Chapter 523 Immunity Medallion and Tower Head Token

Chapter 523 – Immunity Medallion and Tower Head Token

None of the Treasure Tower people expected Zuo Mo to think so highly of Ye Zichen. She didn’t ask her guest chamberlains about what to do and instead asked Ye Zichen, who had nothing to do with the Treasure Tower.

At the same time, they never expected Ye Zichen to actually make such a decision…


This is a Sky Immortal level expert, and could be counted as amongst the peak fighting force of the Three Realms.

He actually said kill?

However, his decision was naturally not the most important. Their Young Lady’s decision as the most important.

Since Ye Zichen was not someone of the Treasure Tower, he naturally would not care about a Sky Immortal fighting force, but as the future head of the Treasure Tower, their Young Lady should have her own considerations.

“Then we’ll to as you say!”

Yet, Zuo Mo directly agreed without any hesitation.

It was a situation that neither the Treasure Tower people nor any other people could believe.

“Young Lady, Elder Lin is a Sky Immortal…” a guest chamberlain couldn’t help but speak out.

Zuo Mo merely smiled indifferently, “So what if he’s a Sky Immortal? Since keeping him around is trouble, then so what even if he’s an Immortal King?”

The guest chamberlains turned silent when they heard her indifferent tone, and those who wanted to stop her all shut their mouths.

“What right do you have to just easily decide on this old man’s fate? The reason this old man came to the Treasure Tower was because the Tower Head bowed personally and invited me. What right do you have to decide to kill this old man without the Tower Head here!?” Elder Lin snorted with a frown.

Zuo Mo smiled with a nod, “Indeed, my father personally invited you, but do you still remember the reason he initially invited you? It was for the better future development of the Treasure Tower. Even when the Treasure Tower faces internal conflict, he wished you to be fair. That was why he appointed you as the leader of the guest chamberlains. It wasn’t for you to disturb the internal order.

Do you think my father and I really couldn’t see what you have done? Through your high status, you extorted others for your own benefit. You also used your own position to take items for your own use, and falsely report the price of products in order to harm the profits of the elders. Do you really think… we don’t know anything?” Zuo Mo’s expression turned colder and colder.

All of the guest chamberlain’s expressions changed drastically, while Elder Lin’s expression also turned for the worse.

Zuo Mo smiled and took a step forward. “I know plenty of your crimes. Do you want me to list them out one by one?”

“You’re full of crap,” Elder Lin snorted. “I can tell that you have been blinded by this brat. As a candidate of the next Tower Head, you ignore justice and merely focus on your romantic relationship. You have no right to become the next Tower Head!”

“That decision is not up to you,” Zuo Mo continued to smile indifferently, then twitched her mouth. “You have committed far too many crimes, but you should not have tried to ruin the Treasure Tower’s reputation. We have tolerated you for so long because we wished for you to realize your wrongs. However, you are truly a disappointment.”

“Oh? Why is it so crowded here?” At that moment, Zuo Qingcheng walked in from the stairs.

She looked at Zuo Mo playfully, then raised her eyebrows, “Big sis, what are you doing? Elder Lin is actually kneeling towards you? Do you not know of Elder Lin’s contribution and hard work? Big sis, you are not the Tower Head yet, how could you do something like this?”

“Since when were you allowed to educate me?” Zuo Mo glared at Zuo Qingcheng. “Didn’t I already say it just now? This isn’t a place for you to be, why are you still coming here?”

“We’re both people of the Treasure Tower, why can’t I come to the Treasure Tower’s territory?” Zuo Qingcheng walked over with a smile and helped Elder Lin up. “Elder Lin is a valued member of our Treasure Tower. Even if he has committed crimes, he should be judged by the Tower Head. You are unworthy of doing that.”

With that, Zuo Qingcheng begun to walk out with Elder Lin. “Elder Lin, let’s go. No need to argue with her.”

“Hmmph, I’m definitely going to report you in properly when I get back,” Elder Lin snorted coldly towards Zuo Mo, then began to leave with Zuo Qingcheng.

“I want to see who dares to step out of here without my permission!”


A woman stood out from every single one of the eight directions on the seventh floor. They were all elites that Zuo Mo trained in secret.

All of these women were pretty, but more importantly…

They were strong.

Complete stage Human Immortal leveled auras radiated outwards.

Zuo Qingcheng, who was about to leave, turned her head back and smiled, “Is big sis going to use violence on little sister here?”

“It’s none of your business here, but you are forcefully interrupting. I don’t mind acting against you here at all,” Zuo Mo’s face was dark, while her chilling gaze caused Zuo Qingcheng’s expression to freeze.

She isn’t kidding, she really wants to act here.

“Hahaha… Hahahaha!” Elder Lin suddenly laughed loudly. He turned back with a dark look and held a gold medallion in his hand. “This is the Immunity Medallion which Tower Head gave me. Which one of you dare to act against me without the Tower Head?”

“I never thought that what you asked my father for was actually this. It seems like you have long expected this to happen?” Zuo Mo’s expression did not change.

Elder Lin smiled darkly. “People should always have something to back themselves up. With the Immunity Medallion, only the Tower Head can decide what to do with me. You… are not worthy!”

“That is very true, but since even you know to leave some backup for yourself, do you think my father doesn’t? Ye Zichen!” Zuo Mo suddenly looked towards Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen instantly withdraw the token he had gotten from Zuo Mo through Yang Jian from his phone, “You’re asking for this?”

Ye Zichen handed the token over with a smile.

Zuo Mo nodded, “It really is with you.”

Then, she held the token in her hands and said coldly, “This is the Tower Head Token. Seeing it is the same as seeing the Tower Head. Now, I announce with the Tower Head Token in hand. From today onwards, Lin Xiong is kicked out of the Council of Guest Chamberlains. Due to him cooperating with enemies to damage the Treasure Tower’s reputation, I order him to be killed! As for those who begs on his behalf… they shall be treated in the same manner!”

Zuo Mo’s fierce words instantly pushed Lin Xiong to the corner.

Zuo Qingcheng also pulled her hands away in secret.

Lin XIong was merely one of her pieces. The only reason she even came over was due to his powerful cultivation and status in the clan.

However, since Zuo Mo had revealed the Tower Head Token, Zuo Qingcheng did not wish to risk anything.

“Kicked out of the Council of Guest Chamberlains. Hahaha…” Lin Xiong continued to laugh loudly even under such condition. His gaze instantly turned cold. “Girlie, it’s not like this old man didn’t give you a chance. You forced me to do this! Kill me? This old man wants to see who’s going to do the killing here!”

Now, a problem arose.

All of the guest chamberlains at the scene were of the Human Immortal level, and even Zuo Mo’s elite forces were of the Human Immortal level.

The difference between a Sky Immortal and Human Immortal was like a mountain that cannot be overcome. The Three Realms did have a lot of Human Immortal level experts, but only one in ten thousand were able to break through into the Sky Immortal level…

Who could kill someone like that?

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