“Alright, it’s yours.”

Guo Qiang suddenly smiled playfully and gave up on the competition.

Ye Zichen instantly was dumbstruck.

What the hell? That doesn’t make any sense!

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