Chapter 522 Trouble

Chapter 522 – Trouble

The auction naturally was unable to continue with such a fiasco occurring again.

Zuo Mo sent the audience apologetically, while Ye Zichen brought over a chair from the backstage and sat down to look at Shi Qian.

“Why did you become a robber?”

“Don’t put it so terribly, alright? I’m a thief!” Shi Qian replied in annoyance. “Honor amongst thieves, have you never heard of that?”

“Hmmph, fine! Then why did you come to rob, no, steal… Why did you repeatedly come to steal from the Treasure Tower?”

“The Treasure Tower is rich,” Shi Qian licked his lips. “I don't use what I steal. I'm a gentleman thief. I give all the treasures I steal to those civilians who can’t even afford to pay for their daily necessities.”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows when he heard that.

Then, Shi Qian continued, “The first time I came, it was because I didn’t understand the situation well. I thought the Treasure Tower ripped civilians off. After returning, I went to research a bit and found out that the Treasure Tower would often give food to the poor. That’s why I decided not to steal from them anymore.”

“But you still came again,” Ye Zichen smiled.

“The situation this time is different,” Shi Qian waved. “Someone contacted me this time and told me to destroy this auction. I wanted to refuse, but the offer was too alluring. Thus, I decided to go against my morals and do it. I never expected to bump into this big bro once again!”

Shi Qian looked over at Yang Jian with a tearful expression, then raised his eyebrows. “Oh yeah, if we’re talking about robbery, this big bro is the real robber. He robbed me of the stuff I stole last time. Why aren’t you guys capturing him?”

“That’s my bro. He returned the stuff he got from you back to the Treasure Tower,” Ye Zichen replied calmly.

Zuo Mo, who stood on the side, smiled, “No wonder this savior didn’t want anything except the Barrier Breaking Grass. That was your decision, wasn’t it? I was wondering where you got the ingredients from when you gave me the Barrier Breaking Pills.”

“Ahem…” Ye Zichen coughed, then quickly changed the topic by turning towards Shi Qian. “You said just now that someone told you to destroy this auction?”

“Yes!” Shi Qian answered resolutely.

“Who?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes.

Zuo Mo’s expression also darkened upon hearing that.

In her perspective, the people who would want to destroy the auction were limited. Currently, the Tower Head was going to be elected once again, so the other party was definitely going to make things difficult for her.

As long as they could ruin the elders’ impression of her, then those other people might be able to take the opportunity and raise to the top.

“The person who went to find me was an old man, he was rather strong… Part of the reason I came was because I was forced by this old man. Although I’m good at escaping, I can’t really do much against a Sky Immortal!” Shi Qian shrugged and smiled wryly.

Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo looked at each other.

Old man.

Sky Immortal!

The two of them were able to see that they had thought of the same possibility.

At that very moment, Elder Lin, who had not yet appeared, hurried up from the sixth floor. When he saw Shi Qian, who had been suppressed, his expression froze…

“Yes, yes, yes. It’s that old man!”

The Treasure Tower people looked over, and revealed shocked expressions when they saw that it was Elder Lin.

Zuo Mo smiled meaningfully.

Noticing everyone’s strange demeanors, he immediately walked over and asked as if he didn’t know what was going on, “What’s going on? This old man noticed there was something strange to the North, so I went over to take a look.”

“Elder Lin, are you sure?” Zuo Mo smiled faintly. “This divine thief just told me that you asked him to destroy this auction.”

“Ridiculous!” Elder Lin’s expression sank. He rolled up his sleeves to his elbow, then quickly walked in front of Shi Qian with a snort. “Just kill a scum like him.”

His right hand flared up, and an intense killing intent could be felt from his body as he smacked his hand towards Shi Qian.

“Elder Lin, why are you in such a hurry? Wouldn’t we know if it is actually ridiculous after we confront each other?” Ye Zichen raised his hand and stopped Elder Lin’s attack. Even though Ye Zichen had two layers of protection on him, the attack still turned his arm numb, and the blood in his chest to boil.

Shi Qian, who stood behind Ye Zichen, was rather surprised…

This brat saved me.

“Ye Zichen,” Zuo Mo quickly supported Ye Zichen with a worried look.

Both Yang Jian and Zhu Ganglie glared at Elder Lin and wished to attack him for daring to attack their bro.

“Yang Jian, Old Pig!” Ye Zichen called sullenly.

Both Yang Jian and Zhu Ganglie retreated with a frown.

“Shitty brat, you dare!?” Elder Lin’s heart was filled with shock. My enraged smack was actually stopped by that brat.

He was indeed the one who had sought Shi Qian out. Since the title of the divine thief was not just for show, he thought that Shi Qian would be able to fulfill his task.

His return was supposed to be perfectly timed.

When Shi Qian succeeds, he would be able to use the opportunity to complain to the Council of Elders about Zuo Mo’s faults. He never expected Shi Qian to be caught.

Since he would not allow his actions to come to light, he… could only shift the blame.

“Young Lady, this brat has been colluding with Shi Qian. They actually have ill intentions towards you. You should know very clearly that I’m on your side. The reason they’ve blamed me is to weaken your influence in the clan! Young Lady, think about how wholeheartedly Old Lin has worked for you all these years. Don’t you believe me?” Elder Lin kneeled onto the floor, and spoke in a manner that caused others to be moved.

However, Ye Zichen merely smiled towards him, while Zuo Mo laughed coldly.

“Wow, wholeheartedly. You want to say that Ye Zichen got close to me under Qingcheng’s orders?”

“This old man is uncertain, but he definitely isn’t a good person,” Elder Lin glared with bloodshot eyes.

“Old man, you really are shameless. I, Divine Thief Shi Qian, have always been completely truthful. It was clearly you who told me to wreck this place. You even said that after it’s done, all of the treasures would be mine, and you would even give me three percent of the Treasure Tower’s profits. It has nothing to do with this little bro at all. You’re actually trying to shift the blame?” Shi Qian retorted.

Elder Lin merely snorted, “Listen to what’s wrong with your words. It’s one thing that the treasures all belong to you, but three percent of the profits afterwards? This old man is merely the leader of the Guest Chamberlain Council, how could I possibly give you such conditions.”

“You are truly shameless!” Shi Qian roared in anger.

Zuo Mo, who stood on the side, also raised her eyebrows and smiled. “How is it impossible? As long as you drag me down, Qingcheng will be able to rise, and when she does, so will her dogs. How is it... impossible for you not to give this sort of condition?”

“Young Lady!” Elder Lin said frantically. “Why don’t you believe me!”

“Ye Zichen, what do you think we should do?” Zuo Mo ignored Elder Lin, who kneeled on the floor, and looked towards Ye Zichen, who had turned silent.

“Kill him,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. “Leaving someone like him behind is leaving trouble on your doorstep.”

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