Chapter 525 Got into huge trouble

Chapter 525 – Got into huge trouble

After more discussion with Shi Qian, Ye Zichen had found out that he had been alone ever since he had arrived in the Immortal Region.

However, Ye Zichen did not ask too much about his life before that.

He really wasn’t sure what he was going to do if Shi Qian is truly the Shi Qian mentioned in the Water Margin.

On the other hand, Yang Jian and Canopy Marshal chose to stay in the Immortal Region for three days. During so, Ye Zichen did question why they weren't in a hurry to return to the Heavenly Court.

We asked for sick leave.

That was the answer Yang Jian, who was eating a melon, gave.

Thus, they ended up staying in Spiritual Breeze Village.

Due to that, the two of them naturally took on the task of teaching the villagers about cultivation upon themselves. Even the cultivation of Master Li, who Zuo Mo had asked to stay in the village, begun to raise under Yang Jian and Canopy Marshal’s guidance.

During this period of time, Ye Zichen only had one thing on his mind.

Should I establish my own power or not?

Being a general in a time of chaos was far safer than being a civilian. The main reason being that a general would be able to defend himself when the enemy attacks, while his soldiers could also help him out.

Although Ye Zichen wasn’t currently in a time of chaos, he knew the Demon Realm would attack in the future. What’s more, he also needed to go to the Demon Realm to save Xiao Yumei. In that case, he had begun to feel like he had to become that “general”.

Yet, that’s where the problem lies. Just where am I supposed to get the money to establish my own force?

I had Maintaining Beauty Corporation to do that in the Modern Realm, but now…

The Treasure Tower?

Don’t joke around. Although our relationship is rather special, I can’t exactly ask her for money. Even if Zuo Mo is willing to give the money to me, then who would the power belong to?

Thus, Ye Zichen felt very troubled…

What’s more, he needed reputation to establish power, as well as a reason for others to follow him. Just having money was definitely not enough. At the very least, he needed a reason for others to follow him contentedly.

That was why Ye Zichen began to think about pill refining.

According to what he knew about the Three Realms, pill refiners were extremely valued existences. What’s more, high leveled pill refiners would always have a lot of experts following him.

Most importantly, pill refiners were all rich!

Zuo Mo had once told him that amazing pill refiners wouldn’t have any less resources when compared to the Treasure Tower as a whole.

“Old Lord Taishang is definitely a good choice, but this geezer simply refuses to teach me!” Ye Zichen scratched his head as he sat on the bed, while his phone was placed in front of him. “Ahh, let me try once again.”

Ye Zichen thought about it for a long time, then finally made up his mind to have a good chat with Old Lord Taishang once again.

As long as I use both pathos and ethos

The old man will definitely be moved.

Ye Zichen clicked open his WeChat, but before he went over to find Old Lord Taishang, he saw a lot of people had sent messages towards him.

God of Thunder: Sky Sovereign, you screwed me over!

God of Fortune: Sky Sovereign, what you did was not right.

Yue Lao: What’s going on?

Third Prince Nezha: The group exploded.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Big bro, the group exploded. Hurry up and take a look, the great deities of the Heavenly Court are all in trouble.

Ye Zichen was rather confused from all the private messages. He could only click into the Red Packet Server.

Utter silence.

The most recent message was from over half an hour ago.

That was a situation that was completely out of the norm for a group as popular as the Red Packet Server. Normally, it was possible to reach 999+ new messages in a mere ten minutes, not to mention thirty.

What happened here? Ye Zichen scratched his head and scrolled up, then saw…

Jade Emperor entered the group by scanning the QR code.

“This… should be huge trouble, right?” Ye Zichen muttered. Since Jade Emperor entered with his main account, then it was almost definitely because God of Thunder, God of Fortune and co. had angered Little Prince way too much.

That’s why the Jade Emperor directly entered with his main account in a fit of rage…

Ye Zichen took a look at the subsequent chat history…

Jade Emperor: @everyone, come out!

Immortality Peach Fairy: Greetings to Jade Emperor.

Third Prince Nezha: Hello, Uncle Jade Emperor.

Barefoot Immortal: Oh my god, why did the monarch enter as well? This group is seriously popular!

God of Fortune: Greetings, supervisor.

God of Thunder: Boss, why did you come? Oh yeah @Little Prince. Supervisor, this grandson is pretending to be you all the time. I told him enter with his main but he refuses to. Hurry up and banish him to the mortal realm.

God of Fortune: Yeah, yeah, yeah. This grandson…

Jade Emperor: Hehe!

Jade Emperor: I'm the Little Prince. Leizhenzi, Zhao Gongming, didn’t you two ask this emperor to enter with my main?

Jade Emperor: Say something. C’mon!

Even though Ye Zichen wasn’t present when Jade Emperor sent the message, he was able to imagine the atmosphere of the group at the time.

It was definitely utter silence.

Jade Emperor: Calling me grandson, grandson every single day was fun wasn’t it? Leizhenzi, what exactly are you capable of? Zhao Gongming, didn’t you say you’re not going to give me my year-end bonus?

Jade Emperor: Say it one more time!

Ye Zichen looked at the time the message was sent, then looked at the time all of the deities sent him the private messages. It seems like this was when they sent it all.

There’s no need for me to read the rest of the chat history. Jade Emperor is definitely pissed, and blabbered on in the group.

The other deities naturally did not dare to anger him even more, so they all stopped chatting.

That’s why the group became silent.

Ye Zichen closed the window. Other people are one thing, but I really feel sorry towards God of Thunder and God of Fortune. But what I even do? Jade Emperor didn’t let me tell anyone.

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then sent a message to God of Thunder in a testing manner.

No reply.

Then he sent a message towards God of Fortune.

“Sky Sovereign, you really screwed us over hard,” God of Fortune replied instantly.

“Wait, what’s the situation over there for you guys?” Ye Zichen smiled coyly as he sent the message. But I suppose there was no need for me to ask.

How is it even possible for it to be good now that Jade Emperor has been angered so much!?

“Leizhenzi is chatting with the Jade Emperor inside. I’m waiting outside the palace, and it seems like it’ll be my turn soon. Sky Sovereign, we aren’t on bad terms, right? Since you knew that he’s the Jade Emperor, why didn’t you tell us?” God of Fortune truly wanted to cry. He actually swore at his own boss.

What’s more, it was the big boss! Isn’t that just asking for it!?

“I already reminded you guys, and told you not to argue with Little Prince. You guys didn’t listen!”

The moment Ye Zichen sent that, he saw Yang Jian and Zhu Ganglie dip their heads and appear at the entrance to his room.

“It can’t be, did the Jade Emperor seek the two of you out as well?”

“No,” Yang Jian said in a depressed manner. “But someone told us that Little Prince is the Jade Emperor. Old Pig and I seem to have argued with him before, so we’re going to hurry back and ask for our punishment!”

On the other hand, Canopy Marshal did not say anything, but his resentful-filled eyes…

You were screwing us over right!?

He’s definitely thinking that.

“Bro, I don’t know whether we can meet again after I return to the Heavenly Court this time, but it is definitely my honor to have become your sworn brother,” Yang Jian said as if he was saying his last words. “Bro, I’m in heaps of trouble this time. Ha… If I really end up falling… Remember to burn a few bottles of Erguotou, then burn a few doujins for me. Don’t let me be too lonely!”

With that, Yang Jian grabbed Canopy Marshal’s shoulder. “We’re off!”

“Wait a moment,” just as they were about to leave, Ye Zichen suddenly blurted out. “I’ll go back with you guys!”

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