Chapter 521 Pitiful Shi Qian

Chapter 521 – Pitiful Shi Qian

Shi Qian, who was standing at the window, was about to cry. He grabbed his huge cloth sack tightly while looking at the tall man standing in front of him.

His wry smile caused the man in front of him to be confused…

“Have we met before?”

“?” This time, it was Shi Qian’s turn to be shocked. He looked at the man in front of him dumbly and raised his eyebrows. “Dude, you don’t recognize me?”

“Should we know each other?” The man was also confused.

Shi Qian’s crying face instantly revealed a joyous expression when he heard the man’s confused reply.

“F*ck, you scared me to death. Big bro, since we don’t know each other, can you let little bro have this window position? Little bro has to run away,” Shi Qian said in a hurry. The Human Immortal experts were chasing after him like mad dogs. He didn’t have much time to waste at all.

The man subconsciously made way for Shi Qian, allowing Shi Qian to climb out of the window…

“Wait a moment,” yet, the man stopped Shi Qian before he could even run far.

Shi Qian’s expression drastically changed .He gulped, then turned back to see the man grab him, “Big bro, don’t we not know each other?”

Shi Qian inwardly sobbed. So this guy was just messing with me?

He was truly speechless. I’ve only acted twice, and was stopped by this guy both times. Should I say that it is fate? Or am I just unlucky…

“I really can’t recall who you are, but my bro has told me to capture you,” the man shrugged helplessly, then climbed in through the window. At that moment, Ye Zichen had already ran over to the seventh floor’s auction stage.

The man who captured Shi Qian waved towards Ye Zichen and walked over.


The man dropped Shi Qian onto the floor.

Zuo Mo took about three seconds to react to what was going on before knitting her eyebrows and shouting out, “Suppress him!”

The surrounding Human Immortal experts all rushed over.

Just as Zuo Mo wanted to thank the man, she saw the man walk in front of Ye Zichen.


“Yang Jian, you truly came on time,” Ye Zichen smiled and patted his shoulders, then raised his eyebrows. “Why isn’t Old Pig with you?”

“Old Pig…”

“I’m here, I’m here!”


The wall of the seventh floor of the auction house shattered, and a muscular man with an oily face, and dressed in a faint purple robe, walked in. He looked very much like a person who often took hyaluronic acid injections.

“Who!? An associate!?” the auction house people put up their guards.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but facepalm and smile wryly when he saw this. Does Zhu Ganglie[1] not know how to walk in through the door?

Then he glanced towards the various Treasure Tower people and waved towards Zuo Mo, “Tell your people that that person is my friend, so there’s no need for them to be so nervous.”

“Alright,” Zuo Mo’s eyes shone with an interested light as she scanned Ye Zichen, Yang Jie and Zhu Ganglie in turn.

Then she turned around to comfort her Treasure Tower people.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also walked over, “Don’t you know how to walk through the door?”

“You’re Sky Sovereign? That shitty brat Yang Jian is a true piece of work. He left while I was buying stuff to eat. Since I don’t have the money for over here, I had to give the shopkeeper a spiritual pearl. Ahh, I, Old Pig, lost so much,” Zhu Ganglie said as he twitched his mouth towards Yang Jian.

“You only know how to eat. Are you a pig!?” Yang Jian scolded.

“Oh, you really are right. I am a pig,” Zhu Ganglie glared and snorted.

Ye Zichen couldn’t be more speechless when he heard the response. But I suppose only Zhu Ganglie is capable of calling himself a pig with such confidence.

There’s nothing wrong with what he said at all. He is a pig after all.

“Say, can you guys care about me a little. It feels rather terrible to lie on the floor,” Shi Qian, who was left off to the side, couldn’t help but speak up.

The Treasure Tower guest chamberlain suppressing him smacked his head, “Stay put.”

“Seriously, I'm the Divine Thief Shi Qian. Even if you guys did capture me, you should let me retain a bit more dignity, right? Otherwise, just how am I supposed to raise my head in front of people when I return?” Shi Qian complained as he was on the floor.

Ye Zichen squatted down and smiled, “You still want to return?”

“Who’re you?” Shi Qian looked up and snorted. “I’m telling you. Just keep holding me like this if you dare. Otherwise, even if you lock me up, I can still run out. If I didn’t bump into that guy, do you think you guys could have captured me?”

“It seems like you are very confident in your escaping skills?”

“Not very confident. It’s extremely confident,” Shi Qian snorted, then struggled. “Hurry up and let me stand up. This floor is so damn cold. Can you guys afford to make me catch a cold?”

“Let him stand up,” Ye Zichen smiled.

The guest chamberlains suppressing him all looked towards Zuo Mo.

“Do as he said. From now on, his words are equivalent to my words,” Zuo Mo replied.

The guest chamberlains quickly let Shi Qian go.

Shi Qian, who managed to get free, patted away the dust on his body and snorted, “That’s more like it.”


Just as Shi Qian was acting cockily, someone smacked the back of his head.

“Which grandson… Big Bro, how did this little one piss you off now?” Shi Qian instantly gave up when he saw that it was actually Yang Jian who smacked him.

“I remember who you are now. You’re that brat I caught last time, right? I’m telling you, be more polite when you speak with my bro, otherwise, I'll beat you up,” Yang Jian raised his hands to scare Shi Qian as he spoke.

Shi Qian instantly shrank his neck and twitched his mouth bitterly.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but chuckle, “Say, your luck is seriously terrible. You actually bumped into me both times when you came to rob this place.”

“Hmmph…” Shi Qian snorted. However, the moment he saw Yang Jian frown, he instantly changed his expression. “Yes, yes, yes, I’m unlucky! Say it, just what do you want me to do? Do you want me to steal for you or what? Didn’t I just rob you a few times, it’s not like I succeeded, so why get so worked up?”

Ye Zichen continued to smile when he saw how Shi Qian acted.

This Divine Thief is rather funny!

“I don’t want you to help me steal anything, I just want to ask you a question. If you answer truthfully, then I can let you go.”

“You sure?” Shi Qian’s eyes brightened. Then he glanced at the people around the room, who were glaring at him. “Are your words of any use?”

“Yes,” Zuo Mo replied. “If he says to let you go, nobody will stop you.”

“Girlie, and just who are you supposed to be!?” Shi Qian rolled his eyes.

The guest chamberlains of the Treasure Tower instantly roared with a scowl, “This is the young lady of our Treasure Tower. Be more courteous when you are in front of her.”

“What are you getting mean for? Do you think you’re my big bro?” Shi Qian rolled his eyes, then shrugged towards Ye Zichen. “Ask away. I’ll answer whatever you ask!”

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  1. Zhu Ganglie (猪刚鬣) is Zhu Bajie’s original name.

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