Chapter 539 News of Beast Fire

Chapter 539 – News of Beast Fire

In the same pitch dark secret room as before, a white-haired man in a long black robe sat in front of the ancient bronze mirror.

“How is it?” The figure in the mirror smiled.

The man knitted his eyebrows, “The person you told me to pay attention to has already left using the South Heaven’s Gate. It’s all thanks to him that the Jade Emperor has become even more useless.”

“He’s actually left?” The figure in the bronze mirror replied in surprise. Then he rubbed his nose. “It seems like he is still unable to do it. But this is good as well, if he continued to stay, then it might affect my following plans.”

“Just what are you trying to do?” The man in front of the mirror frowned.

The figure smiled, “You don’t need to worry about that. Just do what you’re supposed to do properly. Oh yeah, there is no need to cause panic in the Heavenly Court anytime soon. It’s not yet time.”

As the figure in the bronze mirror slowly dispersed, the man in front of the mirror also let out a sigh while wearing a frown, then disappeared into the darkness.

The first thing Ye Zichen did after returning to the Immortal Region was to hurry over to where the Spiritual Breeze Villagers were.

When he arrived in the manor, the scene completely stunned him. In a short half a month’s time, the yards were already filled with spiritual herbs, causing a dense spiritual energy to swirl around in the courtyard.

The villagers also seemed to have strengthened significantly. What’s more, their manor also seemed a lot larger.

“Ye Zichen,” Stone exclaimed and walked over without a shirt on. From the spiritual energy around his body, Ye Zichen saw that he had actually reached the level of a False Earth Immortal.

“Big Brother Stone, this village… You guys…”

I merely stayed in the Heavenly Court for less than a month’s time, but the changes in the village are truly shocking.

“Recently, all of our villagers have been strengthened by a fair bit. To be fair, it’s all thanks to you.”

“All thanks to me?” Ye Zichen was stunned.

Stone immediately smiled in a teasing manner, “Your little woman came by a few times, and gave our villagers quite a bit of pills and scriptures for cultivation. She also gifted us the surrounding manors and told us that you will have a use for them in the future. Also, look…”

Stone pointed forward, “She said those people are for you to use. They are Human Immortal level experts, and there are two complete stage ones at that!”

Ye Zichen was truly shocked. It is clear that Zuo Mo had come over again while I was in the Heavenly Court.

Just what does she want to do? Is she that certain that I will establish my own force?

“Haha, your luck with women is pretty good,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang also appeared and teased Ye Zichen. It was clear that the surrounding spiritual energy made her feel extremely comfortable, since she had a blissful expression on her face. “I already noticed it in the Modern Realm. Little Master, you have really good luck in this life.”

“Go away,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

Stone was extremely confused, “What happened?”

“I wasn’t talking to you. Oh yeah, where’s Xue Qi?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. He did have something to do in the Immortal Region.

“Oh him? He should be practicing spiritual techniques in the backyard. I’ll take you over.”

“If I didn’t get it wrong, then the place you’re talking about might be near Mount Biluo, which is just outside Pond City. Half-Beastmen are there all the time, it isn’t a safe place,” Xue Qi sat in the living room and frowned.

At that moment, Xue Lan walked over with washed fruits, and placed them in front of Ye Zichen with a giggle, “Zichen-gege, have some.”

“Good girl,” Ye Zichen rubbed Xue Lan’s head.

Xue Lan immediately lowered her head and smiled happily.

“Lil’ Lan, you really are mean. Your Big Brother Stone is right here, yet you didn’t give any to Big Brother Stone,” Stone teased.

Xue Lan immediately wrinkled her nose and snorted, “Big Brother Stone, tell sis to wash it for you.”

“Hey, listen to what you’re saying. Big Brother Stone feels like there’s more to your words!” Stone smiled in a teasing manner.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen immediately felt like everything was going in a strange direction, so he patted Lil’ Lan’s head, “Lil’ Lan, go out first. I have to chat about some stuff with your brother and Big Brother Stone.”

“Okay,” Xue Lan left the room.

Sensing that Stone wanted to say something, Ye Zichen hurriedly spoke first, “Xue Qi, you just said that place is Mount Biluo, and half-beastmen live there? It’s part of the Immortal Region, why are half-beastmen there? Shouldn’t they be in the Endless Beast Region?”

“Actually, half-beastmen are in a rather awkward spot over here. They are not actually spiritual beasts, nor are they humans. That’s why they can’t live in the Endless Beast Region, or set foot in human cities. That’s why they have to live outside of the cities,” Xue Qi said. “But don’t think that they’re weak. Rumors says that the city lord of Pond City tried to send out an army to eradicate them, only for it to return in failure!”

Ye Zichen nodded and squinted his eyes. If that’s the case, then Mount Biluo is going to be a dangerous place. There should be Sky Immortal level experts there if they caused even a city lord to be unable to do anything.


There’s a Beast Fire there!

Yue Lao told me that it is on Mount Biluo, that’s why I returned in such a hurry!

I have to get the Beast Fire if I want to refine pills!

“Do you have a map of the area? I’m going to go over to Mount Biluo,” Ye Zichen asked after a brief hesitation.

“Did I hear you correctly? You’re headed to Mount Biluo?” Xue Qi was speechless. “Didn’t you hear what I just said? That is the half-beastmen’s territory, aren’t you seeking death by going over there?”

“I have to go.”

Ye Zichen was determined to learn refining pills. As long as he got the Beast Fire, he would be able to get the secret manual of pill refining from Old Lord Taishang.

It is worth the risk!

“I can’t help you even if you are so determined,” Xue Qi shrugged. “Our Spiritual Breeze Village is merely a small village outside of Maple City. Our village does have a map of the outside world left by a strong person ten thousand years ago, but it’s been so long. Ignoring the fact that the roads might have changed, I can’t even find the map!”

Ye Zichen’s expression darkened. Doesn’t that mean I have to stop here?

“I heard Ye Zichen returned. Why didn’t he come over to the auction house to greet this lady?”

A casual snicker suddenly sounded out outside the room. The three men in the room turned around, and saw Zuo Mo walk in, while fanning herself like a scholar.

“Lady Zuo.”

Everyone in the room stood up. Zuo Mo had helped their village a lot recently. She was a savior-like person for them.

Of course, they also found out about Zuo Mo’s identity during their contact.

The Young Lady of the Treasure Tower!

“Mhmm,” Zuo Mo nodded, then pointed at Ye Zichen with her fan. “Hey, the brat sitting over there. Why didn’t you stand up to greet me after seeing this lady?”

Ye Zichen smiled when he saw her.

She should have a map!

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