Chapter 532 Chang’e’s Visit

Chapter 532 – Chang’e’s Visit

When Ye Zichen returned, he saw the “Staff Only” sign was still stuck to the door that led to the backyard of True Lord Erlang’s manor.

However, he was no longer able to hearing the alluring melody. Ye Zichen took a look at the time. My phone is probably out of battery.

He pushed open the door. He had thought that the Seven Fairies were already taking a break, but when he entered, he noticed that…

They were actually still practicing.

“Sky Sovereign,” when the fairies saw Ye Zichen return, they finally stopped what they were doing.

To Ye Zichen’s surprise, he could not see any signs of fatigue in their expressions. All he could see was a faint bit of excitement.

“You’re pretty hard working,” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile.

The Seven Fairies smiled in response, “Is Sky Sovereign coming to check up on us?”

“Mhmm, but I’m not in a hurry. Wait a moment,” Ye Zichen signaled for the Seven Fairies to rest a bit.

Then he walked over to the table to pick up his phone. It was as he thought. Playing videos for several hours had already used up all of his phone’s battery.

He held up the phone to charge it, then after turning it on, he clicked open the video he had showed the fairies previously, then raised his eyebrows, “Are you all rested?”

“Yes!” The Seven Fairies answered energetically.

Ye Zichen nodded when he saw their passion, “Then go ahead and start!”

When the pleasant melody played, the expressions of the fairies changed.

They seemed to be people born for the stage, as every tiny action reminded people of what a girl band should be.

Ye Zichen was certain that if they were in the Modern Realm, they would definitely be the top girl band in the entire world.

The reason for that was simple. They’re fairies, so they can apply special effects to themselves.

When the song ended, and the fairies finished their dance, they all looked towards Ye Zichen with gazes filled with anticipation.

Ye Zichen could not deny that their performance was essentially perfect for beginners.

Thus, Ye Zichen did not hold back his praise.

“It really was great. It seems like you girls are very talented in this area. Let’s end the practice for today with this. Go back and rest yourselves properly, we’ll be continuing tomorrow.”

“Yes Sky Sovereign. Bye bye, Sky Sovereign.” The Seven Fairies waved towards Ye Zichen together, then departed from Erlang Shen’s backyard.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile with a nod as he watched them leave. If they continue on like this, then I’m guaranteed to win the bet!

“Not bad, not bad. But just now, Lil’ Six’s actions weren’t too good, it felt a bit out of place with others. Synchronized dancing requires you to act in unity. Your actions were a bit stiff, you have to practice properly.”

Ye Zichen had gradually become more and more professional during the training of the Seven Fairies. What’s more, with the Fiery Eyes of Truth, it was also as if he was an eagle-eyed coach.

Moments earlier, he had noticed the irregularity of Sixth Fairy’s movements, so he immediately pointed it out.

“I understand, I will practice properly,” Sixth Fairy nodded.

Ye Zichen dragged the video back to the beginning, then replayed it once more, “Start over again.”

Thus, the Seven Fairies started once again. It was already the third song and dance they had learned in recent days.

However, what should be noted was that none of the original songs had been performed by a seven girl band.

Despite that, the Seven Fairies were able to figure the performances out, as well as add in their own elements to easily change it into their songs and dances.

All of it goes to show that they truly had talent for becoming a girl band.

Ye Zichen rubbed his chin and smiled in satisfaction. He was very happy to see the girl band take shape so naturally.

Dong, dong, dong.

Someone knocked on the backyard door.

Ye Zichen reminded the Seven Fairies to train properly, then stood up from the vine chair and walked out.


The person standing outside the door was no other than Ao Cunxin, the Third Princess of the West Sea and Yang Jian’s wife!

Since Ye Zichen had been staying in Yang Jian’s manor while he was staying in the Heavenly Court, he did chat a bit with her.

“Why did you come? Did something happen?”

“Lil’ Ye, sis is going to ask you something. You have to answer me honestly,” Ao Cunxin grabbed Ye Zichen’s hand rightly, then dragged him to an isolated place in the courtyard, then spoke solemnly.

“Sis, just ask!” Ye Zichen was rather confused, but he still nodded.

“Do you know Chang’e?”

The questioned completely caught Ye Zichen off-guard. He thought about it, but didn’t say anything.

Only after a while did he ask in a testing manner, “Sis, what is it?”

“Chang’e suddenly came to our manor and said that she wants to see you. But you should also know that Yang Jian had a brief thing with her before. The two of them have also been chatting quite a bit recently. Sis is a bit scared, are the two of them… Lil’ Ye, you definitely have to tell sis the truth. Do you know Chang’e?” Ao Cunxin begged him worriedly.

Ye Zichen was completely stunned by her words.

He gulped, while his eyes opened wide.

“You said Chang’e came to find me?”

Ahh, in the end, I’m not able to avoid it. Since Chang’e had not sought him out the previous few days, Ye Zichen had thought that Chang’e didn’t hear about it.

However, she just suddenly showed up.

“What? Lil’ Ye, you don’t know Chang’e?” Ao Cunxin’s expression instantly saddened. She let go in a depressed manner, then muttered. “I knew it. I knew it…”

Seeing that, Ye Zichen immediately realized that Ao Cunxin misunderstood, so he quickly explained, “Sis, it’s not what you think. Yang Jian is infatuated with you. Chang’e did indeed come here to find me.”

“Then just now…” She raised her eyebrows.

Ye Zichen sighed in a worried manner. “It’s hard for me to explain everything just like that. Just tell me where Chang’e is right now, I’ll go and see her.”

“Oh, she’s in the plum garden in the front yard.”

Sev'ral plum branches stand at the wall corner there;

Ev'n in extreme cold they, alone, flow'r in delight.

From a distance I know that they are not snow white,

For sweet scent floats and lingers in the freezing air.

The plum flowers in the garden bloomed, while a lady in a white dress, possessed of an otherworldly beauty, stood amongst them.

Ye Zichen arrived at the plum garden following Ao Cunxin’s guidance. When he saw Chang’e, who stood amongst the plum garden, he immediately stopped.

One visit will charm a city; a second visit will charm the country. Her skin was as smooth as clay, her lips were like cherry blossoms; she had clear eyes and a charming smile. The slender beauty merely stood there gracefully.

It could be said that her existence could mesmerize billions.

Yet, she, who should be pursued by men, had a worried look on her face, which only invoked the pity of others.

The lady in the plum gardens also noticed someone’s approach. When she looked up and saw Ye Zichen, who stood on the other end o the plum garden. She suddenly smiled.

The smile was like a blooming notice, ever so charming.

“It’s you, right?” Chang’e’s tone had absolute certainty. Even though she had never once seen Ye Zichen before, she was till certain that the man standing in front of her was Sky Sovereign Nameless.

“It’s me,” Ye Zichen also smiled. However, his heart was not as calm as the demeanor he put on.

F*ck, I met Chang’e. Now what!?

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