Chapter 535 The System’s Ambition

Chapter 535 – The System’s Ambition

Inside a pitch black secret room, there was a huge bronze mirror hung on the wall. Meanwhile, the mirror itself showed a black-robed man with his face covered.

“How was it?”

“It was effective,” a reply was heard from in the room. “However, the death of the heavenly soldier has already caught the attention of the higherups of the Heavenly Court.”

“That’s fine, you don’t need to do anything again soon. I just needed to know that it is effective on heavenly soldiers.” The man in the bronze mirror smiled.

The person within the secret room raised his eyebrows, “I understand. Alright, I can’t speak too much with you now. Li Jing has come to investigate my manor. I have to go out and see him.”

“Go, remember to be careful. Don’t let yourself get exposed!” the man in the bronze mirror ordered.

The person in the room also nodded, “Naturally, but understand that I’m merely only helping you because of back then…”

“I understand. Okay, hurry up and go to see Li Jing. Don’t let him become suspicious of you. If he does, then we have to change the plans,” the man in the bronze mirror smiled, then disappeared.

Meanwhile, the man in the secret room knocked on the wall, then walked out, and put on a warm smile to greet his guest. “Heavenly King Li. What a rare guest!”

At the same time, Ye Zichen, who was sitting on a vine chair within the True Lord manor, raised his eyebrows when he saw a system notification.

The system is actually sending me a notification at this moment…

System Notification: Why are you worried about the Heavenly Court?

This system is truly amazing. I just started to get worried for the Heavenly Court, and he already sent me a notification.

Ye Zichen walked over to tell the Seven Fairies to practice by themselves for a moment, then walked over to a rather isolated area and spoke, “System, just what do you want me to do? The internal structure of the heavenly court is already failing, and you are still telling me to give them entertainment methods to let them indulge in it? Just what is your purpose for doing so?”

System Notification: Can’t you understand?

“No!” Ye Zichen replied with a frown. As one of the great factions of the Heavenly Court, it could be said that it will become an important power in fighting against the Demon Realm in the future.

However, the system was making the Heavenly Court indulge in entertainment. Isn’t this essentially decreasing the Heavenly Court’s strength?

System Notification: Since it is already ruined on the inside, then wouldn’t speeding up the process and let it reach a bottom point to then over throw it for a new dynasty be better?”

“Why not choose to salvage it?” Ye Zichen frowned upon hearing that.

System Notification: There is no point in salvaging it.

System Notification: The Jade Emperor has already lost his edge due to the long period of peace. Even if we salvage him, it is already too late. All he wants to do is to live leisurely, he is no longer the him of the past.

System Notification: The Heavenly Court is actually filled with all sorts of people of all sorts of factions, such a power cannot be left as it is.

Ye Zichen’s eyebrows locked together as he read the system’s messages, but he did not speak. At that moment, the system sent another message.

System Notification: What’s more, doing all this is preparation for your Struggle of the Three Realms.

“Struggle for the Three Realms!?”

It was not the first time the system had mentioned it, but Ye Zichen still did not know what exactly he was supposed to do.

System Notification: Click on your reputation, and open up the reputation leaderboard to see where you are placed.

Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms?

Ye Zichen frowned in confusion, but still did as the system told him.

It was as the system had said, one of the buttons after he clicked onto his reputation did say “Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms”.


A huge list appeared in the air in front of him.

In first place was Amitabha of Sukhavati. His Reputation was at 127577.

The next was the Jade Emperor with a Reputation of 35427.

The third was the Underworld’s Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven with a Reputation of 27968.

After that was Shakyamuni of the western Buddhist domain at 26473.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen was placed 17th on the Reputation Leaderboard with 15902 Reputation.

System Notification: You see it? The first twenty on the Reputation Leaderboard have the right to compete for the Lord of the Three Realms. You are currently in the 17th place, then that means you are able to compete against others for one of lord of one of the three realms.

System Notification: You can choose to compete for the position of the master of the Heavenly Court, Underworld or Immortal Region. Of course, that is assuming you have enough supporters.

System Notification: I told you to give ways of entertaining themselves to the deities of the Heavenly Court so that they will harbor good will towards you, while also making the Jade Emperor even more useless. Then, even if you don’t go and compete for the master of the Heavenly Court, as long as you have enough supporters, you can still compete for the Master of the Three Realms.

“I don’t really follow,” Ye Zichen read the notification several times, but was still unable to comprehend the system’s meaning.

System Notification: After you become Master of the Three Realms, you will be able to order the entirety of the Three Realms. When that happens, everyone in the Three Realms will have to listen to your orders. When that happens, whether someone is fatuous or not doesn’t matter, they all have to do as you ordered. All you have to do is remain conscious!

Ye Zichen finally understood when he saw the message.

However, what followed was a feeling of shock. The system’s plans are truly too huge, it actually wants me to lead the Three Realms!

“Don’t you feel like that requirement is too much for me?”

System Notification: is it? The Immortal Region’s people should follow you in the first place, so let’s disregard that place. The personality of the Great Sacred Emperor of the Underworld is strange. He acts according to what he likes, so when the demons attack, he might not work as hard as he possibly could. The Heavenly Court’s Jade Emperor is foolish, and is cowardly, so he cannot be relied upon. There is only you. Do you not want to save Xiao Yumei?

“You have news on Xiao Yumei!”

Ye Zichen was shocked.

System Notification: If you want to save Xiao Yumei, then you have to become the Master of the Three Realms. For all the living in the Three Realms, and for the woman you love, consider it properly!

With that, the system notifications disappeared from his screen again, leaving Ye Zichen to squat down with his phone in his hands.

Master of the Three Realms!

What great ambition, but… how can he be so sure that I can take upon the duty?

Times flies, and the deadline Ye Zichen had arranged with the Jade Emperor had arrived. In just fourteen days, the Seven Fairies learned a total of seven girl band songs and dances.

Ye Zichen got them to go through them all once again, then put away his phone with a clap of his hands, “Let’s leave it at this. Based on your performance right now, it should be a very exciting show.”

“Sky Sovereign, thank you for your training,” the Seven Fairies replied together.

Ye Zichen also smiled in satisfaction, then raised his eyebrows, “There is only one day left till the performance. I have already people advertise it. When the day comes, your stage will be the one like in the videos I showed you. There will be lots of audience members. You will become the brightest stars in the Heavenly Court!”

The Seven Fairies nodded in anticipation. The reason they had worked so hard was because they were astonished by the size of the audience in the videos. In order to become people like the performers in the videos, they had used up all their efforts and more.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen nodded, “But before that, let’s… go and pick out your costumes!”

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