Chapter 516 Ability of the Bomb

Chapter 516 – Ability of the Bomb

The elder was rather confused as he held the lighter in his left hand and black bomb in his right.

It truly is a high level spiritual treasure, it actually needs to be used as a set.

However, the elder did not completely believe Ye Zichen’s words. He looked towards him and couldn’t help but frown. “Youngster, are you sure that you aren’t lying to this old man?”

“Senior, just what are you saying? I merely gave you the spiritual treasure to ensure our safety. If I am lying, then why am I still standing here? Wouldn’t it be much better for me to just run?” Ye Zichen spoke with utter sincerity.

The elder checked him out, then snorted, “Heh, you better not lie to this old man. You know what would happen if you do.”

With that, he pressed down on the lighter, causing a small flame to light up…

The elder raised his eyebrows when he saw the fire. This really is a treasure. He couldn’t help but to believe Ye Zichen’s words even more, and was greatly looking forward to the power of the black metal ball.

“I need to light it?”

“Light it. This spiritual treasure is pretty powerful. The Spiritual Breeze Villagers aren’t too strong, so can you allow us to retreat five meters?”

“What kind of tricks do you want to play?” The elder squinted his eyes.

God, this elder sure is wary.

“Senior, don’t think too much. This youngster has already said it, the spiritual treasure is very powerful, we are merely retreating by five meters,” Ye Zichen smiled coyly.

The elder stared at him for a moment, “Fine, if you want to take the chance to run, then… Heh…”

“I don’t dare!”

Ye Zichen retreated a few steps with a forced smile, while the Spiritual Breeze Villagers also did the same.

The elder’s expression also turned more serious. He lifted the lighter towards the bomb’s fuse…


“This is strange.”

Even though I lit it, I still don’t feel any fluctuation of spiritual energy.

The elder stared straight at the bomb and the fuse, which was quickly burning.

Ye Zichen also put up a barrier of spiritual energy in front of him and the villagers.


At that very moment, the elder felt a chill down his spine.

He raised his hand to throw the bomb out, but it was already too late.


The bomb exploded in the elder’s hand with a huge noise. Everything in a ten meter radius was in the radius of the explosion. Zhou Zhenhe, and the Zhou family members were all confused by the explosion alongside Meng Da.

Some weaker people couldn’t even react or scream before they died.

“Youngster, you tricked this old man!” A sinister voice cried out from the flames.

The Fire Cloud Gate elder slowly walked out. His right arm was already destroyed by the explosion, and his entire body was covered in wounds…

“You really know how to kid. I did give you the treasure used to mine black crystal ores. I can even swear by my heart demon that it is the truth. However, there was something I did trick you about. This isn’t a spiritual treasure.”

Ye Zichen smiled calmly as he stood in front of the elder. However, he was still a bit shocked.

I didn’t expect the bomb to be so powerful. The elder had already put up defenses as quick as he could, but the explosion still affected him so much.

“Youngster, I’m going to kill you!” the elder endured the his body’s sufferings and stepped forward.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen’s expression darkened, while spiritual energy swirled around his body…

“Let this junior send you off. You already lived for so long. I… am still young!”

Ye Zichen smirked, revealing his glistening white teeth and his dark gaze, then transferred all of his spiritual energy into his right arm.

Xuan-Yuan Sword also appeared in his hand by his call, while the sword itself shimmered with golden light.


A powerful slash flew towards the elder. Then, all of a sudden, a huge hand appeared out of nowhere and shattered the conjured wind blade.

“Youngster, how dare you!? You actually dared to attack a guest chamberlain of our Fire Cloud Gate. You are seeking death!”

A huge bang sounded out in the sky, and another hand reached down from the sky towards Ye Zichen.

“Heh, laozi’s in charge on laozi’s turf. Just what the heck are you!” Ye Zichen raised Xuan-Yuan Sword and instantly shattered the huge hand. Then, he sliced the sword horizontally towards the elder.

“This… is the spiritual treasure I want,” the elder looked at Xuan-Yuan Sword in Ye Zichen’s hand in a mesmerized manner. Then his eyes suddenly bulged as he roared angrily. “Youngster, you tricked this old man! I won’t let you off after I become a ghost.”

“You really can’t do anything if you end up in the Underworld. Go, there isn’t anything for you here anymore.”


Blood scattered across the courtyard. The Fire Cloud Gate guest chamberlain also stared at Ye Zichen, then fell to the ground unwillingly.


“Stop yammering up there. Come down if you can!” Ye Zichen kicked the corpse of the elder to the side, then looked up into the sky.

“Youngster, we, the Fire Cloud Gate, will remember this grudge!” The purple clouds in the sky dispersed.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in disdain, and wiped away the blood on Xuan-Yuan Sword, then stowed it away into his arm.

He looked towards the surrounding people and saw that Meng Da and the Zhou clansfolk had all died in the explosion.

“Please deal with them,” Ye Zichen said plainly.

Zuo Mo, who was watching the situation unfold at the entrance, ran over with glistening eyes, “Ye Zichen, what did you give that old man just now?”

“A bomb,” Ye Zichen replied.

“Bomb?” Zuo Mo raised her eyebrows. “Can you mass produce that treasure?”

As one of the Treasure Tower’s leaders, she had already managed to see just how amazing the bomb was.

Even though it was a single-use item, it had to be truly very powerful to hurt a mid-stage Human Immortal so.

It I could get a stockpile for the clan, or get the elites of the clan to carry a few each…

Then even Spiritual Body leveled people wouldn’t be afraid of Human Immortal level experts!

“Mass production is possible. Do you want to stock up on it?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “However, I need to supply enough for our Spiritual Breeze Village first before I can supply you with them.”

Ye Zichen also realized just how useful a bomb would be from the situation.

Even though the storage of bombs was dangerous, nothing would happen as long as they were a bit more careful. If even that doesn’t work, then he could just buy a few spatial artifacts for them.

The most important thing is just how strong the bombs are. I can’t stay in the village forever. If anyone else causes trouble here, then I’ll threw him a bomb to show how friendly I am… More importantly, the person just now should be a high-ranking person in the Fire Cloud Gate.

Since we have a grudge now, I do have to leave the villagers a way to protect themselves.

“No problem, if you lack materials or manpower, you can come to me any time,” Zuo Mo nodded without any hesitation…”

“We’ll see!” Ye Zichen smiled.

Then he took out his phone and sent a message to Yue Lao. “Mass produce bombs. Produce as many as you can!”

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