Chapter 519 The Jade Emperor’s alt account

Chapter 519 – The Jade Emperor’s alt account

Ye Zichen was extremely hesitant about what he should do when he saw the friend request.

The fact that the Jade Emperor sending him a friend request most definitely caught him off guard. He took a look at the method at which the Jade Emperor had found him, and saw that it was actually by a search.

Just how did the Jade Emperor find me?

There is definitely some sort of secret.

Ye Zichen bit his lips, then after hesitating for thirty seconds or so, he finally chose to accept it.

He naturally checked out their intimacy level the moment the he accepted the friend request.



Their intimacy level naturally showed just how they would chat later. Just as Ye Zichen was considering whether he should send the Heavenly Court Big Boss a message…

“Only Idealism.”

Jade Emperor proactively sent him a message.

Although Ye Zichen could not feel the Jade Emperor’s tone from the ice-cold words on the screen, he imagined that it was not very friendly.

“Big Boss Jade Emperor, what business do you have with this little one?”


That was the Jade Emperor’s only reply.

Could he be laughing?

No, that’s impossible. It definitely wasn’t as simple as that.

“I wonder why Big Boss Jade Emperor is laughing?” Ye Zichen asked in a testing manner.

“Heh, is the fact that Sky Sovereign Nameless calling himself little one not worthy of this Emperor’s chuckle? Sky Sovereign, there are only so few people who could call themselves as a Sky Sovereign out of the vast number of deities in the Heavenly Court.”

Ye Zichen felt rather guilty when he saw Jade Emperor’s reply.

The reason he was able to call himself Sky Sovereign was because the ex-butler of the Heavenly Court, Taibai Jinxing, had gotten him that position previously. Now that Taibai Jinxing had departed from the Heavenly Court, Ye Zichen naturally felt rather guilty when he came into contact with the Jade Emperor, the big boss of the Heavenly Court.


Ye Zichen chuckled a bit. He didn’t want to discuss about the topic, since he would definitely get found out sooner or later if he continued.

“Keep laughing. This Emperor has already checked. There are a total of twelve Sky Sovereigns in the Heavenly Court, and there isn’t a position of Sky Sovereign Nameless.”

Ye Zichen was worried. What is the Jade Emperor talking to me for? It feels like he wants to punish me.

“I wonder what exactly did Jade Emperor come to me for?”

“You still dare to ask this emperor? If it wasn’t because you kicked this emperor’s alt, would this emperor need to add you with my main?”


Stop kidding me. I wouldn’t dare to kick your alt no matter what.

Wait, no, I really did seem to have just kicked an alt.

The Little Prince was destroying the serenity within the group. I kicked him, could it be that he…

“You are Little Prince?’

“Of course, this emperor was the prince of a certain kingdom before becoming a deity. Originally, this emperor was lurking rather well in the group. You are truly daring for kicking this emperor out of the group.

Is there something wrong with him!?

That was what Ye Zichen thought in his heart. He kept on arguing with the deities in the group without telling them who he is.

As the admin, I have to kick out people like that. Otherwise, my group will never grow.

But I can’t tell him this. Jade Emperor is the Big Boss of the Heavenly Court. Although I’m not in the Heavenly Court, I’m still within the Three Realms. I definitely wouldn’t have a good life if I piss him off.

“Jade Emperor, then what do you want to do?”

“I want to re-enter the group. After that, you are forbidden to tell others of this emperor’s identity. This emperor is going to lurk in the group and see what those guys are doing every day!”

“No problem.”

The Jade Emperor stopped replying after Ye Zichen’s response with a coy smile.

Back in the Red Packet Server, Yang Jian kept on talking about descending, and had continuously mentioned Ye Zichen…

“I don’t really have much to do recently. If you guys want to come down, then do so!”

Erlang Shen: I waited for you for so long. Alright, since you said that, then Old Pig and I will go down now.

Canopy Marshal: Sky Sovereign, wait for me.

Immortality Peach Fairy: I want to see Big Brother a lot too…

God of Thunder: Sky Sovereign, come back to the Heaven Court and see us when you have time. I’m busy recently, so I can’t go down.

Chang’e: Can I come down as well?

Everyone else instantly stopped speaking when Chang’e spoke up. All of them knew about her relationship with Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen, who sat in the room, rubbed his nose. Should I let her come down or not?

Just as he was hesitating…

Little Prince entered the group through scanning the QR code.

God of Thunder: F*ck this…

God of Fortune: How did this grandson come back in again?

Canopy Marshal: …

Immortality Peach Fairy: Why do I have a foreboding feeling that a war is about to be triggered?

Yue Lao: Selling melon seeds, peanuts and water in the front line!

Little Prince: I truly feel hurt that you actually became like this as well.

God of Thunder: Can you stop blabbering? Sky Sovereign, hurry up and kick this brat.

Ye Zichen felt extremely troubled when he saw all the messages mentioning him in the chat. The ignorant are fearless. That is definitely the truth.

They merely think that Little Prince is a retard. I wonder if they’ll end up crying if they find out that the person they have been mocking all along is the Jade Emperor…

“Don’t come to this sovereign for any matters related to Little Prince from now on. Ahem… But group members, try to argue less. We need harmony in the group. Alright, that’s that.”

With that, Ye Zichen directly left the group. However…

God of Thunder: Heh, since Sky Sovereign isn’t going to care, then Little Prince, speak less from now on so you don’t piss everyone off.

God of Fortune: Don’t let me find out who you are, otherwise I’ll break your leg.

Canopy Marshal: Keeping doing what you’re doing. Old Pig is going to go and find Sky Sovereign with Yang Jian.

God of Thunder: Go.

Little Prince: You guys are descending? Who allowed you to do that?

Erlang Shen: Retard.

While gunpowder filled the chat group, Ye Zichen put his phone aside, and grabbed a spiritual fruit he stole from Monkey Bro.

They really would weep out tears of despair if they end up finding out Little Prince’s real identity.

Wait a sec, the preparation for the auction this time really is a bit too long. I’ve been waiting here for half an hour, and all the seats below have been filled. Why haven’t the auction started yet?

“Did something bad happen?” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, while he couldn’t help but think in that direction due to what had occurred in the prior auction.

At that very moment, someone knocked lightly on his door.

He glanced over, then put away his phone, which he had placed onto the table, then stood up and walked to the door.

When he opened the door, he saw a young man, who was obviously a rich person from first glance, around his age, smile at him.

“I wonder if I can come and sit in your room?”

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