Chapter 526 Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches

Chapter 526 – Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches

At the South Heaven’s Gate.

Yang Jian and Canopy Marshal appeared at the gate wearing their armors, while a black hooded man, who had his face covered, stood beside them.

“Yo, True Lord, Marshal, where did you guys come back from?” The soldiers guarding the Heavenly Court hurried over with a smile, then looked towards the black robed man. “This is…”

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t. You’d be scared to death if I tell you his identity,” Canopy Marshal scolded.

Yang Jian also spoke up, “Where is the Jade Emperor?”

“In the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches. The two of you should have already seen some of your group, Lord God of Thunder and Lord God of Fortune were called into there. If I take a look at the time, they should still be in there,” one of the heavenly soldiers said with a smile.

Hearing that, Canopy Marshal and Yang Jian both gulped.

We really are in heaps of trouble.

“Fine, just go and patrol properly. We’re off to see the Jade Emperor,” Yang Jian said softly, then called over a piece of cloud, which he climbed onto with the black robed man.

Meanwhile, Canopy Marshal also flew up into the air beside Yang Jian, then ventured towards the palace.

The Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches was the greatest palace within the South Heaven’s Gate, and the three people arrived outside of it very quickly.

God of Fortune, who had told Ye Zichen earlier that he was waiting outside the palace, had already disappeared, making it seem like he already entered.

As the three of them stood at the foot of the staircases outside the palace, Canopy Marshal licked his lips repeatedly, “Are we really going up?”

“What are we supposed to do even if we don’t?” Yang Jian sighed softly. “We did insult the Jade Emperor. Right now, the two of us are officials in the Heavenly Court, we’re not free like the monkey is.”

“But the Jade Emperor didn’t look for us. Perhaps, he…” Just as he was about to finish his words, Yang Jian and Canopy Marshal’s phone buzzed simultaneously.

They immediately took out their phones, but when they saw the messages, they looked as if they were already dead.

“The Jade Emperor sought you guys out?” The black robed man couldn’t help but ask.

Yang Jian nodded, then towed his phone away.

Canopy Marshal couldn’t help but mutter, “Now we’re completely screwed. Monkey Bro said before that the Jade Emperor is kind of petty in the first place…”

“But what can we really do? We have to keep going,” Yang Jian tidied up his armor, then turned towards the black robed man. “Bro, how about you return to your celestial manor to rest for a bit. Old Pig and I will go over to find you when we come out?”

“I’m going with you guys.”

“Sky Sovereign is truly nice. With Sky Sovereign here, the geezer Jade Emperor might give him face and don’t hand us overly heavy punishments,” Canopy Marshal chuckled.

Yang Jian looked towards the black robed man seriously, then began walking up the stairs to the palace.

“True Lord Erlang, Canopy Marshal!” A brown haired man with a pale face called out with a bit of hesitation outside the palace.

Canopy Marshal raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Brother Wang Mo, it’s actually you on duty. Where are the others[1]?”

“The other three older brothers went to play cards!” Wang Mo nodded with a smile. “Why did you guys come over right now? The Jade Emperor is enraged right now. I advise you guys not to enter!”

“I, Old Pig, don’t want to go in, but… the Jade Emperor told us to come. What’s going on inside?” Canopy Marshal said in a troubled manner. He was banished to the mortal realm before due to enraging the Jade Emperor. If that happens again…

He thought back to the number of people who embarked to the Journey to the West. It was four, and this time… It seems like it’s four of us as well.

If I have to make the journey to the west to obtain the sutras once again, then which of us will become the master this time? Hmm, I do have experience, so I can do that. Yang Jian and God of Thunder are pretty decent as fighting forces, so we won’t be in too much danger. We also don’t need to worry about food and drinks with God of Fortune around.

When he thought like that… It seems like getting banished down there sounds like a pretty good deal!

“God of Fortune chatted quite a bit with me earlier, and Leizhenzi has been getting scolded inside the entire time. The situation isn’t looking good. But the Great Sage came just now, so I don’t know the current situation!” Wang Mo replied calmly.

Yang Jian and co. looked towards each other.

Canopy Marshal also raised his eyebrows and smiled, “You said that my Monkey Bro came!?”

“Mhmm, he entered not long ago,” Wang Mo nodded.

“There shouldn’t be any problems with Monkey Bro here,” Canopy Marshal let out a sigh of relief. He was the one who called the Great Sage over as he was returning to the Heavenly Court, since from what he could recall, his Monkey Bro was the only one able to dominate the Jade Emperor.

Thinking of the possibility of nothing happening to him at all, Canopy Marshal smiled, “Alright, stop blocking out way here. Hurry up and let us it.”

“But… this is?” Wang Mo asked in hesitation. He was unable to feel any celestial aura from the black robed person, and the way the person dressed also caused him to be very suspicious.

It was decreed that those who enter the Cloudy Palace of Golden Arches must wear proper clothing, which referred to their core armor after their ascension to a deity.

“He came to support us, so don’t mind it that much. Hurry up and let us in. If that geezer Jade Emperor blames us for being late, then… Heh, you’ll have to treat Old Pig to a meal tonight.”

“Don’t…” Wang Mo hurriedly shook his head. The previous time he had treated Canopy Marshal to a meal, the latter had eaten enough food equivalent to a month of his wage, causing him to feel incomprehensible regret.

“Tsk, so stingy,” Canopy Marshal twitched his mouth.

Wang Mo smiled and took a step back, “Good luck everyone.”

Canopy Marshal had completely calmed down. He was so calm to the point that he, who was normally cowardly, actually became the first one to walk up the stairs to the palace.

Yang Jian and the black robed person also shook their heads with similar smiles, then followed him up the stairs.

“Monkey, just what exactly do you want?”

The Jade Emperor revealed a helpless expression as he stood in his palace and frowned.

Meanwhile, the Great Sage squatted on the Jade Emperor’s throne, and held a peach in his hand, while he scratched his neck, “Geezer Jade Emperor, you’re far too petty. God of Fortune and Leizhenzi merely scolded you a bit, and that was only when you were on your alt. You deserve to get cursed for not using your main. Why did you bring them over here?”

Both God of Fortune and Leizhenzi lowered their heads without speaking, but they began to feel more hopeful.

Although this monkey is terrible, he’s definitely a great person at dealing with the Jade Emperor.

“What does me educating my subordinates have to do with you? This emperor did not summon you. This emperor has already been turning a blind eye to you stealing peaches from the Immortality Peach Garden, yet you actually dare to come and cause trouble here,” Jade Emperor roared angrily.

The Great Sage scratched his head and chuckled, “Seriously, you’re so stingy. Never mind. I, Old Sun, came over here because my junior brother asked me to come. I had heard that you summoned him, so I, Old Sun, came to support him, and to see whether you are going to be just or not!”

“But your junior brother has not yet…” Before the Jade Emperor finished, Yang Jian and co., walked into the palace side by side.

The Great Sage smiled, then jumped down from the throne, “He’s here now!”

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  1. Wang Mo (王魔) is one of the guards of the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches alongside Yang Sen (杨森), Gao Yougan (高友乾) and Li Xingba (李兴霸). All of them were given this position after their deaths.

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