Chapter 520 Mount Supreme

Chapter 520 – Mount Supreme

Ye Zichen was very certain that he had never met the young man standing in front of him before.

Since one shouldn’t hit the smiling person, and the other person did had given Ye Zichen a chance to refuse through his tone or his expression, Ye Zichen nodded, then made way for the young man to enter.

“Brother, you really know how to enjoy yourself,” the young man said, mentioning the arrangement of the room.

Ye Zichen smiled, “It’s the arrangement set up by the auction house. It has nothing to do with me.”

“I see. I had assumed it was your own arrangement,” the young man smiled. “I also have a room on the eighth floor, but I don’t have such an arrangement. It seems like your relationships with the auction house people are quite good.”

“It’s okay!” Ye Zichen remained vigilant before figuring out the intention of the person. “Brother, I wonder what you came here for?”

Hearing those words, the young man smiled, then brushed his hair back, “Bai Hai.”

“This one is Ye Liangchen[1]!” Ye Zichen cupped his hands.

God knows whether this brat is using a false name or not. Since I’m not familiar with him, there’s nothing wrong with me giving him a wrong name.

“So it’s Brother Liangchen,” Bai Hai nodded without any visible suspicions. “As for the reason I came here, it is very simple. Brother should be able to guess it, right?”

“I seriously can’t,” Ye Zichen laughed.

“We’re both key possessors, there’s no need to play dumb, right?” Bai Hai chuckled.

Ye Zichen was momentarily stunned when he heard those words.


He touched the token in his pocket, which had been given to him by Ruan Qingtian. Could Bai Hai be talking about this?

“See? Brother Liangchen’s actions have already sold yourself out,” Bai Hai continued to smile faintly. “I saw my key light up when I came into the auction house, so I knew that there definitely were other key holders around. Although I do feel like it is a bit sudden, I still couldn’t help but disturb you.”

“Then what did you come here for? To say hi, or perhaps, you want to snatch it off me?” Ye Zichen’s gaze became sharp as he spoke. Although he didn’t care much about the key, he wasn’t going to let random people just take something of his away.

“Brother Liangchen, this is a misunderstanding,” Bai Hai quickly waved his hands. “How would I dare to snatch it from someone related to such a huge auction house. Even if I was really going to do that, I would at least find a place devoid of people, right?”

“You are pretty blunt!”

“I’m just telling the truth,” Bai Hai smiled. “I only came here to see Brother Liangchen, and see if there might be a chance for us to get on good terms. That way, when Mount Supreme opens up, we’ll be able to help each other if we end up bumping into one another. Even if I can’t… then at least, I can try to avoid becoming enemies.”

“Mount Supreme?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Does Brother Liangchen not know?” Bai Hai was shocked, then smiled meaningfully. “Like it’s name suggests, Mount Supreme is a divine mountain that can give birth to supremes. Brother, you should know that although an Immortal King is extremely strong in the Lower Three Realms, they are merely ants in the Upper Three Realms.”

Ye Zichen could sense the disdain Bai Hai had towards the Immortal Kings of the Lower Three Realms from his words.

It was as if he didn’t think much of the entire Lower Three Realms. Could this Bai Hai be someone form the Upper Three Realms?”

“Brother Liangchen, no need to think so much. Mount Supreme is about to open up. I hope you will be merciful when we have to fight each other then.” With that, Bai Hai left the room.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen sat on the sofa in shock as Bai Hai’s words echoed through his mind.

Mount Supreme.

So a supreme lies above the Immortal Kings!

However, self-mockery quickly surfaced on his face. What Supreme? I’m merely a small fry who has only just reached the Human Immortal level. Supreme…

It is still unknown whether I can even become an Immortal King.

At that very moment, a sudden cheer rose up from the seventh floor. Ye Zichen looked out the window, and as he expected, Zuo Mo had appeared.

Ye Zichen used his spiritual energy to search around the auction house, and while he did so, he felt a few extremely sharp auras also sweep his way.

It seems like Zuo Mo has been setting up defensive measures for the auctions. Shi Qian destroying the auction last time affected both her and the Treasure Tower greatly. She could not tolerate a similar situation to happen once again.

What’s more, Ye Zichen also detected a spiritual formation on the roof, which should be used to prevent someone from entering through there.

“Everyone, you have waited for a long time. I am very thankful for you all attending this auction of the Treasure Tower. As everyone knows, normally, we hold an auction every half a year, but the main reason we are hosting another one is because of the fiasco last time.”

“Everyone, thank you for supporting us. Later on, our auctioneers will come onto the stage one by one, I hope everyone…” Zuo Mo, who was in plain clothes, smiled as she spoke on the stage. However, before she finished…

Dong dong dong.

Urgent footsteps were heard from the backstage. Not long later, Zuo Liang shouted out anxiously, “Sis, someone came to rob us.”

“What!?” Zuo Mo raised her eyebrows. She looked towards every single place where she had situated some guards.

All of the experts were confused. Nobody broke through from here.

What’s more, no strange people had appeared. Just how is the auction being robbed?


Before anyone could react, a loud commotion sounded out in the back stage. The plank shattered, and a thin man with a red cloth tied around his face climbed onto the auction stage with a large cloth bag in his hand.

“People should climb up wherever they fell down. Grandpa was stopped last time, but try and catch grandpa this time!”

Shi Qian!

Ye Zichen instantly guessed who robbed the auction, while Zuo Mo was also shocked.

However, more than that, she was furious…

Shi Qian had tried to rob her once before already, and this time, he directly shouted cockily to her face. She… couldn’t endure it anymore!

“Stop him!” Zuo Mo pointed towards him and yelled.

All of the experts in the auction house except the Sky Immortal leveled elder made their move.

“Ha, didn’t grandpa say it before? Puny Human Immortals actually want to catch me? Stop dreaming!”

Shi Qian’s escaping skills was top tier, and even though there was ten-odd Human Immortal experts attacking him together, he still had a calm expression on his face.

In mere moments, Shi Qian already broke through to a window of the auction hall…

If nothing happened, then he should be able to escape.


Zuo Mo clenched her teeth and fists with great reluctance. Yet, to everybody’s surprise, Shi Qian, who was originally able to escape, actually stopped.

“Dude, why did you come again!?”

  1. Ye Liangchen (叶良辰) is a Chinese internet celebrity who quickly rose to fame when a screenshot of his extremely cocky words used in a conversation was exposed to the public.

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