Chapter 517 Zuo Qingcheng

Chapter 517 – Zuo Qingcheng

“Here are the spatial artifacts you wanted,” Zuo Mo, who was dressed in a plain colored robe, chucked Ye Zichen, who was sitting in the pavilion, a bracelet. The bracelet itself was pure black and seemed very insignificant.

Nobody could even imagine that the bracelet was actually a spatial artifact with a hundred meters squared capacity within.

“Thanks, how much was it?” Ye Zichen handed the bracelet over to a villager beside him and told him to give it to Xue Qi, before taking out his phone and getting ready to pay.

“Why so courteous? It’s a gift.”

Ye ZIchen couldn’t help but shake his head and smile wryly. Only a rich woman like her could act so casually when giving away a spatial artifact like this in this around just outside the Immortal Region.

“Oh yeah, I already tested the second shipping of bombs you gave me. The effects are a bit worse than the first shipping,” Zuo Mo sat opposite Ye Zichen and raised his eyebrows.

It has already been half a month since the Fire Cloud Gate elder had caused trouble for them.

During so, Ye Zichen managed to get some bomb materials from Zuo Mo, which he handed over to Yue Lao to manufacture.

However, Zuo Mo’s answer validated Ye Zichen’s predictions. Part of the reason why the bombs Yue Lao and co. manufactured were so strong was due to the materials from the Heavenly Court being used. Using materials from around the Immortal Region produced slightly worse effects.

“How was it?”

“Earth Immortal experts could find it hard to defend against, but it’ll have very little effect against Human Immortal leveled experts,” Zuo Mo smiled.

“How did you conduct your experiments?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows in curiosity.

However, Zuo Mo replied with smile which did not match her chilling words, “Of course we used people. The Treasure Tower has plenty of enemies, we can pretty much catch a few people wishing to do us harm every single day.”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but gulp when he saw her smile.

Zuo Mo also smirked devilishly when she noticed his gaze, “Feel fortunate that you’re my ally. Otherwise… Heh!”

Ye Zichen nodded with a tremble.

Seeing him like that, Zuo Mo giggled, “I’m just kidding. The Treasure Tower has equipment that allows us to detect energy. Do you think I’m so cold blooded that I would experiment using living people?” Zuo Mo rolled her eyes, then stood up from her chair with a shrug. “I have to organize an auction later, so I won’t keep blabbering here. It doesn’t look like you want me to stay here anyways.”

“How could I think that? I can’t be happier to have a beauty accompanying me,” Ye Zichen smiled.

Zuo Mo twitched her mouth, “Do you even lack beauties? All of the ones I saw that day were all unparalleled beauties in their own right.”

“Ahem… Since you’re organizing the auction, then you would know. Are there any good treasures there?” Ye Zichen intentionally changed the topic. He had no interest in chatting with that woman about those sorts of matters.

Zuo Mo wrinkled her nose and snorted, “Go and see for yourself.”

In the backstage of the Treasure Tower’s auction house in Maple City…

Zuo Liang called out at the staff to double check all the products.

Ye Zichen made a rough estimate and saw that there was at least fifteen experts of at least the Human Immortal level who were keeping watch.

What’s more, there was even a white-haired old man sitting on a nearby vine chair who looked to be a Sky Immortal level expert.

I guess Shi Qian’s robbery of the auction caused the Treasure Tower’s people to be a lot more careful.

“Lil’ Liang, how are the preparations going?” Zuo Mo raised her eyebrows.

Zuo Liang, who buried in work, turned around smiled when he saw the two of them. “Sis, Zichen-ge, you guys came as well. We more or less checked up on all of the products and already set the prices. All there is to do now is to wait for the auction to start.”

“Mmm, not bad,” Zuo Mo nodded.

At that very moment, the elder on the vine chair shot up, “Young Lady, when did you return?”

“Why are you so surprised?” Zuo Mo smiled meaningfully, then turned towards Ye Zichen and pointed at the plethora of items. “These are the auctioned items for this auction. Take a look at which ones you like and tell me directly. I’ll gift them to you.”

Just look at how she’s speaking. Rich people truly do whatever they want!

Ye Zichen smiled. He naturally would not ask her for the items since he has already been under her care a lot recently.

“Young Lady, you can’t just casually give these items away,” the elder knitted his eyebrows. “These are treasures that our Treasure Tower acquired either by a high price or risking our people’s lives. Just casually giving them away… Also, this is the backstage, aren’t you worried about bringing an outsider with ill intentions in?”

“Is Elder Lin scolding me?” Zuo Mo’s expression also darkened.

“No, this old man is merely stating the truth. If you want to gift your own treasures away, then this old man naturally will not say such things, but right now…”

“The entirety of the Treasure Tower is mine. What right do you have to say that these treasures are not?” With that, Zuo Mo snorted at the elder. “Elder Lin, aren’t you being too bossy?”

“Why is Big Sister Mo getting so angry? But you just said that the Treasure Tower is yours. I, the little sister, can’t really accept that,” at that moment, a beautiful lady walked in from the door.

Zuo Liang couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows when he saw her.

“Why did you come!?” Zuo Mo squinted her eyes.

The girl touched her chin with a smile. “I wouldn’t be able to hear big sister’s outrageous words if I didn’t come. Can you explain to little sister about who the Treasure Tower belongs to?”

“Zuo Qingcheng, hurry up and stop smiling in such a foxy manner. Speak properly when you are talking to your older sister. I seem to have heard doubts in your words?” Zuo Mo raised her eyebrows slightly.

Zuo Qingcheng pursed her lips and smiled, “Little sister doesn’t dare.”

“If you don’t dare, then disappear from my sight before I get angry,” a cold light flashed across Zuo Mo’s eyes.

“Yes, little sister will take her leave,” Zuo Qingcheng maintained her foxy smile, and left the room while twisting her waist. What’s more, she also intentionally looked towards Ye Zichen flirtatiously right before exiting out of the door.

Even a long time after Zuo Qingcheng left, nobody in the room dared to even breathe.

“Who can explain to me why Zuo Qingcheng was here,” Zuo Mo swept her gaze over the other people in the room. Everyone she looked at lowered their heads.

“You aren’t speaking? Very well! It seems like all of you are very loyal towards the Treasure Tower, but aren’t loyal to me!” Zuo Mo nodded with a smile, then snorted. “I know my second uncle’s people are amongst you. Let me give you kind reminder. Don’t let me find you.”

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