Chapter 533 Awkward Date

Chapter 533 – Awkward Date

As Chang’e approached him, Ye Zichen was able to smell the fragrance coming from her body.

However, he stood stiffly on the spot, while he pondered about how to deal with the situation.

Truth be told, everybody love beauties.

Ye Zichen could not deny that Chang’e was beyond beautiful. He was mesmerized the moment he saw her as well. Yet, at the same time, in the depths of his heart, he did hope that Chang’e had found him unworthy.

It would have been great if their marriage string broke. However, the affability level merely rose instead…

Houyi’s probably going to shoot me!

“Are you upset with me?” Chang’e walked in front of Ye Zichen and said in a vexed tone. “The reason I didn’t come and find you immediately when you came to the Heavenly Court is actually because I was a bit worried. No matter what, we’ve never met before, and I wasn’t sure how I should face you, so I…”

Chang’e bit her lips.

Hearing her young girl-like reply, he couldn’t help but shake his head, “How could I? I should have went to find you, but I’ve been busy in the Heavenly Court.”

“I know you’ve been busy,” Chang’e smiled gently. “That’s why I came to find you. I’m telling you, I had to become super determined before coming over here.”

“Hehe… Is that so?” Ye Zichen maintained a coy smile. He wasn’t sure of how to answer at all.

“Uhm… Do you have time right now? How about let’s go out for a walk?” Chang’e licked her lips carefully.

Ye Zichen nodded, “Sure!”

Chang’e was a permanently controversial person in the Heavenly Court, so her appearance summoned the appearance of many paparazzi.

“This is so annoying!” Chang’e frowned when she sensed the people tailing them.

Following me normally was one thing, but today is my first day with Sky Sovereign. These damn people are actually still following us!

“Never mind, just let them follow us. It’s not like they’re affecting us,” Ye Zichen replied with a smile. The reason he said that was because he wanted to use these people to spread the news.

Then, Chang’e’s male fans might rush out to fight him.

Then he could stop worrying.


A paparazzi shared the photos of Ye Zichen and Chang’e going on a walk in the Red Packet Server.

Erlang Shen: Isn’t this my bro and Chang’e!

Canopy Marshal: Sky Sovereign finally meets with the fairy. Ai, to be honest, I really do feel kind of uncomfortable!

Handsome: Haha, a capable man and a beautiful woman, they really do suit each other.

God of Thunder: There are plenty of Chang’e fanboys here, right? I, Leizhenzi, is going to say it right now. Whoever dares to destroy the date between my bro and Chang’e… Heh, the consequences are dire.

Yue Lao: +1

Erlang Shen: Leizhenzi is right. I, Yang Jian, is going to say it here as well. Whoever dares to go and destroy it… Hmph.

Third Prince Nezha: No destroying Sky Sovereign and Chang’e-jiejie’s date, otherwise, I’ll get angry as well.

Monkey King: My, Old Sun’s, Jingu Bang is specifically made to beat those who destroys my bro’s relationship.

Seeing several of the major deities in the Heavenly Court all speak up at the same time, the other deities who wished to do something after seeing the photos all gulped.

Chang’e might be nice, but their lives were more important.

Erlang Shen: I really wonder which step can my bro reach with Chang’e. When is he going to hold the wedding feast?

God of Food: I’ll go and cook for it personally.

Third Prince Nezha: I want to be the flower boy!

Immortality Peach Fairy: Hehe, I’ll go and be the bridesmaid.

Third Prince Nezha: Oh yeah, I’ll go and be the best man!

All of the deities in the group began to chitchat. However, at the same time, Ye Zichen was mocking the deities in the Heavenly Court to death. Are they real fans or not!? Chang’e and I have already walked around for nearly an hour, but nobody came to cause trouble at all!

What was even more awkward was that they had walked in complete silence the entire time.

To be honest, even though he was accompanied by a beauty, he wanted to end the silent date quickly.

“Why aren’t you speaking?” Chang’e bit her lips as if she had noticed how strange the atmosphere was.

“I’m not good with words,” Ye Zichen smiled apologetically. I can’t exactly tell her what I’m thinking. Therefore, he could only pretend like he was a bit simple.

Normally girls don’t like these kind of dull people, perhaps Chang’e…

“Oh, that’s nice. You’re a lot better than those people who only know flowery words.”


Your affability level with Chang’e increased by 50. Current affability level: 2165.


Ye Zichen nearly coughed up blood. The affability level actually rose!

“O-Oh!” Ye Zichen smiled helplessly.

Since she found out that he “wasn’t good with words”, Chang’e instead took upon the role of finding the topic, “Let me tell you, Jade Rabbit and I have been working for Yue Lao. We’ve been figuring out so many types of snacks and clothes for the womenof the Heavenly Court. They’re all super popular in the Heavenly Court!”

“Is that so?”

“Oh course,” Chang’e smiled proudly. Then pointed at a fairy, who walked by them. “She’s wearing something that I designed.”

“Amazing!” Ye Zichen really didn’t know how to respond.

Yet, after that, Chang’e turned silent as well.

She was someone who was poor with words as well, and her silence only caused an awkward atmosphere to surround them once more.

“Wait!” Suddenly, Ye Zichen looked towards the north.

Hearing that, Chang’e looked at him and raised her eyebrows, “What happened?”

However, Ye Zichen’s eyebrows knitted closely together, then sprinted towards the north.

Seeing that, Chang’e also followed suit.

“What happened here?” The Heavenly Court’s deities filled the area around the North Heaven’s Gate as they all glanced forward curiously.

Ye Zichen squeezed through the crowd, then walked over, only to see a heavenly soldier laying on the ground with a blackened face.

“Yang Jian, what happened here? I felt a strange aura over here just now!” Ye Zichen walked over and glanced at the soldier on the ground.

Seeing Ye Zichen, Yang Jian raised his eyebrows, “I don’t know. I only came over since I felt some weird aura over here, but when I arrived, this heavenly soldier was already on the ground.”

Ye Zichen frowned and squatted down before the soldier, then flipped open his eyelids, and checked out his situation.

Ye Zichen could not see any wounds on him, nor any hints of battle in the surroundings. What’s more, as a heavenly soldier, the soldier naturally wouldn’t have any sudden illness.

“This is strange,” Ye Zichen frowned.

Yang Jian patted his shoulders, “Don’t think about it anymore. Report this to the Jade Emperor and let him decide what to do.”

No matter what, this was the Jade Emperor’s territory, so Ye Zichen can’t exactly act out of line.

“Alright then.”

“Okay, everybody leave. Return to your positions. Jade Emperor will deal with this personally, so you guys can leave now!”

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