Chapter 513 Hundred Years Peach of Immortality

Chapter 513 – Hundred Years Peach of Immortality

Sa, sa, sa…

Ye Zichen chased after the figure for several minutes, before the figure finally managed to lose Ye Zichen using the cover of the woods.

“Why is she avoiding me?”

Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows after he lost his target.

Then, not long later, Xia Keke and the rest also hurried over.

When Ye Zichen had sprinted towards the woods so suddenly, Xia Keke had thought that Su Liu’er kicking him out had caused him to break down so much that he wanted to feed himself to the wild animals in the woods!

That was definitely something she would not allow to happen, since Zichen-ge was extremely important to her.

Thus, Xia Keke chased after him along with everyone else.

“Zichen-ge, why did you run over here for? The woods in the Beast Region are very dangerous!” Xia Keke glared with a pout, while she released a faint draconic aura, causing the hidden beasts to all flee.

All of a sudden, the only sound that could be heard was the sounds of beasts scrambling away.

“I think I saw Sun Yige just now!” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and replied.

“Yige?” Xia Keke blinked. “Zichen-ge, can you not joke around? This is the Three Realms, so how could Yige have come? What’s more, we’re in the Endless Beast Region. Even if she ascends, she would have landed in the Immortal Region!”

“Alright, I made a mistake,” Ye Zichen also realized how idiotic he sounded. But that person truly looked very similar to Sun Yige.

“Sun Yige, another woman?” Zuo Mo raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah, another woman,” Xia Keke lifted her chin, then pouted. “I’m telling you, you came way too late. If we’re really going in order, then you’re the teeny tiny eeny meeny miney moley smallest, most insignificant concubine after the sixth, fifth, fourth, third, second and main wife at best!”

“Keke, don’t just say things, Zuo Mo and I are just normal friends.”

Sigh, Keke’s always like this. She said something similar back when Lu Lu arrived in the Modern Realm.

It was one thing before, but I really don’t want to have any emotional debts anymore. I don’t want Keke’s words to cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

“Hmmph, you heard that? Just normal friends,” Xia Keke couldn’t help but repeat. Yet, when she saw Ye Zichen’s frown, she immediately stopped attacking Zuo Mo, “Alright, I’ll stop making her sad. But Zichen-ge, since you came to the Beast Region, then how about coming over to my place to play?”

Dragon clan.

Ye Zichen subconsciously touched the bone ring on his finger.

I already promised to take the Old Dragon God back to the dragon race when I was in the Modern Realm, but due to the various situations, I ended up delaying it over and over again.

Now that I’m in the Beast Region, it is clearly the best chance to return the ring.

But… I don’t want to let go yet.

I haven’t learnt the entirety of the dragon race’s secret manual. What’s more, the flow of time within the old Dragon God’s sub dimension is different from the outside world, which is very beneficial for my cultivation…

Ye Zichen underwent a turmoil in his heart before he finally let out a soft sigh after a long time, “Alright, let’s go and stay at your place for a while.”

“Hey, are you not going to care about the Spiritual Breeze Villagers? We’ve already stayed in the Beast Region for quite a while,” Zuo Mo couldn’t help but speak up.

“Why do you have so much to say? No one’s stopping you from returning on your own,” Xia Keke twitched her mouth and snorted unhappily.

“Heh, I’m going if he is!” Zuo Mo raised her chin and did not back down.

“Boss, since you guys are going over to the Dragon Clan, then I won’t stay with you,” Lil’ White also voiced his decision. “I’ll go back to the Tiangou Clan directly. Then, I’ll go over to find you in the Immortal Region when I have time.”

“Sure,” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile, then watched Lil’ White and his people leave.

After they left, Xia Keke held Ye Zichen’s arm and smiled, “C’mon, come with me to my home to play.”

On the way to the Dragon Clan’s land, Xia Keke blabbered on about everything that had happened after she had arrived in the Three Realms.

Zuo Mo could occasionally interrupt, with the intention of attacking Xia Keke instead of actually joining in the conversation.

Xia Keke naturally did not back down, and thus begun to argue once again.

Ye Zichen didn’t want to mind the situation, nor could he do anything about it. Thus, he intentionally gave up as much space as he could for the other two in the carriage, while he took out his phone in the corner.

When he clicked on WeChat, he noticed just how unusually active his Red Packet Server was.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Crap, I feel like I’m going to get my salary deducted.

Canopy Marshal: Monkey Bro, can you send me another private packet? You understand just what Old Pig’s stomach is like.

Monkey King: Idiot, can’t you learn how to eat slower?”

Erlang Shen: Ignoring about the monkey’s other abilities, his peach stealing abilities are definitely top notch.

Monkey King: Don’t kiss ass. Even if you call me, Old Sun, grandpa, I, Old Sun, won’t give you an extra one.

Erlang Shen: Monkey, you’re seeking death. Fight meh.

Monkey King: Do you think I, Old Sun, is scared of you? I heard that you broke through into the Sky Immortal level a few days earlier? But you seemed to have used roids? Heh, my son, you really feel itchy all over since I didn’t beat you recently.

God of Fortune: Great deity, calm down… Great Sage, thank you for your friendly generosity.

God of Thunder: Great Sage, you pretty much picked all of the peaches in the Immortality Peach Garden, right?

Immortality Peach Fairy: Sob, sob…

Ye Zichen watched the scrolling chat, then raised his eyebrows. It seems like everyone in the group received the Great Sage’s red packet which contained a Peach of Immortality!

It seems like the Great Sage did it again!

Ye Zichen licked his lips and scrolled through the chat history, and like he expected, the most recent red packet was from the Monkey King.



You received Monkey King’s red packet.

Hundred Year Immortality Peach x1.

There’s actually more left.

Ye Zichen was completely shocked when he saw the message. Normally speaking, there shouldn’t be any packets left since I clicked so late…

Especially since it’s a treasure like a Peach of Immortality.

But then again, the age of this Peach of Immortality seems to be a bit young…

Ye Zichen took a look at how many red packets the Great Sage sent in curiosity…


Ye Zichen was completely dumbfounded.


He sent a total of 666 red packets. No wonder, there are still packets remaining when I clicked! No wonder the age of the Peach of Immortality is so young. If the Great Sage keeps on stealing like this, then could the next Immortality Peach Feast have any Peaches of Immortality above fifty years of age?

But no matter what, it is still a Peach of Immortality.

Ye Zichen also took the opportunity of the active group to speak out in it.

“Great Sage, thank you for your Peach of Immortality. It would be even more perfect if you give me a private packet as well!”


His phone vibrated the moment he sent the message.

Private packet?

Ye Zichen’s eyes lit up. He quickly left the group, and just as he wanted to claim the private packet from the Great Sage, he noticed that the message wasn’t from the Great Sage at all.

It was from Taibai Jinxing.

Ye Zichen sighed slightly regrettably, then clicked into the chat…

“Stop the carriage,” Ye Zichen immediately lifted his hand and signaled the carriage to stop.

Zuo Mo and Xia Keke, who were in a heated argument also stopped and looked at him in confusion.

“Keke, Zichen-ge can’t go to the Dragon Clan’s place with you. Can you get someone to send me back to the Immortal Region?”

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