Chapter 512 Ill-fated Relationship

Chapter 512 – Ill-fated Relationship

Ye Zichen repeated the words of the cocky young man over and over in his head after the two people from the Immortal Region had left.


That grandson actually called me a scourge!

I’ll admit it. Problems arise wherever I go. I’m just like Conan from that one anime, and how someone will always die wherever he goes.

But I can’t exactly control where the demons opens their gate in the Three Realms, right!?

It’s merely a coincidence that I bumped into every single one of their attacks. What’s more, aren’t I always trying to think of a solution to all this?

That little bastard…

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in his annoyance, but thought about something more important that Su Yiyun had mentioned.

Yumei is in the Demon Realm.

“Liu’er-jie, are you guys alright?” Su Zhu hurried over with the fox yao experts.

“What problem can possibly arise with your brother-in-law-to-be here?” Yuan Hong chuckled.

Su Liu’er looked up with a glare, “If you bullshit anymore, then we have no need to meet anymore.”

“Just look at my shitty mouth,” Yuan Hong slapped himself on the face.

Su Liu’er merely snorted, and ignored him, before walking over to her tribesmen to give orders.

Ye Zichen then walked over to Su Yan…

“That was my older brother just now, right?”

“You saw him?” Ye Zichen, who didn’t want to mention it, was startled.

Su Yan nodded, then smiled, “But even now, I still don’t believe that he’s a bad guy.”

Ye Zichen felt a slight ache in his heart when he heard her thoughts.

It’s not like I want to believe Su Yiyun is truly on the demon’s side. However, the situation does not allow me to be even a little bit careless.

Thus, even though he was unwilling to say what he was about to say, he still forced himself to say it with a straight face. “You better not have those sort of thoughts in the future. He will only be our enemy in the future. When that happens, don’t be merciful. He… is no longer the same as he was in the past.”

Su Yan’s body stiffened, then smiled wryly, “I understand.”

Yet, at that very moment, the elites from the various yao clans who had come to the party also settled their own situations of being drugged by Ye Zichen and Yuan Hong properly after a few bathroom breaks.

The first thing they did after that was…

To teach the brat who challenged them a lesson.

“That brat is still here. Brothers, bring your weapons!” The elites all yammered as they ran forward.

Due to the attack of the demons on the back mountains being dealt with in a short amount of time, the elites who had been swarming the toilets did not know that such a huge battle had occurred.

However, when they got closer, they all saw the bottomless craters, and the gathering of the fox yaos’ peak fighting forces.

“What’s going on?” One of them asked, while the others all looked forward in confusion.

“Who cares what’s going on. I found the grandson!” One of the young man with a rather keen eyesight saw Ye Zichen beside Su Yan, and leaped over to slap Ye Zichen with his right arm that he had transformed into that of a bear’s.


Just when it reached into the air, the bear-armed young man turned into an ice sculpture and fell onto the ground.

Su Liu’er also stepped forward and scolded coldly, “Do you want to cause trouble in the territory of the fox yaos?”


All of the elites took a step back when they saw the ice sculpture. Then very quickly, someone shouted “Run” amongst them, causing them to scatter like frightened does.

“No need to thank me. It is all due to lil’ sis. However, us fox yaos do not welcome you. Please leave!” Su Liu’er’s cold attitude startled Ye Zichen, while Su Yan also looked up in confusion.

“Big sis…”

“Lil’ sis, it’s time for you medicine bath.”

Su Liu’er grabbed Su Yan’s arm, then turned around indifferently. Meanwhile, she set her remaining attention onto Xuan-Yuan Sword, which Ye Zichen grasped in his hand…

Ye Zichen’s face was filled with confusion as he watched Su Liu’er and Su Yan float away.

Why the sudden change in attitude? Is she on her period?

Even if that’s the case, it’s too sudden!

“Please!” Su Zhu looked at Xuan-Yuan Sword meaningfully, then sighed softly before pointing towards the gate.

“Lil’ Zhu-jie, about this…”

“Don’t try and get anything from me, I don’t know anything,” Su Zhu smiled with a shrug. “Hurry up and leave. Otherwise, if big sister really gets angry, you might not be able to leave even if you wanted to.”

After Su Liu’er dragged Su Yan back to her room, she reached into Su Yan’s waistband and took out Su Yan’s phone.

“Sis, what are you doing?”

“I don’t allow you to have anymore contact with that person,” with that, she backed out of the room and shut the door tightly. Then, she looked at the nearby attendant. “From now on, Third Young Lady cannot come into contact with anyone else, including the young lady of the dragon clan and the Clan Head of the Deers Also, without my permission, third young lady is not allowed even a single step out of her room.”

“Big sis, why….” Su Yan hammered the door within the room and yelled. However, Su Liu’er merely acted like she didn’t hear anything before turning around to walk out of the courtyard.

“Liu’er-jie, do you think shutting lil’ sis like this will truly be of use?” Su Zhu leaned on a nearby wall and squished a green leaf.

“Do you feel like my actions are too much?” Su Liu’er’s expression radiated coldness.

Su Zhu smiled and shook her head, “I know very well that that guy should be Yellow Emperor Xuan-Yuan from back then. Big sis naturally has her own reasons for doing this. But, do you really think that it’ll be of any use?”

“I have to try, no matter what,” Su Liu’er bit her lips with a dark gaze. “I cannot let him harm her again. Absolutely not…”

Su Liu’er punched a nearby wall, causing it to crack.

Then, she also begun to walk forward silently.

I cannot possibly watch her leave with you, Yellow Emperor Xuan-Yuan!

“Second young lady…” the attendant looked at the collapsing wall in fear.

Su Zhu squinted her eyes and smiled, “Just repair the wall. You can claim the costs from me.”

Then, she nodded towards the attendant then left, while smiling wryly…

Is this an ill-fated relationship?

After Ye Zichen was forcefully kicked out of the fox yao’s city, Ye Zichen looked at the guards in front of him with a frown.

“Just how did I piss them off?”

“Zichen-ge, what happened?” Xia Keke blinked. She had wanted to go to Su Yan, but was kicked out as well.

“How would I know?” Ye Zichen shrugged speechlessly.

Yet, as he sighed, a familiar face flashed across his eyes.

Why is she here!? Ye Zichen muttered in his heart, then began chasing after the figure before anyone could react.

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

Meanwhile, in back in the Endless Beast Region...

Su Liu'er was in a troubled mood.

I didn't notice it earlier, but the sword he was using... If I'm not mistaken, it has to be Xuan-Yuan Sword. The one used by him. 

I thought she was able to escape this fate getting tied to him in this life, so why!?

She already gave up so much for him. No, she gave up everything for him! if it's just repaying a favor, then she has already done enough! Why is he still around her?

No, I can't let this ill-fated relationship affect her in this life. At the very least, I want her to be able to live happily in this life!

I shall ensure to cut them off right here.


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