Chapter 514 Robbing Spiritual Treasures

Chapter 514 – Robbing Spiritual Treasures

“What happened?” Xia Keke pouted upon hearing that Ye Zichen wanted to leave. They were just about to reach the Dragon Clan’s territory, but Ye Zichen suddenly said that he didn’t want to go there anymore.

They haven’t met for such a long time, so she wanted to stay with Ye Zichen as long as possible.

“Sorry, there is an urgent situation over at the Immortal Region,” Ye Zichen replied, while smiling apologetically.

Xia Keke sighed helplessly, “Alright. Ai… Do you want me to go to the Immortal Region with you?”

“Third Young Lady, you can’t go there,” the carriage driver suddenly turned around. “This subordinate can send your friends back to the Immortal Region if they need me to, but you must stay in the Beast Region.”

“You’re terrible!” Xia Keke pouted unhappily. However, when she saw that the carriage driver was not backing down, she could only give in. “Alright, alright. I won’t go. Hurry up and send Zichen-ge back. Don’t delay his matters.”

“Keke. I’m so sorry. I’ll definitely go over to the Dragon Clan and find you when I can,” Ye Zichen continued to smile apologetically after getting off the carriage.

Xia Keke smiled, then stuck out her right pinky, “Promise.”


After Ye Zichen moved his hand away from Xia Keke’s, the carriage driver also took out several white gems and placed them onto the floor, causing a spatial rift to open in front of the carriage.

The carriage driver pointed at the rift, “Please.”

Ye Zichen nodded, then entered the spatial rift.

Right after entering, Zuo Mo suddenly giggled, and raised her eyebrows, “Girlie, it seems like big sis won this time.”


Xia Keke bit her lips angrily as the rift disappeared, while Zuo Mo’s expression surfaced in her mind.

“She’s pissing me off.”

Xia Keke smacked the carriage’s seat, then took out her phone, only to find that there were no new messages at all.

“What’s going on with Susu? She still hasn’t replied!”

“Zhou Zhenhe, your Zhou family is seriously relentless. We already let you have the lode, and you still came after us. Do you really think we Spiritual Breeze Villagers are easy to bully?” Xue Qi frowned, while the male villagers of the Spiritual Breeze Village stared at the Zhou family members in plain clothes.

“Village Chief Xue is funny. Look at your living environment right now. How would we dare to bully you?” Zhou Zhenhe smiled, revealing that he was still missing his two front teeth, which Ye Zichen had knocked out.

“Then f*ck off,” Xue Qi scolded, then shouted towards the courtyard. “Master Li, someone is causing trouble!”


A white-robed middle-aged man appeared in front of everyone. His faint aura of a Human Immortal caused the breathing of the Zhou family members to quicken.

“This isn’t a place for you guys to act outrageously. If you don’t want to die… Scram!”

“So cocky,”  brash laughter rang out in the air above them.

When everybody looked up, they saw a white-haired elder, and Meng Da, who had a gloomy expression descend from the sky.

“Brother-in-law!” Zhou Zhenhe exclaimed.

“Early stage Human Immortal, heh…” the elder snorted softly.

The expression of the Human Immortal expert Zuo Mo had left with the villagers changed drastically.

Mid stage Human Immortal.

At the Human Immortal level, every single stage was significantly more powerful than the previous. Thus, although they were both Human Immortals, Master Li did not think that he could match up to the elder at all.

“Then puny Spiritual Breeze Village could actually hire a Human Immortal to protect them. And these spiritual items… Meng Da, you truly did not lie to your master,” the elder raised his eyebrows softly.

Meng Da quickly forced a smile, “Esteemed Master, how could your disciple dare to lie to you? The rise of the Spiritual Breeze Village was all thanks to them harvesting the black crystal ore at the lode…”

“Black crystal ores? Meng Da, don’t tell me they managed to rise using the black crystal ore…” the elder raised his eyebrows, but didn’t put on an expression that seemed to mind it too much.

Black crystal ore were no longer that important at his level.

The reason he arrived was for a treasure that truly interested him.

“Esteemed Master, don’t be in such a hurry, this disciple didn’t finish yet,” Meng Da smiled flatteringly. “You definitely know how to mine black crystal ore.”


“One would have to be at least a Human Immortal to mine it, and that is with earth-grade spiritual treasures. However, the strongest person in the Spiritual Breeze Village back then was of the Spiritual Body level. They didn’t have any Human Immortal level experts. Since that’s the case, then they definitely used spiritual treasures to harvest it, right? How they managed to mine black crystal ore is definitely intriguing!” Zhou Zhenhe added on the side.

“Also, they mined the black crystal ore for only one day. A single day of mining actually allowed such a nameless village to develop this much. It is clear that they mined out a lot of black crystal ore. When thinking about this efficiency, then that treasure…” Meng Da smiled meaningfully, while the elder’s blurry eyes also lit up.

Spiritual Treasure!

It definitely is a spiritual treasure!

It is extremely difficult to mine black crystal ore. The Spiritual Breeze Village only had Spiritual Body level experts, but were still actually able to mine it.

The elder made a rough estimate. All the spiritual items in the courtyard are worth more than twenty million celeste.

This manor itself is also worth a several million celeste.

According to the pricing of black crystal ore on the black market… It means that they actually mined out more than five hundred pieces of black crystal ore in a single day…

Spiritual treasure.

It definitely is a top grade spiritual treasure.

Their spiritual treasure might be a top earth-grade one, or even a sky grade one!

Although the elder was a guest chamberlain of the Fire Cloud Gate, he only has several tens of thousand celeste per month as salary. Thus, it would take him several tens of years to just buy an earth-grade spiritual treasure. If he wanted a sky-grade one…

The flames in the elder’s eyes heated up, and his breathing quickened.

He took a step forward, and caused his mid stage Human Immortal spiritual pressure to fill the entirety of the manor. “Hand over the spiritual treasure, and I will let you live!”

“What spiritual treasure? We don’t have any spiritual treasures,” Xue Qi bit his lips tightly and retorted.

“No, then are you telling me that my disciple is lying to this old man?” the elder squinted his eyes.

“You’re just accusing us of any random thing! The rise of our Spiritual Village is related to black crystal ore, but it isn’t a direct relationship. Also, our village has an ascended expert, so don’t be too outrageous!” Xue Qi knitted his eyebrows and argued.

The elder’s expression darkened when he heard those words, “You’re threatening this old man? Heh, what a smart mouth. It seems like you aren’t going to submit until you die. Good, since you’re the village chief, then this old man will make an example out of you!”

“You dare!?” Master Li immediately met the elder when he attacked.

“Heh, puny early stage Human Immortal. Scram!” the elder forcefully beat Master Li onto the ground, causing the latter to cough up blood. The elder was dead set on getting the spiritual treasure, and he did not care if he had to kill to do so.

“Die!” the elder reached towards Xue Qi’s neck. All of the Spiritual Breeze Villagers were completely stunned.

At that very moment, a wind slash sliced through the air and toward the elder’s hand.

“Shitty geezer, do you want to die by attacking someone I’m protecting!?”

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