Chapter 52 Hao Wen got out of prison

Chapter 52 – Hao Wen got out of prison

Ye Zichen expressed his opinion with his reply. He didn’t want to become a dog father, nor did he want a dog son like Lil’ White.

Ye Zichen reached out his hand to pat Lil’ White’s head, then chuckled.

“Don’t try to get close to me, I'll definitely get you some food that the Howling Celestial Dog eats. Just work properly for me when that happens.”

Lil’ White’s head instantly bobbed up and down like he was drumming.

Ye Zichen did not need Liu Qing to translate in order to understand that Lil’ White had agreed.

Ye Zichen opened his friend list in WeChat and chose to talk to Erlang Shen. Of course he wouldn’t directly go and find the Howling Celestial Dog, dog only knows what his woofs meant.


Ye Zichen greeted him intimately, and added three emojis with a smoking soldier.


Approximately five minutes later, a “1” appeared on Erlang Shen’s profile pic.

Erlang Shen: What happened?

Although it was just a text message, Ye Zichen could still feel the depression of this sworn brother.

Ye Zichen: Why so depressed?

Erlang Shen: Don’t mention it, I’m too embarrassed to talk about it.

Ye Zichen instantly understood. The Great Sage had told him before that he had beaten Erlang Shen up.

It seemed like the Great Sage wasn’t kidding about it.

Due to Erlang Shen’s poor mood, all of a sudden, Ye Zichen was unsure of how he should ask Erlang Shen for the dog food.

What he didn’t expect was that Erlang Shen was rather understanding, and directly got to the point.

 Erlang Shen: Bro, you must have contacted me for some business, right?

Ye Zichen: There really is something <insert a row of awkward emojis>

Erlang Shen: If there’s anything, just say it. As long as I can do it, I will definitely do it properly for you.

This was the value of Trusted. The other person would have absolute trust in him.

Ye Zichen licked his lips. He wasn’t the kind of person who liked to bullshit, so he got straight to the point.

Ye Zichen: Do you remember the Howling Celestial Dog sending a few dogs in red packets a while ago?

Erlang Shen: That did happen.

Ye Zichen: I got one back then. However, you know that I’m in a secret location rightnow, there isn’t much that a dog can eat here. Ever since it followed me, it has been eating terrible food, so it thinned down a lot.

Erlang Shen: Understood.


Without saying anything else, the red packet arrived.

You received Erlang Shen’s red packet.

Heavenly Court Dog Food x5.

Ye Zichen opened WeChat’s Treasure Chest and clicked on the Heavenly Court Dog Food and chose to withdraw one.

A shining bone fell onto the gravel road.

Woof, woof…

Lil’ White revealed an excited expression and leapt towards that bone with a howl.

“I… Ye Zichen, how did you do it?”

Liu Qing, who had been  floating in midair opened her eyes wide, that bone appeared so suddenly, it was like a magic trick.

Especially since she had watched Ye Zichen and Erlang Shen chat and saw him open the WeChat Treasure Chest.

In her time, WeChat didn’t seem to have that function.

“I told you already, big bro knows people from the Heavenly Court. Yet, you don’t believe him.”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at her, this could be said to be his most private secret. He didn’t even tell Ye Rong.

The main reason that he could let Liu Qing know without any worries was because she was a ghost girl, no one could talk to her aside from him.

There was another reason, which was – she was just too cute.

Ye Zichen returned to the chat with Erlang Shen with an intent to thank him, but saw a message.

Erlang Shen: I’m running rather short recently, it wasn’t much dog food, but it should last a while. When I get my salary, I’ll send more to brother.

He wasn’t lying to Ye Zichen, the first day he joined the WeChat group, he saw this fellow complaining about being poor.

Erlang Shen definitely had an important position in the Heavenly Court, he was definitely something like an upper class.

But he actually said that he was running short.

Ye Zichen smiled slightly.

It seems like Landlord can be started in the Heavenly Court very soon!

Thinking of that, Ye Zichen directly sent a message to Erlang Shen.

Ye Zichen: Bro, don’t worry, I’ll teach you a way to earn money after a while. I’ll definitely let you earn everything back.

The moment he sent this, Erlang Shen pretty much replied instantly.

Erlang Shen: Then tell me directly, why do you have to wait.

Ye Zichen: The time is not right.

Ye Zichen smiled badly and ignored Erlang Shen’s question, as he stuffed his phone into his pocket.

Mahjong, Landlord, Dice…

These were things he will definitely advertise in the Heavenly Court, but he needed to maximize their benefits.

Just what could he earn if he handed it out easily.

He needed to get them interested in it, and then tell them when the time is ripe…

The effects of it would definitely double that way.

When Ye Zichen looked towards Lil’ White, he saw that Lil’ White had already finished the bone.

Ye Zichen saw that he was sleeping soundly on the floor, but he could feel that the aura around Lil’ White was gradually rising.

It seemed like he was absorbing that bone.

As the number one dog in the Heavenly Court, the Howling Celestial Dog definitely ate high-class things. It was natural for a poodle like Lil’ White, who was even eliminated in a contest, to need to absorb it for a while after eating it.

Right now, what Ye Zichen needed to do was wait for Lil’ White to wake up.

Three days later.

During the three days, Ye Zichen would go to the mansion the moment he gets out of class.

One of the reasons was because he was worried about Ye Rong’s safety. The second was because he was concerned with Lil’ White’s situation.

During this period of time, Ye Rong had wanted to bring Lil’ White to the vet for a checkup multiple times, but Ye Zichen had been able to stop all her attempts.

“Zichen, Lil’ White has just been sleeping every day, do we really not need to bring it to see the vet?”

Ye Rong looked at Lil’ White, who was laying in his own bed, and frowned a little.

Ye Zichen was also worried.

Lil’ White was his chip to protect Ye Rong, if something happened to him, Ye Zichen really didn’t know what to do.

It was fortunate that Ye Zichen could feel Lil’ White’s situation, and he didn’t seem like he was in danger.


The phone in his pocket rang. When Ye Zichen took a look at the caller ID, the corner of his mouth raised slightly. Then, he said a few words to Ye Rong before leaving from the mansion.

“What is it, you miss me?”

The person that called him was Xiao Yumei, ever since she confirmed her lovers relationship with Ye Zichen, Ye Zichen’s manner of speaking towards her turned much more affable.

“Heh, I thought you forgot about me. You actually didn’t contact me in so long.”


Ye Zichen revealed a troubled expression. It was indeed his fault for not contacting Xiao Yumei, and there was no getting out of it.

Ye Zichen didn’t speak for a long while, as he held the phone. At that moment, Xiao Yumei’s laughter rang out from the phone, while she comforted him.

“Alright now, I know you’re busy. I don’t blame you. Originally, I didn’t want to disturb you, but…”

Xiao Yumei wanted to speak, but then stopped herself. Ye Zichen could tell from her tone that she definitely had something very important to tell him.

“But what?”

“Hao Wen came out,” Xiao Yumei said with a solemn tone. However, she might have been was scared of Ye Zichen getting worried, so she immediately added, “He didn’t come and cause any trouble for me.”


Ye Zichen’s expression tensed, “Where are you, I’ll immediately come and see you.”

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