Chapter 528 The First Girl Band

Chapter 528 – The First Girl Band

“Bet? What do you want to be?” The Jade Emperor smiled. At that moment, he was indeed rather interested. The entertainment in the Heavenly Court had indeed been essentially the same for several hundreds of thousands of years. He was actually a bit sick of the songs.

“Postpone their punishment for now. Give me half a month’s time, and I’ll give you a visual feast that will alter your perception of entertainment. If I manage to do that, then let them go. If I don’t, then I will be punished alongside them,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and replied.

The Jade Emperor nodded with a smile, “Alright, then this emperor will make this bet with you. If this emperor loses, then not only will I not punish them, I will reward you greatly.”

“Yet during this two weeks, I will require Jade Emperor to provide me with some assistance.”

“Just tell me directly what you need.”

“Then this little one will thank Jade Emperor first,” Ye Zichen bowed.

Jade Emperor raised his eyebrows, “Are you not afraid of losing?”

“Lose? It’s impossible for me to lose!” Ye Zichen replied with absolute certainty.

After everyone left the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches, God of Fortune and Leizhenzi both fixed their gazes on Ye Zichen.

“Why are you two looking at me like this? What? Do you feel like you lost something by calling me Sky Sovereign since my cultivation isn’t that high?”

“No, no!” Leizhenzi quickly denied it. “I definitely don’t mean that. It’s just that… Just now, there was no need for you to act like that in the palace.”

“Yeah!” God of Fortune couldn’t help but nod. “The Jade Emperor was merely punishing us for our wrong doing. There is no need for you to be dragged in.”

“It’s alright!” Ye Zichen waved his hand with a smile. Some time ago, a certain girl band was extremely popular, and he did have a lot of their videos saved.

“Sky Sovereign, then can you tell us bros how you’re going to deal with it?” Canopy Marshal couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

Ye Zichen looked over with a smile, “It’s a secret!”

After that, Ye Zichen decided to stay in Yang Jian’s manor. Meanwhile, the major news of Sky Sovereign Nameless arriving in the Heavenly Court swept through the numerous deities.

In the following three days, Immortal Lady He and Han Xiangzi were the first to visit alongside the Eight Immortals. Then, Yue Lao, Immortality Peach Fairy, Third Prince Nezha and co. also came over to visit.

It could be said that Ye Zichen continuously greeted deities wave after wave, causing him to be unable to do anything else.

Yet, what surprised everyone was that Chang’e did not appear.

“Kid, don’t be too outrageous,” the Jade Emperor knitted his eyebrows in the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches.

Ye Zichen stood within the palace and smiled, “I wonder how this one is too outrageous?”

“There are plenty of fairies in the Heavenly Court. Why did you set your eyes on my seven daughters? Just what exactly do you want?” The Jade Emperor said angrily.

Just moments prior, Ye Zichen went over to the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches to discuss further about the bet, but to the Jade Emperor’s surprise, Ye Zichen actually asked for his seven daughters…

“The Seven Fairies are natural beauties. Since it’ll be a visual feast, then the first impression definitely has to pass. Otherwise, if I find a bunch of normal looking people, no matter how amazing the show is, it’ll be pointless!” Ye Zichen shrugged. “What’s more, I seem to recall you promised me in the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches, and in the exact position that you’re in now, that you will satisfy any of my requests. You can’t be thinking of going back on your words, right?”

“Heh, this emperor’s words are absolute. How could I go back on them?” The Jade Emperor snorted in response to Ye Zichen’s mockery, then called to the attendants outside the palace. “Summon the Seven Fairies!”

Approximately ten-odd minutes later, the Seven Fairies arrived in the palace playfully.

The Seven Fairies looked nearly identical, and the only way to tell them apart seemed to be the color of their clothes.

Out of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet colored clothes, the fairy in the red dress was the eldest, while the purple was the youngest Seventh Fairy.

“Father, I wonder what business did you summon us, your daughters for?” The eldest fairy asked with a smile.

“I’m not the one who called for you, it was him!” Jade Emperor pointed at Ye Zichen, causing the Seven Fairies to look over.

“Seven fairy-jiejie, this man hereby greets you!” Ye Zichen smiled like a scholar.

Jade Emperor couldn’t help but frown when he saw that, “I didn’t tell you to come here to chat up my daughters. Tell them about the proper business already!”

“Ai, alright,” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile, then walked in front of the Seven Fairies. “The situation is like this, since it’s all too complicated to tell you girls in detail, I’ll put it simply. You all belong to me now!”

“Huh?” The Seven Fairies all blushed together.

“What do you mean belong to you!?” Jade Emperor grasped the sides of his throne in anger. “Explain your words properly. This is the Heavenly Court after all.”

Ye Zichen smiled coyly when he felt the sinister aura from behind him, “Ahem.. It’s like this. Your daddy got sick of fairies dancing, so he wants something more exciting. In order to satisfy his needs, I sought you guys out. I believe your father-daughter relationship will be able to satisfy his twisted mind.”


Ye Zichen patted his chest after hurrying back to Yang Jian’s manner. Although the Jade Emperor normally gets bullied by a monkey, Ye Zichen could clearly feel that he was actually a lot stronger than the monkey.

“Sky Sovereign, what exactly do you want us to do?” The Seven Fairies couldn’t help but ask. Just a while earlier, Ye Zichen had ran with all of them when their father became angry.

What’s more, they all followed him willingly without any refusal.

“I’m going to get a girl band to start in the Heavenly Court. As for what a girl band is, it’s basically… Never mind, you won’t understand even if I explain it to you,” Ye Zichen shook his head and took out his phone, then clicked on one of the videos. “Here, take a look. This is a girl band…”

The Seven Fairies leaned over, but after they took one look, they could no longer look away.

After letting them watch nearly ten videos, Ye Zichen put his phone away and looked at the fairies…

“We’ll be like them in the future!” Third Fairy said.

“Their melody is so nice!” Fifth Fairy also smiled.

“I feel like their dance is so good, but I feel like it’s kind of embarrassing,” Sixth Fairy covered her blushing face.

“You feel like it’s embarrassing mostly because the Heavenly Court’s mindsets old fashioned. I haven’t shown you anything more embarrassing…” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth. I seem to recall I still have several Sola-sensei’s[1] combat videos. If I play those…

Ahem, as a proper person. I will not teach bad things to these flower-like fairies.

“You saw it just now, that’s what the girl band want to establish is. In the future, you need to quickly learn their dances and songs… Of course, I can promise you that if you learn it successfully, you will be the center of attention of everyone.”

“Really?” The eyes of the fairies lit up. Ahh, all girls have at least dreamed of becoming a celebrity…

“Of course. Judging from your expressions, I guess you agree to establishing a girl band. Then what we have to do now is… practice!”

With that, Ye Zichen used his spiritual energy to charge his phone, then used a technique to project the screen into the sky.

“Heavenly Court’s First Girl Band. Let’s begin!”

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  1. Referring to Sola Aoi.

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