Chapter 515 Since you want it, then I’ll give it to you

Chapter 515 – Since you want it, then I’ll give it to you

Sword Immortal?

The elder quickly retracted his arm, then looked backwards and saw Ye Zichen speeding towards him.

“Ye Zichen,” Xue Qi, Stone and co. all revealed joyous expression. Since a certain time, Ye Zichen had already became the person they placed their faith in.

“Zichen-ge!” Xue Lan ran over with a sob. “This old man wanted to kill big brother. They also wanted to rob our village of a spiritual treasure!”

“Spiritual treasure? What spiritual treasure?” Ye Zichen raised his hand and rubbed Xue Land’s hair and raised his eyebrows.

Spiritual treasure?

Why have I never heard of that before?

“Youngster, just who is your master?” The elder could feel from Ye Zichen’s aura that he was merely an early stage Human Immortal. But he only looks a bit more than twenty, being able to reach his level at his age means that he most likely has some faction supporting him.

He himself was merely a guest chamberlain of the Fire Cloud Gate. When he faced peak forces…

He didn’t dare to offend them at all.

“Don’t have one. There’s no need for you to guess this or that. I merely trained myself without the support of any faction,” Ye Zichen smiled indifferently.

The elder stared at Ye Zichen for a while.

He’s not lying.

So foolish. The elder then snorted and put on a high and mighty look, “Youngster, hand the spiritual treasure over.”

“I have too many spiritual treasures. I wonder which one you want?” Ye Zichen smiled meaningfully.

The elder squinted his eyes, while greed swelled up in his heart, “Hand all of them over.”

“You really are greedy. Are you not afraid of being overly so!?” Ye Zichen snickered. “I don’t like trouble, so hurry up and tell me which spiritual treasure you want. I’ll give it to you, and you leave with those people. How about that? If you are too greedy, then I don’t mind fighting you. We do have two Human Immortals on our side.”

The elder looked towards Ye Zichen a bit more with his blurry eyes. For some reason, he suddenly felt that he couldn’t tell what the kid was thinking.

But his words are right. He does have two Human Immortals on his side, and it would cost me a lot of trouble even if I managed to deal with them.

I only came here for that sky grade spiritual treasure. As long as I can get that, then the rest of the spiritual treasures weren’t of any real value for me.

“What this old man wants is very simple. Hand the spiritual treasure you used while harvesting black crystal ore over. Don’t think about fooling me with rubbish spiritual treasure, got it?”

Ye Zichen instantly understood.

So they actually came here for that.

I used explosives while harvesting, but from the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like they know of the existence of explosives.

“But that’s an extremely valuable spiritual treasure. Can you say a different one?” Ye Zichen acted like he didn’t want to give that one away.

However, the elder only felt more certain that it was a sky grade spiritual treasure, “Stop bullshitting around. If you aren’t handing it over, then all of you can die here!”

“Don’t be so scary, I get scared extremely easily,” Ye Zichen sighed dejectedly. “Alright, I guess people have to bow when the situation is not in their favor, so I’ll just hand it over to you. But you have to promise that you can’t hurt us.”

“Of course!” the elder was overjoyed. Dumb kid, if he truly fought me with the sky grade spiritual treasure, I might not even be able to beat him.

It seems like he’s a wimp, and got scared senseless just like that.

I seriously don’t understand how he managed to cultivate to the Human Immortal level at such a young age. It seems like he definitely got a lot of ridiculous luck along the way.

But then again, that makes sense. If he didn’t have luck, then he wouldn’t even have gotten the sky grade spiritual treasure.

“Wait a moment. Since this spiritual treasure is way too valuable, I’ll go and grab it for you personally,” with that, Ye Zichen begun to walk towards the backyard.

The elder knitted his eyebrows and snorted, “You can’t be thinking of running away, right?”

“So many of my fellow villagers are here, how could I run? What’s more, I can’t run with you watching me,” Ye Zichen shrugged helplessly.

“Heh, I doubt you’d dare. Hurry up,” the elder snorted coldly with a proud expression.

Ye Zichen turned around with a smile.

“Ye Zichen,” just as Ye Zichen was about to leave, Xue Qi also gave him a cue.

It was as if he was telling Ye Zichen to take the spiritual treasure and run without caring about the rest of the villagers.

Ye Zichen gave him a look that told him to calm down, before walking to an isolated location in the backyard and spammed his chat with Yue Lao using his phone.

“Sky Sovereign, what is it?”

“Send me a few bombs, I have urgent use for it,” Ye Zichen quickly tapped on his phone.

“One moment, I’ll go and get it for you right now.”

Approximately several minutes later, Yue Lao sent a red packet over.


You received Yue Lao’s red packet.

Bomb x5

“Sky Sovereign, you seem to be needing quite a few bombs recently. Do you need us to make some more?”

“That’ll be great, save it for emergencies.

After Ye Zichen sent Yue Lao the message, he opened up the Treasure Chest and withdrew a single bomb.

Heh, you want the treasure…

I’ll make that shitty geezer explode!

Ye Zichen held the bomb in his hand and returned to the front yard with a smile. During the entire period of time, the elder had locked onto Ye Zichen’s position with his spiritual consciousness in fear of Ye Zichen actually running away.

When he saw Ye Zichen return with a black metal ball, which he could not sense any spirituality from…


“Senior, this is the spiritual treasure we used to mine black crystal ores,” Ye Zichen walked over with a smile.

Both Stone and Xue Qi were stunned…

He really brought it over.

They remember very clearly that the metal ball was what Ye Zichen had used during the mining.

“You sure?” the elder frowned. Why can’t I sense any spiritual energy from it?

The elder looked around at the expression of the surrounding villagers, which only caused him to frown even more.

He was rather capable in deducing the situation from the expressions of people after living for such a long time. From the expressions of the Spiritual Breeze Villagers, the metal ball was indeed what he was looking for.

Then why…

Could it be that this sky grade spiritual treasure has reached a natural state, and that’s why I can’t sense the fluctuate of spiritual energy from it?

Then this youngsters luck is truly absurd. He actually managed to find it!

“Give it to me,” the elder scolded.

Ye Zichen’s face was covered in an unwilling expression which was worthy of an Oscar.

“Hurry up, do you want to die?”

“Here, here, here,” Ye Zichen chucked the metal ball over like he was throwing a tantrum.

The elder quickly caught it.

So heavy.

That was the first feeling that he got when he held the metal ball. Then he tried to activate the metal ball using his spiritual energy, but no matter what he did, he wasn’t able to activate it.

“Youngster, did you have it recognize you as its master?”


“Then why isn’t it reacting?” the elder frown.

Only then did Ye Zichen acted as he suddenly recalled something, “I nearly forgot…”

With that, he took out a lighter from his pocket and handed it over with a smile, “This is to be used in combination with the spiritual treasure. When you want to use it, just use this treasure to ignite the white string on the spiritual pressure… And voila!”

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