Chapter 534 The Sickly Heavenly Court

Chapter 534 – The Sickly Heavenly Court

“What has happened?” When Chang’e finally ran over and saw the heavenly soldier on the ground, she immediately covered her mouth to prevent herself from screaming too loudly.

“This heavenly soldier has died in a very strange way. Yang Jian and I are going to report it to the Jade Emperor…” Ye Zichen licked his lips.

Chang’e’s expression stiffened for a moment. I finally just found a chance to go on a date with him…

“Mhmm, then go. Proper business is important,” Chang’e nodded with a smile.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen felt a bit moved by the strangely familiar scene.

I seem to have seen this somewhere before…

Xiao Yumei!

Back in the Modern Realm, she had always supported me silently like this. Right now, Chang’e is acting exactly the same way Xiao Yumei did then.


Ye Zichen clenched his fists tightly.

Xiao Yumei was always busy with things for me in the Modern Realm, so I’ve never actually went on a proper date with her.

“Sorry, I’ll definitely compensate you with a real date next time,” Ye Zichen pulled Chang’e into his arms.

Chang’e blushed, then nodded slowly, and ran away with her hands covering her face.

“Bro, not bad!” Yang Jian nudged Ye Zichen with his shoulder.

Ye Zichen smiled, then pointed at the corpse on the floor, “We need to deal with him.”

At the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches.

It was the first time that a heavenly soldier of the Heavenly Court had died in such a strange manner. All of the great deities of the Heavenly Court arrived, while the Jade Emperor sat on his throne with a frown. “Everyone, what do you think?”

“We naturally have to investigate,” Leizhenzi said with a frown. “The sudden death of a heavenly soldier has never happened in the Heavenly Court before. No matter what, we have to investigate this. If this was caused by someone, then we have to catch the criminal. If it is a sickness, then we need to take preventive measures.”

“I agree with Leizhenzi,” said Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li.



The deities all voiced their opinions once after another. The truth was that they didn’t have any other suggestions. After all, aside from investigating this matter, there wasn’t anything else that could be done.

However, the manner of investigation and where it would begin was not of their concern.

Jade Emperor frowned on the throne. The responses of the deities merely tired him.

“Yang Jian!”

“Present!” Yang Jian cupped his hands and walked to the center of the palace.

“Take the heavenly soldier to Old Lord Taishang. Let him see if it was caused by an illness.”

“Understood!” Yang Jian picked up the heavenly soldier, then left the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches.

“Li Jing!”

“Here!” Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li also walked over.

“I’ll hand this entire investigation over to you. Report in to me if there is any progress.”

“Understood,” Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li returned to his own position once again.

“That’s that it. You can all leave. Mm, oh yeah, Sky Sovereign Nameless, you stay behind.”

After all the deities had left, leaving only Ye Zichen and the Jade Emperor behind… Ye Zichen had thought that the Jade Emperor wanted to inquire about the situation then, but…

“How is it going?”

Ye Zichen blinked in his confusion.

“Didn’t you promise to give this emperor a visual feast? The deadline of half a month is nearly here.”

To Ye Zichen’s surprise, after such a huge issue, the Jade Emperor was actually only thinking about enjoyment.

Ye Zichen frowned. No wonder Taibai’s comment on the Jade Emperor was so terrible. I thought he was intentionally making him sound bad since he held a grudge, but it seems like the Jade Emperor has truly gotten used to peaceful days, and has already lost his edge.

“Shouldn’t Jade Emperor be thinking about the reasons behind the heavenly soldier’s death?”

“What’s there to even think about? The result will naturally come to light after Old Lord Taishang and Li Jing are finished,” Jade Emperor acted like he didn’t care, then raised his eyebrows. “This emperor cares more about that visual feast.”

“I will definitely not disappoint Your Majesty,” Ye Zichen’s tone turned a bit cold.

However, Jade Emperor seemed like he didn’t notice Ye Zichen’s shift in tone, and smiled with a nod, “That’s good. If you satisfy this emperor, then this emperor will reward you greatly.”

“Mhmm!” Ye Zichen nodded plainly. He no longer wanted to speak with this Jade Emperor, who only knew peace and enjoyment. “Time is short. I have to go back and watch over the fairies’ practice.”


Ye Zichen was in a rather poor mood when he departed from the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches.

He felt as if he saw the shadow of a fatuous king from historical dramas in the Jade Emperor.

If this continues, then sooner or later, the Heavenly Court will be ruined in his hands just like the kingdoms in those dramas.

Meanwhile, Yang Jian had just returned from Old Lord Taishang’s place. When he saw Ye Zichen, who just walked out of the palace, he smiled, “Bro, why did you come out?”

“The deities have already left. The Jade Emperor went over to the Immortality Peach Garden already. No need to report in,” Ye Zichen spoke indifferently.

Yang Jian couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows when he noticed Ye Zichen’s strangeness, “Huh? What happened?”

“Nothing…” Ye Zichen shook his head. “What did Old Lord Taishang say?”

“He can’t determine it right away, so he told me to leave the guy there. But according to his initial judgement, it shouldn’t be due to the acts of others,” Yang Jian replied honestly.

“Oh? Then could he have been poisoned?” Ye Zichen frowned.

“Who knows? Don’t mind so much. I’ll tell you immediately when Old Lord Taishang tells me anything,” Yang Jian hook his arm around Ye Zichen’s shoulder with a smile. “Bro, just what have you been doing in my backyard? The Seven Fairies are coming over every day, and you’re always playing songs. Just what sort of thing are you figuring out?”

“Making a visual feast for your Jade Emperor,” Ye Zichen answered mockingly. All of a sudden, he began to regret putting together a girl band. When I finish it, the Jade Emperor might care even less about proper work.

“Visual feast…” Yang Jian’s eyes lit up. “Then can you let your bro get a show first?”

“You saw it in the Modern Realm. What’s more, let’s go back. The deadline is nearly here. I have to remind the fairies properly. If Jade Emperor isn’t satisfied, then you guys will get punished.”

“That’s true. Let’s hurry back.”

The moment they returned to the manor, Ye Zichen sprinted to the backyard. However, he didn’t go and check up on the Seven Fairies’ practice, and was merely thinking about the Jade Emperor and the Heavenly Court’s situation.

The Heavenly Court is truly too peaceful. I can feel that from these few days I’ve been here.

As one of the three great powers of the Three Realms, nobody dared to challenge them. Thus, all of the deities were rather laid back in their work, and did not feel nervous at all.

They’ve all been just having fun, and not taking their jobs seriously…

It’s one thing if it is actually peaceful. But right now, the demons have their eyes set on the Three Realms. They might actually attack any time.

If this continues, then the Heavenly Court might be the first to succumb.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen felt hesitant in continuing on with his following plans. The system gave him the mission of letting the Heavenly Court indulge in all sorts of things, but…


At that moment, his phone on the vine chair buzzed.

It was a system notification.

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