Chapter 527 Arguing with the Jade Emperor

Chapter 527 – Arguing with the Jade Emperor

“Monkey Bro!” Canopy Marshal waved towards the Great Sage excitedly. Normally he was actually kind of scared of this Monkey Bro, but now, he only felt like Monkey Bro was definitely a close relative to him!

Since Yang Jian and the Great Sage were old rivals that were not on particularly good terms…

They glanced at each other with heated gazes.

Then, Yang Jian snorted coldly and cupped his hands towards the Jade Emperor, “Uncle.”

Jade Emperor turned to take a look at him, then glanced at the black robed man.

After a long time, he turned back towards Yang Jian with a snort, “Do you still have uncle in your mind?”

“Uncle, please hand me my punishment,” Yang Jian lowered his head.

Great Sage couldn’t help but slap his thighs and laugh loudly, “You’re relatives, why are you acting like this now!?”

“Monkey, do not be so disrespectful!” Yang Jian raised his eyebrows and roared loudly.

The Great Sage put his hands on his hips fearlessly and snorted, “So what? Fight meh!”

“Do you think that I’m scared of you!?”


A lance instantly appeared in Yang Jian’s hands, while the Ruyi Jingu Bang appeared in the Great Sage’s hand. Just as they got ready to attack…

“This is the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches, not a place for you two to mess around!” The Jade Emperor said angrily.

The Great Sage twitched his mouth and snorted, “It’s not like I haven’t fought here before!”

“Alright, don’t fight,” the black robed man on the side also spoke up.

The Great Sage looked at him in confusion, “I, Old Sun, noticed you a long time ago. What exactly are you!?”

“Great Sage, you already forgot about me so quickly?” The black robed man pulled down his hood as he spoke.

“Oh, bro, why did you come here?” The Great Sage put away the Ruyi JIngu Bang and ran over.

Ye Zichen smiled, then replied, “I heard that Jade Emperor wants to punish them. I came to ask for mercy on their behalf.”

“Sky Sovereign!” God of Thunder and God of Fortune were momentarily stunned. Then, they ignored the Jade Emperor and immediately walked over to Ye Zichen and began to chit chat.

“Are you really not taking this emperor seriously?” Jade Emperor stomped his feet in anger.

The deities in the hall immediately coughed then separated. God of Fortune and Leizhenzi returned to their original position, while Yang Jian and Canopy Marshal stood on the side with lowered heads.

As for the Great Sage…

He didn’t take Jade Emperor seriously from the beginning.

He would do whatever he like without a care of whether he angered the Jade Emperor or not. He just didn’t care.

“Jade Emperor,” when everyone else had calmed down, Ye Zichen also cupped his hands towards the Jade Emperor.

Jade Emperor squinted his eyes for a moment, then frowned as he sat back down upon the throne after shooing the monkey away. “Who are you!?”

The moment the Jade Emperor said that, all of the surrounding deities looked at Ye Zichen in confusion.

Jade Emperor actually doesn’t know Sky Sovereign?

Ye Zichen had already anticipated that he would get exposed, but since he dared to come, he naturally did not mind it anymore.

“This one is Ye Zichen, the deities of the Heavenly Court address me respectfully as Sky Sovereign Nameless!”

“You are Only Idealism, the group owner?” The Jade Emperor said sullenly.

Ye Zichen nodded, “Indeed!”

“Good, then what is your purpose for coming here?”

“I came here to ask you for mercy on their behalf!” Ye Zichen smiled. “God of Thunder, God of Fortune, Yang Jian and Canopy Marshal were indeed slightly disrespectful towards you in the group, but that was only when you weren’t using your main account.”

“So?” Jade Emperor answered.

“You intentionally hid your identity and did not allow others to know it was you. That was because you wanted to lurk and see what these deities around you were saying and doing! But you used your alt account and acted cocky. All of them are reputed deities in the Heavenly Court, how could they allow you to do that? What’s more, have they ever said anything bad about you in the group? Even if they did, it was all about Little Prince!” Ye Zichen said solemnly. Although he understood how high and mighty the Jade Emperor was, he still had to make the Jade Emperor understand.

God of Thunder, God of Fortune and co. were on good terms with him, he could not just let them stay in trouble like this.


Your intimacy level with God of Thunder increased by 100. Current intimacy level 200.


Intimacy level leveled up. Current intimacy level: Trusted.


Your intimacy level with God of Fortune increased by 100. Current intimacy level: 320.

Great Sage nodded, then added on the side, “Yeah, you wanted to see the truth using a disguise, but couldn’t take others mocking you. Then just use your main account. You aren’t letting others flame your alt? Nobody owes that to you!”

“This emperor isn’t angry about their words…” Jade Emperor argued. “They are always bullshitting in the group and forgot about their actual jobs.”

“You’re wrong once again!” Ye Zichen held up his right hand and counted. “First of all, have you ever seen them slacking while working? Have there been any problems with the Heavenly Court’s security? Second of all, the group was established to improve the relationship between the deities, and create a good social environment in the Heavenly Court. Third of all, does the Heavenly Court have any entertainment facilities? Deities live for a long time. Chatting in the group is a good way to waste time. Do you actually just want them to live so plainly for their entire lives?”

“Brat, do you know who you are speaking to!?” Jade Emperor’s expression turned gloomy.

“The Jade Emperor, the current master of the Three Realm’s Heavenly Realm,” Ye Zichen replied straightforwardly.

“Then are you not afraid of me sentencing you to death right here?” Jade Emperor said with a dark expression. Ignoring the shitty monkey, it had already been ten thousand years since anyone dared to anger the Jade Emperor.

“This kid understands deeply exactly how just the Jade Emperor is. As the current master of the Heavenly Court, and having been for several million years, I believe that you are not some useless person. I am merely stating my opinion here. The actual decision is still naturally up to Your Majesty!” Ye Zichen said everything in an extremely roundabout manner.

All of the deities couldn’t help but raise their eyebrows.

His speaking skills are pretty much as good as that geezer Taibai Jinxing!

“Mhmm,” the words were clearly very effective against the Jade Emperor. He nodded plainly, then rubbed his chin. “Your words make sense, but you mentioned entertainment facilities just now… You can listen to songs in the Heavenly Court, and can also play cards. How can you say that there is a lack of entertainment in the Heavenly Court?”

“Heh, how is that anything?” Ye Zichen said with disdain. “I was the one who created Landlord, and I even have the patent for it. As for the songs you talked about, aren’t they just a few fairies dancing traditional dances? That performance is way too old! What’s more, are you not bored of it after watching stuff like that for several hundreds of thousands of years?”

“It seems like you have better entertainment in mind?” Jade Emperor smiled.

Ye Zichen nodded with certainty, “Of course. Even disregarding everything else, I have songs that are several thousand centuries more advanced than what you listen to.”

“How are you going to make me believe you?”

The moment the Jade Emperor asked, Ye Zichen took out his phone. Back when he was a true otaku, he downloaded plenty of girl band performances in his phone.

“Jade Emperor, how about we make a bet?”

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