Chapter 529 I want to learn Pill Refinement

Chapter 529 – I want to learn Pill Refinement

A charming melody could be heard coming from the backyard of Yang Jian’s manor, while Ye Zichen sat on a vine chair and watched the fairies dance.

Since Ye Zichen did not have any dancing knowledge, he was unable to offer the fairies any form of technical help.

However, since the fairies are deities, their learning capabilities were far greater than that of mundane mortals, the Seven Fairies, who had never been exposed to anything like what Ye Zichen showed them before, actually managed to get a grasp of it in less than half a day’s time.

“Practice properly. I’ll test you guys when I return,” Ye Zichen stood up and shouted towards the fairies, then departed from the backyard. However, he did not forget to stick a “Staff Only” notice on the door to the backyard.

The moment Ye Zichen arrived in the front yard, he immediately heard someone shout “King bomb!” He glanced over, and saw that Yang Jian, Canopy Marshal and Yue Lao were playing Landlord together.

“F*ck, Yang Jian, are you cheating? How do you have a bomb every single time? Old Pig isn’t going to play anymore!” Canopy Marshal threw his last card into the pile of cards like he was throwing a tantrum.

Canopy Marshal was the landlord, and he had just played out a straight, leaving a single three left in his hands. If nobody could answer his straight, then he would have won. However, Yang Jian’s bomb promptly stunned him!

“Stop it, hold your 3 properly and prepare to pay up!”


When Yang Jian and Yue Lao both played out their hands, Canopy Marshal could only take out his phone bitterly, and send Yang Jian and Yue Lao a red packet of ten thousand cultivation experience each…

“That’s some pretty hefty betting!” Ye Zichen chuckled. Only then did the three card players notice Ye Zichen.

Yang Jian raised his eyebrows, “Do you want to play a few rounds?”

“I’m worried that I will win so much that you’ll all cry,” Ye Zichen smiled broadly.

Yang Jian immediately wore an expression of disbelief, “Fight me.”

“You guys go ahead and play. I, Old Pig, is done. Hmm? What’s the noise coming from the backyard? It sounds pretty good,” Canopy Marshal raised his eyebrows as he motioned with his chin towards the backyard.

Ye Zichen sat down in Canopy Marshal’s place and shuffled the cards, “It’s a secret, but it’ll definitely stun you guys.”

“Stop talking about pointless things. Hurry up and deal,” Yang Jian yammered.

He was the Landlord Prince in the Heavenly Court. Nobody from the great deities down to the basic Heavenly Soldiers were able to match him.

When he lost, it was always intentional, so that others would continue playing with him in the future.

However, he had forgotten just who exactly taught the game to him in the first place.

“I’m done, I’m done.” Yang Jian immediately threw down his cards and said that he didn’t want to play anymore within an hour of Ye Zichen’s entrance.

There’s something seriously wrong. I haven’t even won a single game.

“You two are working together, aren’t you?” Yang Jian glanced at Yue Lao and Ye Zichen. “The two of you were close form the start. Did you guys decide to work together to screw me over? Bro, that really isn’t right!”

“Stop finding excuses for yourself. Do you think that you’re actually invincible?” Canopy Marshal rolled his eyes.

Hearing that, Yang Jian turned around, only to see a huge plate in Canopy Marshal’s hand.

The plate was filled with valuable fruits, which the pig was stuffing into his mouth non-stop.

“Zhu Bajie…”

“What? Old Pig has lost so much here, I can’t even eat a little bit of your fruits?” Canopy Marshal also rolled his eyes as he retorted.

“Is this still a little bit?” With that, Yang Jian immediately dashed over to fight over the fruits with Canopy Marshal, but before long, they had already pulled out their weapons.

“No need to mind?” Ye Zichen glanced over at them, but noticed that Yue Lao was beyond calm. “No need, this old man is already used to it.”

“Two kids,” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head and smile. “Oh yeah, have you seen Old Lord Taishang recently?”

“Old Lord? I haven’t paid too much attention to him recently,” Yue Lao shook his head. “Is Sky Sovereign looking for him?”

“Mhmm!” Ye Zichen nodded. He had one more reason for going to the Heavenly Court, and that was to learn how to refine pills from Old Lord Taishang.

However, plenty of deities had visited him in the past few days, but Old Lord Taishang was nowhere to be seen.

Old Lord Taishang didn’t receive any of the messages he sent. It was as if the old man had just disappeared from existence.

“Then why doesn’t Sky Sovereign directly go to his manor to find him?”

“But I don’t know where he lives?” Ye Zichen shrugged.

“But I do.” Yue Lao smiled. “If Sky Sovereign wants to go, then this old man is willing to lead the way.”

“Then let’s hurry!”

Yue Lao smiled, put down the cards on the table, then stood up and made a please gesture for Ye Zichen.

Approximately half an hour later, Ye Zichen and Yue Lao arrived at the Old Lord’s manor. The disciple standing outside the gate immediately greeted Yue Lao when he saw him, “Great deity Yue Lao.”

“Mhmm, is the old man here?” Yue Lao pointed towards Ye Zichen. “Sky Sovereign Nameless and I have come to see him.”

“Yes! Do you need me to go and announce your arrival?” The child nodded.

“No need, Sky Sovereign and I will just go in,” with that, Yue Lao took Ye Zichen into the manor. It was clear that Yue Lao and Old Lord Taishang were clearly good friends.

The arrangement of the manor was extremely complicated, and was filled with various formations.

However, Yue Lao merely walked through it like his own back garden and brought Ye Zichen straight to Old Lord Taishang’s pill refinement room without invoking any of the seals.

“Fire, the fire has to be stronger!”

“It’s time to open up the furnace. Why are you always so unfocused?”

“Gah, I told you to use soft flames. Just what are you using!?”

Old Lord Taishang stood in the pill refinement room with his hands behind his back, and watched while a few of his disciples stood in front of a pill furnace in order to observe the situation within the furnace as well as the flames.

“You’re so dumb. Just when are you guys going to learn half of what I can do!?”

“They’re all disciples who have just came into contact with pill refinement, aren’t your expectations of them a bit too high?” Yue Lao walked in with a smile.

All of the disciples, who were refining pills, greeted him, “Great Deity Yue Lao!”


Old Lord Taishang frowned and smacked all of the disciples who greeted Yue Lao, “You are refining pills. You have to be completely focused. Don’t you know that your pill might have been completely ruined in that split second?”

“You’re too harsh on them,” Yue Lao shook his head with a smile.

Old Lord Taishang snorted towards the disciples, “How’s it harsh? I’m doing it for their good. Geezer, why do you have time to come over to my place? I heard that Sky Sovereign came. Why aren’t you with him?”

“Old Lord actually knows that I came? I thought that Old Lord didn’t know at all!”

At that very moment, Ye Zichen walked in with a smile.

The disciples in the room wanted to peek again, but when they saw Old Lord Taishang glare at them, they immediately turned their heads back to the furnace.

“Focus on refining pills. If you don’t manage to refine this furnace of pills in three days, then there’s no need for you to learn pill refinement from me anymore,” with that, Old Lord Taishang turned towards Ye Zichen. “So you’re Sky Sovereign. You’re pretty much what I imagined. I should have went to take a look since Sky Sovereign had returned to the Heavenly Court, but these kids make me worry too much.”

“No worries!” Ye Zichen smiled, then raised his eyebrows. “I actually came over here because I have a request to make of Old Lord!”


“I want to learn pill refinement!”

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